Here is what the world thinks about Elon Musk's sham announcement about the Tesla patents:

"Dying companies often enact what is known as “Poison Pill Policies”. Yahoo was famous for this during its death spiral. What this has done is decimate the value of Tesla’s IP. Thereby making it basically worthless in a takeover bid. Translation for those that spent too much time hugging trees and too little time in business class - Elon’s job is assured all the way through bankruptcy chapter 7 (liquidataion). That might have come as soon as May considering they have to come up with $900m in cash this quarter. Now that the company is basically worthless he is much more likely to get the bond holders to agree to “renegotiation” i.e. haircut."

"What in the fuck are you talking about? He was just another stooge placed after the investor coup stole it from from Martin Eberhard, the man who actually built the company. Search his name, plus 'stealth bloodbath', if you can find anything. The whole internet is practically scrubbed at this point. Never give up 51% people. Martin was actually an engineer, and personally led the design of the Tesla Roadster. Elon is an idiot who can regurgitate industry buzzwords on command."

"li ion in cars are fucking stupid. we're close enough to fuel cell being a major possibility for a main stay. why invest in making 6000lb car when you could make one that makes 3000, and takes 6 hours to charge when you can pretty much instantaneously fill up a hydrogen tank. in a sector where efficiency is supposed to be the draw, you're literally cutting the efficiency in half because of all the battery you're pushing around....and the benefit of hydrogen is two fold since you can power combustion engines with hydrogen as well if you wanted a higher power motor for intermittent power boosts."

"he's trying to save his battery factory because he knows li ion can't compete with fuel cell in a fair market. Once Toyota and Honda have the kinks sorted out (which they basically do) of their full cell power trains the only thing that will keep his factory viable it's if a ton of companies that can't afford to create IP for fuel cell have to resort to batteries until the Honda Toyota fuel cell IP becomes common knowledge."

"The idea of being massively philanthropic for no reason other than good just falls apart with a little scrutiny. If you worked hard and earned/created a fortune through honest means, there's no way you would just give it up without some kind of return on investment. And if you got that fortune by crooked means, you probably don't care too much about saving the world.


Also, if the thing you've built is desecrated, burning it down to say "Fuck Off" to the destroyers and leaving nothing for the bottom feeders is very cathartic.

Musk's dumping of $billions worth IP to humanity, just because he can, is the greatest shitpost of all time!

Shit is fertilizer. Fertilizer makes the crops grow. The crops will grow up and out-compete the current dominant species.

This single act will devastate the tech monopolies. Seriously, have you seen the talent, ambition, and drive of Silicon Valley's best engineers. Now, they are all free to innovate off of a very rich harvest. They can do it on their own and with their friends or trusted team members. They will no longer suffer the tyranny of SJW HR departments.  kekekekekekek"

"When Tesla was founded, and when they sold shares, Elon Musk said if they ever went bankrupt he would give all their patents away to help other companies make electric cars. This sucks. I guess Tesla is going under. I wanted to own a Tesla one day. I blame the dealers."

"Musk has said a great, great many things that are not true. And I hope you know what you mean when you "blame the dealerships". Tesla owns its own dealer network, which is just another terrible idea in a long list of them. Their dealer network has cost them several hundred million in losses. Also the model 3 is shaping up to be the least reliable car in modern history."