BY Everett Sams

Musk discovered that you can get credit for financing from unscrupulous bankers if you can show papers that sort of look like you sold a certain percentage of your cars without anybody actually receiving any of them. In one news story, Trump had his Tesla sales people email all of his potential customers to try to get them to put in orders by a certain date so that he could cook the numbers for a financing report.

His real trick is to get people who say they've bought those units, and that's where the Russians and funny money billionaires are to be found. They are in some of those “pre-sales”. That’s how Tesla created these investment bank funding credits.

Musk gets Bear Sterns, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, etc. to issue a bond by telling Bear Stearns that he had sold a bunch of units to a bunch of Russian gangsters. Of course, Goldman didn't put that in the underwriting information, they just said, "Tesla sold a bunch of units and here's who bought them”, and that's how they got the credit. That's an example of the alternative mobster financing Musk uses."

The other way that he got financing was by not being an equity partner visible partner in the project, finding an equity partner and offering a licensing or marketing arrangement where he was the brand.

Musk as a brand is a mixed brand and he has had other ways of lining up buyer interests. He shows that he has buyer interest to his equity partners and tells them: “...we've got lots of Russians who are going to buy these cars, and that's why we should do this financing”

Let's say Musk’s brother, or someone else lines up the Russian buyers. The Russian buyers sign pre-sale agreements.

Musk can then get financing for the rest of the project by working with Goldman Sachs to pitch a lot of stock market hype on about 20 stock market blogs that Musk and Goldman covertly own.

Often the buyers do not even go through and buy the properties, Musk no longer needs all of them once he has obtained the bank financing. Musk does not even need to sell cars to real people.

It's fraud if they don't. You have to warrant to the lender that you've already sold X number of units.

There's supposed to be contracts, down payments, ...all of that sort of thing. Many of Tesla’s buyers were essentially “fake”. They were real people. They just never paid and Musk used their interest to call it sales and Ponzi up some more financing. Musk does sell some cars but if you took the VIN# of every Tesla ever made and tracked to each owner, every crash, every death and every manufacturing defect, you would find some shocking results.

James Comey knew this!