Elon Musk's Untraceable Money Laundering And Bribery Scam Has Now Been Traced And Uncovered

By Alston Sunli

It is called an "Invisible Bridge". It is the way that covert funds move through a secret conduit of close associates and family members. Elon Musk is at the head of the conduit and his mother, brother and associates Tim Draper, Steve Jurvetson, and George Soros round out the other tentacles. With operational links through Wells Fargo Bank, Silicon Valley Bank and Goldman Sachs, the scheme is perfected corruption. The "bridge" uses a combination of fake tax evasion charities and business assets, passes through Senator's pockets and is never visible to the FBI, the FEC and the SEC unless they have very good agents assigned to the matter.

At least one agent has turned out to be 'very good'.

Everyone has always wondered how Musk could so audaciously become the biggest government mooch in history, brag like a madman, lie like a crow and never, ever get caught. This is how:

He is protected by Senators Reid, Pelosi and Feinstein. They are beneficiaries of the scam.

He is protected by the Clinton and Obama organizations along with most of the DNC. He finances them via this scheme.

A key part of the bridge is invisibility.

When Musk gets what his people want. A one sentence verbal order, in person, face-to-face, at a tech party or home 'salon' event gets the payola rolling to the provider from Google, Facebook, Twitter or another Soros/Jurvetson/Draper holding. The order is given to Tim Draper, Steve Jurvetson, or George Soros. At a recent sex party, though, at Steve Jurvetson's house, Musk screwed up. He forget that everybody in Silicon Valley is always carrying a broadcast quality recorder on them: Their smart phone.

No texts are used. No emails are sent. No bills are produced. No money is wired. Nothing that can be traced is used to operate the bridge. It was perfect.... until it wasn't!

I am reporting this for public edification but also as a public crime report to the FBI, SEC, FEC and Congress.

If they are covering this crime up for political expediency; that doorway is now closed!

The scammers got too comfortable with their scam. They bragged too much. They let it run too long.

Now there is a trail of evidence that cannot be hidden. There is a pattern of behavior locked on the internet. There are enough people watching and enough leaks that the house of cards is crumbling.

I have submitted the evidence provided to me to the law enforcement folks but, as we all saw in the news: Part of the law enforcement agencies are corrupt and benefiting on insider trading from these schemes.

It is up to YOU, the Public, to raise hell with the law enforcement agencies and DEMAND results!

The money that is getting corrupted in this case is YOUR tax dollars!