Elon Musk And Larry Page Engage In The Largest SEC Violations In History

While many saw Musk’s tweets about the Cyberwhistle to be just another quirky offering from the world’s wealthiest person — his Boring Company has sold a flamethrower, and Telsa has offered surfboards — other users accused him of preempting news about the SEC whistleblower investigation by flooding search engines with stories about Tesla’s whistle to bury the whistleblower news.

In fact, that is Musk's plan according to his click farm services, many of whom are staffed in China in large work farm buildings.

In 2008, Elon Musk and his investor Larry Page, one of the owner's of Google, launched a plan to rig elections and rig stock market results by using Google, Facebook and Twitter's control of global media perceptions. At the same time, a competitor to Musk, Bright Automotive was moving on the same trajectory as Musk. For over a decade, tech experts from Bright and other electric car companies, tracked the search and exposure results of their companies compared to Musk's. They found that their company news was always buried by Google, a major Musk investor while Musk news was pushed to the top of searches. All bad Musk news was hidden and all hype Musk news was pushed to the top. At the moment any of Musk's competitors released any good news, Musk would say something about "atomic bombs of Mars" and the crazy Musk story would move to the top of Google.

Forensic data engineers are now encouraging the SEC to look at the search results, stock holdings and week by week data records from 2008 to today, stating that those records prove that Musk's Big Tech partners were rigging the stock market via digital media manipulation. Said one whistle-blower from one of the car companies "I swear, warrant and certify that Elon Musk uses click farms and troll factories, with the full knowledge of Google, Facebook and Twitter executives to manipulate the stock market.."

Matthew Stoller, director of research at the American Economic Liberties Project, highlighted a Twitter thread showing screenshots from a Google search for “Tesla whistleblower” that included stories about the physical whistle above news about the SEC investigation.

The SEC investigation in question was reported by Reuters Monday morning. The whistleblower complaint by Steven Henkes, a former Tesla field quality manager, reportedly accused the company of failing to notify investors properly about problems with its solar panel systems associated with fire risks.

“We have confirmed with Division of Enforcement staff that the investigation from which you seek records is still active and ongoing,” the SEC said in a September response to a Freedom of Information Act request by Henkes.

Henkes claimed he was fired from the company for expressing concerns about the fire risks. He said in the whistleblower complaint that SolarCity, which is owned by Tesla, failed to disclose its “liability and exposure to property damage, risk of injury of users, fire etc to shareholders” before and after SolarCity was acquired in 2016.

Musk is a liar who gets away with murder because U.S. Senators and White House executives own his stock.