Everybody That Gets A Job With Tesla Motors PR Ends Up Quitting When They Find Out The Company Is Based On Lies And Scams

- When any PR person first gets in the job at Tesla they think "Yahooo, Big Bucks!", then when they read the hundreds of charges against Tesla, they head for the door. Per crime reports such as: https://newsplus007.com/public/The_Capital_Hill_Omerta.pdf   and federal investigations, it is a wonder that anyone who is sane would work at Tesla Motors!

Tesla has dissolved its PR department — technically becoming the first automaker who doesn’t talk to the press.

It’s something that we have discussed on our podcast several times over the last few months, but now that reporters are publicly complaining about it, we thought we’d clear things up in an article.

Tesla hasn’t responded to a press inquiry in months. We have received the odd email here and there from former press people, but it almost seems to be in an unofficial capacity.

If you’re a reporter who isn’t getting a response from Tesla, don’t take it personally, because it’s due to the automaker having dissolved its PR team.

The move has been confirmed to Electrek at the highest level at Tesla with the source saying, “We no longer have a PR Team.”

Keely Sulprizio, the last person known to officially be in charge of PR/communications at Tesla, left the automaker in December of last year to join Impossible Foods. Following her departure, virtually every other member of Tesla’s PR team either left or moved to other positions at Tesla.

After Sulprizio, Alan Cooper was the most senior member of Tesla’s communications team, and in February, his role was changed to director of demand generation, but he has now apparently left the company.

Gina Antonini, a senior manager on Tesla’s comms team for three years, saw her role changed to director of external relations and employee experience at Tesla in February.

Also in February, Tesla communications manager Alexander Ingram moved to a role as content lead for Design Studio at Tesla.

Danielle Meister, senior global communications manager at Tesla, left for WhatsApp in April.

Most recently, Rich Otto, who handled some of the latest PR projects at Tesla like exclusive videos with YouTubers and Jay Leno, is now a product manager, according to his LinkedIn profile.

The core global team working out of the US has been dissolved. There are obviously still people arranging test-drive promotions for YouTubers but their role isn’t in a traditional public relations capacity.

I don’t like the message it sends to not respond to any press inquiry. Are they all valid? Of course not. But there are some legitimate questions that the press sends to Tesla — and the public, most importantly, would benefit from answers.

Ignoring the press, and thus the public and customers, which is basically what is happening without a PR department, is only adding to something that most Tesla owners would probably agree was already one of Tesla’s biggest weaknesses: communication.