Do State Officials in California And Nevada Sabotage Companies That Compete With Kleiner Perkins and Elon Musk?



California and Nevada have given Elon Musk and Kliener Perkins tens of millions of dollars in taxpayer money. Some say they have given away hundreds of millions of dollars to these people.

Only Elon Musk and the suite of Kleiner Perkins companies got these tax waivers, free and discounted properties, tax credits, employee payment waivers and cash hand-outs.

This free money is going to BILLIONAIRES.

While Republicans scream about an extra 1% food stamp increase request for the poor, they are going nuclear over this. It is a historically epic hand-out to campaign investors. The GOP loves that! It is not just Republicans, tree hugging westerners are horrified that these people, who love to be on Ted Talks and stages across the country with their show-off antics, private jets and streams of female scandals are spending their tax money on parties, roller coasters and toys for the rich.

California’s state money executive Bill Lockyer, handed Kleiner/Musk vast tax waivers and property freebies while turning down the same favors for each of Kleiner/Musk’s competitors.

Why? Because the Kleiner/Musk trust funds, PAC’s and special interest conduits have provided the largest campaign financing in those states. These State favors are simply kickbacks for funding Senate campaigns and other election out-reach. In fact Senator Dianne Feinstein’s family has benefited to the tune of over ONE BILLION dollars from such quid-pro-quo.

ZAP Automotive, Apterra and many other competitors tried to get the same favors but they were rebuffed, ignored and stone-walled.

Secretary of State Joseph Padilla’s office says they are “looking into” such charges but few have high hopes results from that end.

The LA Times, and other media,  have recently exposed a portion of the kick-back scheme but there is much more to the story and in larger volumes.

“WHAT!?” You say, “Corruption in Sunny, Happy, Sunshine-y California”?

Let’s look at all of the recent arrests:

James Brown Jr., The guy who built Obamacare in California, was arrested for Corruption. Let’s count the Senators that have recently been arrested for corruption in California. It is breath-taking. There are almost more Senators, in California, now arrested for, or under investigation for, Corruption, than in almost any other state in all of America!

State officials in California and Nevada are fine with running multi-billion dollar corruption schemes because the FBI rarely shows up to call them on it, until now. The public is now able to file their own racketeering lawsuits, called RICO lawsuits, and get that money back from state officials. The State Attorney General in California is best buds with all of the White House financiers, so don’t expect any results from her office. Your only other hope is to keep on the FBI and the other federal agencies who you pay, with your tax dollars, to take care of such corruption.

Did you local fire department or school have to lay people off? Elon Musk and John Doerr have your money. Sue your State Officials, individually, to get the money back you were supposed to have for your community.

Why should Elon Musk and John Doerr be allowed to control the only game in town? There are hundreds of other ways to make electric cars, solar panels, energy storage and websites. Did You elect Elon Musk and John Doerr to control the technology options in your state?