(NEWS CLIPPING) “How a group of Silicon Valley Billionaires tried to stage a take-over of the U.S. Government”

How a group of Silicon Valley Billionaires tried to stage a take-over of the U.S. Government

Karl Vinson, Avery Lee and Jonas C. For ProPublica, Submissions

Thanks to the internet, Ralph Nader’s constant lectures, and independent web media, most savvy people are aware of the historical event known as “The FDR Business Plot”. Not long ago, the British BBC broadcast their foray into America’s official national archives in which they were taken down to the bowels of the building to read the actual results of a Congressional investigation which revealed that Wall Street elitists had attempted to take over the U.S. Government, kill President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and place a Fascist leader in charge of The White House. These are shockingly true events.

Big investment bankers were the money behind the plot. A U.S Marine hero named Smedley Butler overthrew it.

Now it has happened again.

As the world has learned from such events as The Holocaust, African Genocide, 3 Mile Island and other social catastrophes; the worst thing you can’t imagine is often just about to happen again. History repeats itself.

We won’t wax on about the previous plot. You can find thousands of detailed articles and movies about it on the web, just search the terms “ FDR Business Plot” and “Smedley Butler” and you will get an eye-full.

The characters in the old plot were not well known to the public. The character’s in today’s plot are familiar names that appear in the news every day.

Investment banking giant Goldman Sachs, Google owners Eric Schmidt and Larry Page, venture capitalists Elon Musk, John Doerr, Steve Jurvetson, Tim Draper and their “Boys Club” comprise the suspects in the case. This time around, though, they didn’t plot to nefariously terminate the President, they put their own President in office, so the deed was hard-wired in advance.

This group of men are known as the “Silicon Valley Cartel” or the “Paypal Mafia”. It is not news that they are a dirty little squad of evil doers. They have been recorded arranging their collusions in the famous AngelGate Scandal and rigging the entire Silicon Valley jobs market in the No Poaching Scandal ( they lost a class-action lawsuit over this by the way). One of them even tried to put a ballot measure in the election to make Silicon Valley its own state in order to make the elitism of the tech billionaires have it’s own border control system.

Audacious? Yes!

Hard to wrap your head around? Kinda; but let’s look at the facts. As of today, together, these men are the largest financiers of President Obama. Together, they have received more taxpayer cash from Obama than anybody in America.

Here is the best part: Together, these men have been handed, overtly and covertly, more taxpayer cash, for no obvious reason, by a seated President, than ANY GROUP OF MEN IN WORLD HISTORY!

Think about that for a minute.

Mr. James Comey, the Director of the FBI is in a tough spot. He is a registered Republican. All of the people in the “Silicon Plot”, as it has been called, are Democrats. It is his job to arrest them. National elections are looming. The GOP has finally figured out that the search engines and internet companies, that the plotters own and control, are being used to manipulate subliminal messages on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, Facebook, and similar, with the goal of continuing to control elections. What is Comey going to do? Public and political party demand-for-action is geometrically increasing on a daily basis.

The Silicon Valley Cartel is constantly in the news for rapes, misogyny, racism, elitism, collusion, murders-by-hookers, sex scandals, infidelity and a host of other horrors. They always bribe the right officials in order to make certain that the repercussions of their crimes are either short-lived or non-existent.

But, thanks to an internet powered by Snowden, Guccifer and a zillion hell-raising hackers, most news hounds now know about the plot. The plot isn’t shut down, though. It has only been slowed down by the increasing circumspection.

It is well documented that campaign financier Eric Schmidt was so embedded at the White House that special staff were assigned to make him comfortable in The West Wing. Schmidt ordered the White House to hire and position his friends, and partners, as heads of the biggest state and federal agencies where they, either shockingly or expectedly, sent the majority of taxpayer’s money back to the Cartel, exclusively, while blockading and sabotaging every single company that competed with The Silicon Valley Cartel. It was a Mafia-class monopoly scheme that the actual Mafia was made jealous by.

While still an active plot, the key tool to overthrow it has been green. It was not only green money that exposed it but the green energy facade, known as “green-washing” which soon pointed the fingers back at the culprits. Internet activist-reporters such as Christine Lakatos, Cheryl Atkisson, Mathew Mosk, Marita Noon and Ralph Nader railed on the overt “green corruption” kick-back payola schemes that exclusively steam shoveled hundreds of billions of dollars into the pockets of Obama’s financiers.

When you call the FBI to ask if they are investigating this matter you get the boiler-plate response: “We cannot comment on an active investigation”. For many, this response might be taken as a blow-off but you discover two things from such a reply. #1.) There IS an investigation underway. Our reporting team also knows this to be a fact, not only from that response, but from dozens of people we spoke with who have filed charges about this matter with the FBI, GAO, OSC, SEC and other enforcement agencies. #2.) “Active” is a good thing. It means they are still working the case.

The FBI does not do anything fast. They cannot afford to make mistakes. They will usually be the last ones you hear from in a big case. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder was widely acknowledged to have been placed in power to run the cover-up of this plot. He had financial connections to, and benefits from, all of the suspects. He was never going to allow a Special Prosecutor (The kind of official who took down Nixon in the Watergate Scandal) to be appointed. Now, with the increasingly, horrific findings in the Hillary Clinton email scandal, the current Attorney General: Lynch, is also being charged with obstruction of justice and cover-ups to protect related plotters.

One has to wonder what goes through the minds of famous public officials, like the Department of Energy’s Steven Chu, Eric Holder and Erick Strickland when they take on these jobs to operate criminal scams with taxpayer cash. Did they never read a history book? Did they honestly think they would be the first ones in history to not get caught? What kind of audacity and tunnel-vision must these people have to operate with such a sense of criminal impunity?

Spend 14 minutes viewing the 60 Minutes TV episode called: THE CLEANTECH CRASH and you will easily see how these plotters arranged to steal trillions of dollars of taxpayer cash, form monopolies and kick part of the cash back to their business partners in Russia and China. The intrigue is, obviously, tentacle-like, but it is a web. Every web has branches that have been traced. Money is just a set of unique numbers that can never be erased. Bad guys go to great lengths to prevent those numbers from being erased, otherwise they would have no upside for their crimes.

It is the inherent dichotomy of epic crime schemes: The very thing that you do the crime to get your hands on is the very thing that cuts you down in the end.

In the highly acclaimed Netflix series called THE HEAVY WATER WARS, available now on Netflix, this entirely true story shows the results of delay, and ineffective action, on a social crime situation affecting a nation. In the end, a drastic action has to be taken, to curtail the crime, and that action involves killing huge numbers of innocent people on a public ferry.

Have the Silicon Plotters actually bought every branch of government and law enforcement or are the voters still able to grasp on to the dim light of hope? Are there still some Elliot Ness super cops around? Is this kind of wholesale deprecation of government policy the new norm or the new icon that will drive an outsider like Trump, or Sanders, into power?

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