Elon Musk's Brain Implant Company Tortures Small Animals

By Andrew Seister

Insufferable asshole and self-aggrandizing narcissistic Elon Musk has a new scheme.

As with every single Musk scam, there is a dirty truth behind his fake altruism. Paypal was actually a scam to spy on public financial activities and harvest data for the CIA and DNC. SpaceX has only ever launched domestic spy satellites. Tesla was a scam to pump stocks based on corrupt mineral mining. His tunnel train is just a tax hole to support Dianne Feinstein's husband's rail holdings. SolarCity was a scam to funnel cash to his brother...etc.

Musk has sold the CIA a scheme that claims that "chips can be placed in the public brain's to spy on their thoughts and to make soldiers kill without question". His "researchers are chopping holes in the heads of animals to see what happens.

The public is being told that these brain chip implants will make everyone happier and smarter. That is a lie. Musk is after Pentagon cash and the brain implants are just another tool to try to get it. Forget the fact that nobody has made a brain implant work and that there are thousands of potential ethical problems with such a thing.

While Musk comes up with new ways to moves taxpayer cash into his pockets, animals are being butchered just to see what happens.

PETA needs to take a long hard look at Musk!