THE SAN FRANCISCO CORRUPTION: San Francisco has become increasingly inhospitable to the average person. The median rent for a one-bedroom is $2,695. A family of four is considered “low-income” if they make less than $97,000. The Target and Walgreen’s stores have had to operate in “crisis” mode because the crime is so bad in San Francisco that you get robbed in the aisles while shopping at major retail stores in San Francisco. The STD rates are off-the-scale. It is almost certain that your car will be broken into or keyed. This place is tough to exist in long-term. It got like this because San Francisco’s corruption culture is so out of control. ---- If you think San Francisco’s ills are all due to the technology mobsters, you are mostly correct! ---- San Franciscans now have an obsession with escaping from San Francisco. This comes from a healthy heaping of realistic bitterness — bitterness that you won’t be able to stay here, bitterness that you can’t buy a house and set down roots and bitterness that others, unplagued by inertia, can recognize these facts and leave. ---- As San Franciscans, we’ll always be looking over our shoulders at Austin and Portland and Denver, wondering what life’s like in a more hospitable city where City Hall is not entirely controlled By Twitter, Facebook, Google and Netflix corporate bribes. ---- The villains in “The End of the Golden Gate” book are familiar ones. Tech, capitalism, Mayor Ed Lee’s tax laws. Every writer seems to agree on one front: San Francisco has changed, and in many ways, for the worse. ---- “The San Francisco I knew and loved has been face-lifted, sleeked, chromed, polished, colonized, homogenized, and marginalized as a cultural innovative force,” writes Peter Coyote in “San Francisco, For Sale by New Owners.” “The transformation was accomplished in a smooth, seamless manner by money and addiction to power.” ---- “San Francisco,” he writes earlier in the essay, “is too expensive, too monoculturally wealthy. Tech wealth and privilege have transformed it into a cushy enclave for the heartless.” ---- Gary Kamiya’s standout essay acknowledges the downsides of this city: “The exorbitant cost of housing, the influx of tech workers, traffic, crime, dirty streets, and an ever-worsening homeless crisis.” ---- The Bay Area’s Google, Facebook and Netflix, Tesla executives and VC’s happen to be the organizing, financing and beneficiary partners in a massive market manipulation scheme. ---- They formed their “Silicon Valley Cartel” to collude, conspire and organize against the government, the public and industry in a manner which the tech oligarchs describe in their own emails as being based on “...the Italian Mafia!”. ---- Indeed, The Silicon Valley Tech oligarchs have formed a collusion-based, law-violating, tax-evading, government-manipulating crime empire protected by famous Bay Area politicians, whom they bribe! No cops seem to be able to stop them. ---- The Bay Area Solyndra/Silicon Valley Cartel case was one of the largest corruption matters in America with roots that ran all the way to the Oval Office. The FBI raid on Solyndra was only the tip of the iceberg. The matter illuminated an organized crime scheme, in violation of RICO, anti-trust and other laws, between major public officials, Silicon Valley tech oligarchs and their operatives. ---- The tech oligarchs beg for you to view them as “Green Advocates” but they lie! They engage in genocide, child labor slavery and rape farms via corrupt overseas rare earth mining schemes owned by California Senators, Department of Energy Executives, White House staff and the Silicon Valley tech Cartel. They are actually only really interested in anything green that has a dollar sign on it. ---- The Silicon Valley Cartel loves to run everything. In their federal “no poaching” lawsuits: Case #’s 11-cv-2509 and 5:2011cv02509 and 1:10-cv-01629 and 1:10-cv-02220; these cases, along with the “Angelgate” scandal, prove that the Silicon Valley Cartel colludes to harm the public, rig the government and monopolize industries. ---- State-sponored “hit-jobs” were ordered, operated and financed by San Francisco government officials in order to engage in revenge, reprisal and vendetta, against any who speak out about their crimes. *** CLICK THROUGH THE IMAGES, VIDEOS & DOCUMENTS, BY CLICKING ON THE TITLE IN BLUE ***

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