By H. Fiskar


There are a huge number of websites, news articles, etc. that claim that you are a really bad guy who is involved with the Silicon Valley gay frat boy mafia known as the #PayPalMafia.

Let's clear the rumors up once and for all. Please just answer these questions and the scandals should evaporate if these are lies, right?

Ok, so first of all; many people think that all the media coverage of you is your own self promoting, narcissistic, multi-billion dollar, self-aggrandizing PR hype. Is it?

Did you or your associates ever bribe DNC politicians including Obama, Clinton and Senators Feinstein, Reid, Boxer, Harris, Spier and Pelosi to give you free taxpayer cash and government resources from the Department of Energy and the California political tax pool? Did you ever have your people pay these politicians with stock, real estate, cash, search engine rigging, troll campaigns, jobs, sex, gifts, cars, PR or other goodies?

The Energy Dept (DOE) has been caught covering-up organized crime activities at DOE in which DOE funds are being used as a slush-fund to pay off DNC campaign financiers and to pay for CIA/GPS Fusion-Class attacks on Silicon Valley business competitors. DNC campaign financiers and DOE staff share stock market holdings with each other under family trusts, shell corporations and layered Goldman Sachs accounts. So, the question is: Was the deal that "...Obama funds Tesla, Musk conduits campaign funds to Obama through Tesla and Google, top Obama staff profit off of insider Musk stocks and around and around it goes"?

The public blogs call you a "criminal, a mobster, an asshole, a balding fake-hair wearing, plastic surgery-addicted, bi-sexual douchebag, woman-abusing, sex addicted, tax evader..." Are any of those claims about you true?

Why do you exploit poor people and child slaves in the Congo and Afghanistan to mine your lithium batteries via illicit Cobalt mines? When we look up the phrase on the top search engines: “child labor electric car batteries”, it seems like you are responsible for a huge number of rapes, child labor abuses and murders in the Congo from your lithium mines. Are you?

Have you ever spent resources to hire Russian trolls, fake blogger fan-boys and buy fake news self-glory look-at-me articles about yourself?

Did your father have sex with your sister and get her pregnant as the papers say? Is your father enamored with underage girls? Do you and your buddy Steve Jurvetson have an unhealthy relationship with sex?

Was your mother an abusive "trophy wife"?

You have been very open about using drugs and alcohol? Do you think you have a substance abuse issue?

You rely on Google and the DNC Main Stream News (MSN) to hide bad news about you, right?

Fake News manipulator Google is run by Larry Page. Larry is your investor and bromance buddy, right?

Do you use massive numbers of shell companies and trust funds to self-deal, evade the law and hide your bribes and stock market insider trading?

Did your brother run Solar City and has be under federal investigation for securities fraud?

A huge number of Tesla drivers have been killed; pedestrians and oncoming drivers have also been killed. Do you pay to keep those stories out of the news?

Do your VC’s Tim Draper and Steve Jurvetson get so fanatical about not being embarrassed from a Tesla bankruptcy that they will pump the TSLA stock and threaten anybody who might disclose the Musk misdeeds?

Peter Thiel is another one of your bromance buddies who also protects you, right?

Do you and your cronies, use Palantir, Google and related software to scan the entire internet every few minutes for any occurrence of the words: “Musk”, “Tesla” or “Tesla Fire”? Do you send trolls and fake bloggers (Many of them Russian) to put pro-Musk comments on the comments section of any blogs or articles discussing those topics and try to flood out the truth about you?

It seems like, In EVERY blog that you read that mentions 'Musk', at least 1/3 of the comments have been placed their by your paid shills. There are no “Tesla Fan Boys”, right? All of the fanatic Tesla comments on the internet are yours, Thiel’s, Jurvetson’s and Draper’s fake fanboy trolls. Musk, yourself, stay up late at night pretending to be a ‘Tesla Fan Boy’on blogs, right?

Musk, why do you hold the record for getting sued for fraud by your investors, wives, former partners, employees, suppliers and co-founders?

Why have you gone out of his way to hire hundreds of ex-CIA and In-Q-Tel staff and assign them to "dirty tricks teams" to attack your competitors and elected officials who you hate?

Can you finally admit that you took Tesla away from the founder: Marty, in a hostile take-over?

Isn't it true that your "Starlink" satellites are domestic spy and political manipulation tools and that SpaceX is entirely a spy satellite operation?

Equipment shows that the same kind of EMF radiation proven to cause cancer from cell phones exists in massive amounts in a Tesla. Why don't you disclose that?

"Musk can't fix a car or build a rocket and has almost no mechanical skills". Is that an accurate statement?

If you pull a report of every VIN# of every Tesla ever built and cross reference that with insurance, repair and lawsuit records you will find that the "per volume" fire, crash, death and defect rate is THE WORST of any car maker in history!Are you ashamed of that fact?

All of your bankers have been charged with financial crimes, right?

Elon, What part of this statement is not accurate: "...His batteries cause wars in the Congo, Afghanistan and Bolivia from the corrupt mining deals involved with mining lithium and cobalt. Lithium ion batteries are insider trading-owned by ex-CIA boss Woolsey and DOE Boss Chu. Lithium ion batteries excrete chemicals that mutate fetuses when they burn; destroy your brain, lungs and nervous system when they burn; kill the factory workers who make them; cause Panasonic to be one of the most corrupt companies in the world; poison the Earth when disposed of; can't be extinguished by firemen; poison firemen when they burn; are based on criminally corrupt mining schemes like URANIUM ONE; Have over 61 toxic chemicals in them; come from an industry that spends billions on internet shills and trolls used to nay say all other forms of energy; and are insider-trading owned by corrupt U.S. Senators who are running a SAFETY COVER-UP about their dangers....Apple products with lithium ion batteries have been exploding and setting people on fire. Over time the chemical dendrites, or deposits, inside each battery grow worse and increase the chances of explosion as they age - LITHIUM ION BATTERIES BECOME MORE AND MORE LIKELY TO EXPLODE AS TIME GOES ON AND AS THEY AGE. This is not a theory. This is a scientific fact. That is why you hear about more and more lithium batteries catching fire and blowing up. Additionally, scientists also speculate that the increasing presence of low energy nuclear background energy and wifi energy in the environment is making lithium ion batteries explode more often lately. This theory is upheld by the increasing number of FAA reports about commercial airline cabins suddenly “filling up with toxic smoke” as some lithium ion battery explodes in someones overhead luggage. As commercial jets go higher they lose the protection of the atmosphere and are subjected to more gamma (and other) radiation from overhead. This makes the already unstable lithium ion batteries on board blow up. "Bad Guys" have figured out how to make them explode remotely in devices by making the device electrnics cause the batteries to overload. The dangers of lithium ion batteries are hidden by CNN and Main Stream News (MSN) because pretty much only the DNC people profit from them and the DNC folks control CNN and the MSN.."

Hillary Clinton's buddies at USAID sent all of the DNC campaign financiers in Silicon Valley a federal ‘report’ from USAID that said there was “A TRILLION DOLLARS OF LITHIUM IN AFGHANISTAN” and promised to give those lithium mines, EXCLUSIVELY, to the Silicon Valley venture capitalists if they funded and web search manipulated the election for Obama to take over the White House. We have the documents proving this. In other words, a re-up of the Afghan War was caused by Elon Musk and it killed American soldiers so that Musk could buy more mansions and trophy wives. Did you know this?

Alkaline, NiCAD and hundreds of other battery chemistries DO NOT have all of these problems but Lithium Ion batteries get a monopoly because of your bribed politician insider trading owner-ships. Does that seem fair?

Tesla Motors has caused far more deaths and injuries than the world generally knows about. A recent fire on U.S. Highway 101 near Mountain View, CA, burned the driver alive and killed him. In Florida two kids died in a Tesla, burned alive, screaming in agony. A man died in agony in a Tesla crash in Malibu that set Malibu Canyon on fire. A young woman, at the start of life, and her boyfriend were burned alive in their crashed Tesla. There are many more deaths and crashes than you have seen in the Main Stream News (MSN) The deaths and the cover-ups are endless.Why do you spend more money on cover-ups than on safety?

Senators Dianne Feinstein, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris and their associates own the stock in Tesla Motors and/or it's suppliers and mining companies and they cover-up and halt investigations and laws designed to save the public. Isn't that a violation of anti-trust laws?

Experts say that your lithium-ion batteries can fuel hotter fires that release toxic fumes and are more difficult to put out. Lithium ion fires keep reigniting which explains why it takes so long and requires copious amounts of water or foam (it is an electric fire, after all) to smother the flames. Tesla employee Bernard Tse and his team warned you about these dangers in 2008 and they got fired and/or warned to "say nothing" by you. Did you break the law by doing this?

Did you have anything to do with the three top Tesla engineers who died in a plane crash next to Tesla offices in San Carlos after two of them agreed to become whistle-blowers?

You have hired bloggers and reporters to engage in character assassination as your main political tool against any member of the public who speaks out against your felony stock market scams. You use Black Cube, Mossad, In-Q-Tel, Stratfor, Gawker Media, Gizmodo Media, Media Matters, David Brock, Sid Blumenthal, NY Times, Google servers, Facebook servers, Podesta Group, Perkins Coie, Covington & Burling and a host of "media assassins". Shouldn't that be illegal?

You have had Gawker, Jalopnik and Gizmodo Media set-up attack stories and, in paid partnership with Google, had Google kick Nick Denton's attack links around the globe, in front of 8 Billion people, forever. Google locks the attack articles of its enemies on the front top search results of Google search results forever, on purpose! Google and you are partners-in-crime. Larry Page steals technology for Google and you meets with Larry Page to advise him on which technologies to steal and how to bypass FEC laws. Should you be arrested?

Elon Musk, you have exceeded FEC campaign finance limits by billions of dollars via “in-kind” services. Some FBI agents who are DNC shills are protecting you but they are getting caught one-by-one. Shouldn't you turn yourself in?

All of the stuff in this letter is from public court records, Congressional hearing records and mainstream news articles. So, we just had to ask. We are all waiting for your responses.