Elon Musk's Tesla Stock Sell-Off Is Proof That Musk Is All About The Scam

Analysts famous for predicting the 2008 financial crisis, slammed Musk and Tesla, and said there was “more speculation than the 1920s” in the current stock market.

Many, including A Scion Asset Management boss has been a long-running Tesla skeptic, but they stepped up their criticisms in recent days after Musk started selling large amounts of stock. He said Musk really just wants to capitalize on its high stock price and suggested Tesla was benefiting from taxpayer-funded subsidies.

Musk has always promised to "NEVER" sell any Tesla stock. So Musk lied!

Tesla’s stock price is a sign of a massive market bubble and stocks could crash dramatically.

Scion's Burry’s last post before deleting Twitter — apparently, on Monday — was of a Tesla stock chart. It highlighted the fact that Musk had said the price was “too high” at around $US180 ($AU245), when the stock is now worth $US1,013 ($AU1,377). “Just think about it,” Burry said.

He has also argued that Musk “just wants to sell” Tesla stock to capitalize on the price, after the tech entrepreneur started offloading large amounts of shares, in part to cover tax obligations.

Tesla has grown so big in part because of “massive government and electricity subsidies on the backs of taxpayers who don’t own your cars.”

Burry shot to fame after making a billion-dollar bet that the US housing market would collapse just before the financial crisis, which was made famous by the Michael Lewis book “The Big Short.”

Christian Bale played the Scion boss — who’s also known for his irreverent attitude towards traditional finance and love of heavy metal music — in 2015 the movie adaptation.

New filings on Monday night showed that Musk had sold $US930 ($AU1,264) million more of Tesla stock, taking his total sales in his recent round.

Elon Musk, Kleiner Perkins, Al Gore and Dianne Feinstein's family set out to rig the industry for the sole control of Musk, but they have been exposed in a number of investigations.

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