Mr. President – when will you realize that your nepo-baby scumbag son doesn’t deserve to be an honored guest at the People’s White House? You’re spitting in the faces of Americans who pay taxes and earn an honest living

MCCAIN: Hunter Biden could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and still get invited back into the Presidential fold. America’s disgraced First Son was once again thrust into the center of White House festivities on Thursday night, dressed in a flashy tuxedo and hobnobbing with the most powerful people in the world at a state dinner in honor of India’s prime minister. In attendance were celebrities, powerful politicians, global leaders and – most pertinently – Attorney General Merrick Garland, who leads the Justice Department that just handed Hunter no more than a pathetic slap on the wrist for tax and gun crimes. That’s right, buried amid tragic news about the Titanic Five, it emerged that – following an arduous five-year investigation – the President’s only surviving son cut a deal with prosecutors. You’ll forgive me for saying it how it is: we’re dealing with an elitist scumbag, the ultimate product of nepotism.

California Fleein’: More than 40% of residents are thinking about QUITTING Golden State like celebs Elon Musk and Joe Rogan – with a THIRD blaming woke politics

Over 40% of Californians considering quitting the state - and almost a third blame liberal

Joining the likes of Elon Musk and Joe Rogan, over 40 percent of Californians say they are considering leaving the Golden State, with a new study finding that almost a third blame woke politics for their motivation for leaving the state. The study also found that Californians face deep economic anxieties, with satisfaction in the state’s economy dropping 12 percent since the start of the pandemic in 2020. California residents who responded to the poll were quizzed on a variety of issues, including crime in their area, health care, cost of living, and safety. Along with high cost-of-living concerns, California’s deep political divides were also evident in residents’ outlook on the state’s direction. Among Republicans, a staggering 83 percent said it was on the wrong track, while only around 20 percent of Democrats agreed.