SILICON VALLEY DEATHWATCH: The social horror that ‘Silicon Valley’ became is just a bubble of social abuse waiting to burst. Let’s count down the days unil it finally implodes. ---- All Of Silicon Valley needs to be “KILLED OFF” without breaking a single law. They can never be fixed.
It’s easy to do with one simple, 100% legal, weapon: THE TRUTH! ---- Said one Bay Area developer: “These crooks don’t get to buy private jets, sex islands, multiple mansions, throw celebrity parties and buy hookers with MY money! If they are making big bucks off my technology, I get my percentage of what they spied on, copied and theived or they get exposed for what they are. I will bring the FBI, DOJ, CIA, FTC, SEC, FEC, FINCEN, 60 Minutes and Congress, along with my team, to help take them down…” ---- PAYBACK IS A BITCH FOR BIG TECH COMPANIES THAT USED THEIR BUSINESS FRONTS TO OPERATE: BRIBES TO CONGRESS, TAX-EVASION, SEX-TRAFFICKING, PATENT THEFT, ELECTION MANIPULATION, SHADOW-BANS, EMPLOYEE SEXSTORTION, OFF-SHORE MONEY LAUNDERING, STOCK MARKET MANIPULATION, BLACKLISTS, MONOPOLIES AND, WORST OF ALL, HIRED FUSION GPS, BLACK CUBE, IN-Q-TEL AND MEDIA MATTERS TO RUN ILLEGAL HIT-JOBS ON THEIR COMPETITORS! ISN’T IT INTERESTING THAT EVERY SINGLE ATTACKER HAS LOST BILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN STOCK VALUATION? ---- KARMA? PAY-BACK? HMMMMMM…???: BREAKING NEWS LINK: HA- HA -HA! THE EXACT SAME COMPANIES THAT STOLE SCOTT'S STUFF AND THEN VIOLATED HIS ANTI-TRUST PROTECTIONS ARE GETTING NAILED! KARMA - KARMA- KARMA! TECH VALUES CHOPPED AS PALO ALTO'S CORRUPT MEDIA EMPERORS FOUND TO HAVE NO CLOTHES ---- BREAKING NEWS LINK: How The Sick Pervert Billionaires Boys' Club Came To Dominate The Public Square And Rig Elections ---- STOCKS DEADLY UGLY AS SILICON VALLEY CARTEL TURNS OUT TO BE ALL HYPE AND NOTHING OF REAL VALUE ---- THE SILICON VALLEY MAFIA COORDINATE THEIR CRIMES VIA SAND HILL ROAD INSIDERS AND THAT VIOLATES RICO AND MONOPOLY LAWS! ---- Silicon Valley has had the largest number of Congressional hearings against it, the largest number of consumer complaints in American history BUT the least number of regulations imposed on it. Why? You can look no further than the covert ownership of Silicon Valley by elected officials. Our politicians get paid bribes, by Silicon Valley, to keep the political corruption alive-and-well while they operate, with impunity, as the biggest threats to society ever manifested. ---- Politicians protect Silicon Valley and allow them to keep doing crimes! ---- WHAT CRIMES ARE WE UPSET ABOUT SILICON VALLEY DOING?: Silicon Valley is producing child suicides, racism, misogyny, child mental health threats, domestic spying, data harvesting, sex trafficking, election manipulation, tax evasion, Fusion GPS/Media Matters/ Black Cube hit jobs on competitors, censorship, contrived market monopolization, intellectual property theft, political bribery and many other crimes! Why? Because crime pays…for corrupt U.S. Senators! ---- “EVERY SINGLE ENTITY THAT ATTACKED US HAS LOST A MINIMUM OF A BILLION DOLLARS OF STOCK MARKET VALUATION OR GONE BANKRUPT….” ---- YOU CAN KILL ANY CORRUPT ENTITY WITH: “THE TRUTH”! ---- In the Age of Transparency, also known as The Great Disruption. Many document leaks have taken place, and more are expected, with particularly shocking data. The public has now become way moree savvy about information tools. This nexus of factors has created a new reality. ---- As billionaires and super-corporations become more prolific, their hubris, tone-deafness, and egotistic excesses seem to increase. ---- In this new age of equal access to all information, every member of the public now has access to the same investigation resources that the FBI and CIA have. Over 2000 online service providers will track down any crime, at any corporation or in any billionaies portfolio. You can, now, easily, hunt down the hookers, criminal expense accounts, tax evasion shelters, abuse of funds, insider trading, political bribes, mistresses, and other corporate mis-deeds of each and every executive at a company. ----The lesson to the wise: If you are a cocky billionaire, or corporation, one week; you can now be an out-of-business corporation, or billionaire, the next week. Be honest, legal and moral and you won’t get the axe. ----- BY THE WAY: ATTACKS AND CENSORSHIP BY GOOGLE-ALPHABET-YOUTUBE: We have placed more software sensors on more server networks globally than anyone else has ever announced. When Google-Alphabet-YouTube Shadow Bans, DNS re-routes, Hides, Demonetizes, Search Manipulates, Server Table Edits, Censors, Election Rigs, SEO limits, etc; our links, we record it, document it technically and report it to every regulatory and publishing group in the world. We also compile the data into evidence for lawsuits against Google and each Google executive. Our insiders work at the deepest levels of their operation. It isn't nice to mess with Mother Nature or Freedom Of Speech. It's worse to run tax evasion, sex trafficking, dark money funds, real estate fraud and other crimes from inside Google! ---- Our autonomous monitoring applications are on a vast number of co-location servers, shared hosting ISP's, stand-alone servers and sites around the world and have been operating for over ten years. We log: 1.) Google's search results compared to other search engines, 2.) Google's DNS and spoofing activities, 3.) Google's results on 100 key search terms including search terms of assets, candidates and business associates connected to Google (ie: "Obama", "Elon Musk", "Election Results", etc.), 4.) Where Google sends data from users clicking on Google supplied links, 5.) Where fabricated "mole" data that was injected as user data ultimately ended up later, 6.) Google's election manipulation attempts, and other metrics. The results prove that Google abuses the market, the public, privacy rights, politics and human rights. ---- So Google, every time you do it, you are just digging your own grave and giving us all the proof we need to wipe you out, process anti-trust filings and expose your monopolist, sex trafficking, sociopath owners! ----- ************** ----- The National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) is a white male, mostly jewish, sexist, racist, elitist, dynastic mobster-like mafia venture capitalist Cartel formed by an inner-circle set of fraternity buddies that invest per a coordinated global ideology scheme. They make sure that their competitors never get any money. James Breyer, Gilman Louie and Eric Schmidt love this tech Mafia. ----- Is collusion, market-rigging, technology blockading, good-ole-white-boy privilege clubbing, frat-house bro-biz secret alliance meeting, woman and black discriminating going on in Silicon Valley and Wall Street? You bet it is! If you web-search the “Angel-Gate Collusion Scandal”, you will read about how a reporter saw, and documented, a Silicon Valley secret meeting where investors were colluding on who would get funding, who wouldn’t and at what rates. The, now famous “Silicon Valley Anti-Poaching Scandal” has overtly proven that these people area classic “Cartel”. ----- It turns out, if you didn’t go to Stanford, or you are not part of the Indian-Elite sub-mafia, you are not getting funded. ----- With it’s deep CIA connections, Goldman Sach’s alliances and enough cash to bribe Congress twenty times over, groups like the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) raise concerns, across the board, about their potentially destructive play in the fall of innovation and the domestic economy in America. ----- This notoriously elitist, yuppie, privileged frat house crowd does not like anything that they can’t control. They have, in many cases, agreed among themselves, which energy technology will be “allowed” to hit the market; which electric cars will, or won’t, get funded; which video delivery systems get to become dominant on the web; which social networks get all of the media (a large part of said media being owned and controlled by these men); and which other technologies live or die. These are the people involved in the vast number of sex scandals, murders-by-hooker, “sex yacht and sex penthouse” lurid news, rape lawsuits and other twisted perversions on the 6PM news. They are not nice people. One of them: Raj Gupta sits in Prison. Another: White Car Czar Steven Rattner was indicted for Securities Law Rigging. Ray Lane was indicted for massive tax evasion. They are all under investigation for shipping billions of tax dollars to Ireland and other tax hide-away’s. Eric Schmidt practically lives at the White House and is under investigation by hundreds of entities.----- The largest private investigation firm of the Elite’s was exposed in WIKI-Leaks calling Peter Thiel: “Fu*cking Nuts”. Tim Draper wanted Silicon Valley to be so elite that he tried to make it into it’s own state. Joe Lonsdale is under lawsuit for rape. Mr. Hayes and Mr. Kumar were killed by Hookers. John Doerr and Vinohd Khosla are called out in national news stories for sex abuse, California Beach take-overs from the public and hundreds of billions of dollars in “Green Energy” kick-backs from their friend Steven Chu. The list of cringe-worthy news stories about these folks goes on and on. ----- If you are an outsider, or competitor, they can, and do, sabotage your company in no time flat with moles, hack attacks, DDOS attacks, media character assassination attacks, “Merchants of Doubt” (See the movie) aspersions, civic awards blockades, contract terms exclusions, hire-aways, anti-poaching cartel secret deals and a host of weapons that they use daily. ----- Do the Justice Department, The Securities and Exchange Commission, or other federal forces do anything about this? Not much. These men pay the bribes that keep Washington floating. They have paid hundreds of billions of dollars, in “tribute”, to the current Administration. It isn’t wise to bite the hand that feeds you. ----- This kinds of things do affect the average person by creating more discrimination that they have to endure, a worse economy, a less favorable impression of their country, deeper misogyny, less equality, more privilege. If it bothers you, and you have ever paid taxes, call the FBI, SEC, GAO and Congressional phone numbers that you see online and ask them what they are doing about it. ---- Most of the women that work wit the NVCA quit due to sexual abuse ----- The NVCA and the CIA's IN-Q-TEL are business partners in election rigging, anti-trust law violations and tech RICO law violations. *** CLICK THROUGH THE IMAGES, VIDEOS and DOCUMENTS, BY CLICKING ON THE TITLE IN BLUE ***


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