Is SolarCity’s use of Tesla batteries unsafe for homes and for Solarcity?

Is SolarCity’s use of Tesla batteries unsafe for homes and for Solarcity?

Washington, DC – Solarcity has announced that they will be using Tesla’s lithium
ion battery systems for their energy systems. Engineers are wondering if this is
a good idea in light of the extensive numbers of lithium ion fires that have
taken place, with little or no stimulation.

Lithium ion Apple tablets and cell phones have exploded into flames and burned
down the structures they were in as documented when you search the phrase: “ipad air explodes”.

Authorities in Sugar Land, Texas, ruled that the Fisker Karma parked in the
attached garage of a newly built home was the origin of a fire in 2012 that
completely destroyed the car as well as the garage and a portion of the house,
causing hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. The owner and his
family escaped safely. The batteries were the same kind of lithium ion batteries
used in the Tesla and now intended to be used by SolarCity.

This video shows another one just blowing up in flames for no good reason:

Watch As Another Fisker Karma Spontaneously Combusts, The …

Aug 17, 2012 … The Karma above caught fire in a Woodside, CA parking lot while …. attention away from the latest green energy project to blow up in the … home/ watch-as-another-fisker-karma-spontaneously-combusts-the-100.html – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

Second Fisker Karma Burns – Did EV1/Volt Engineer Predict Cause …

Aug 11, 2012 … Fisker Karma Fire, Woodside, CA – Photo Courtesy of Aaron Wood A … If only a few more of these cars explode, you can totally forget about … 2012/ 08/ second-fisker-karma-burns-did-ev1volt-engineer-predict-cause/ – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

DailyTech – Round Two: Fisker Karma Goes Up in Flames in California

Aug 13, 2012 … Yet another Fisker Karma has gone up in smoke, making this the second … A Fisker Karma driver from Woodside, California parked his hybrid at the ….. is an intercooler coupler blowing off and making a sound like a gunshot. Round+Two+Fisker+Karma+Goes+Up+in+Flames+in+California/ article25389.htm – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight

The website:  shows quite a number of lithium ion battery disasters where the batteries just took down the structures.

Tesla’s own patent’s, filed with the U.S. Government, state, in their words, that
their batteries could spontaneously explode and destroy your home or office.

All of this has folks wondering, Are Tesla batteries a good thing for SolarCity
to be mounting on your home?

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Is this a way for Tesla to engage in “battery dumping” to try to get rid of their dog lithium ion cells by booking a sale to their own company? (Musk owns SolarCity too)

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