TESLA MOTORS LIES AND SAFETY DEFECTS: ---- See: ---- See: ---- See: ---- Elon Musk has lied hundreds of times about Tesla Motors ---- See: ---- THESE CARS BLOW-UP AND RELEASE POISON SMOKE THAT WILL POISON YOU, YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR FETUS!!!!!! ---- THE VAMPIRE POWER DEFECT: Your Tesla will suck more power than it needs in order to try to charge itself. A huge bunch of Tesla charging cords set themselves on fire. IF YOU WANT YOUR HOME OR OFFICE TO BURN DOWN, THEN PARK YOUR TESLA INSIDE IT. ----- TESLA HAD to POWER DOWN all of their cars because they blow up when charging. THIS MEANS THAT THE CAR THAT WAS ADVERTISED IS NOT THE CAR THAT YOU BOUGHT! BECAUSE OF TESLA'S BAD ENGINEERING, ALL OF THEIR CARS HAD TO HAVE ADDED SAFETY SHIELDS AND POWER REDUCTION AFTER-MARKET PROGRAMMING TO DETUNE THEM. ---- TESLA'S GO OUT OF CONTROL ALL OF THE TIME AND CRASH ----- HORRIBLE DEFECTS: Not everything is unicorns and rainbows when it comes to an electric vehicle, and Tesla (undoubtedly) has a few kinks to work out. However, some of these flaws have seemingly been ignored or swept away from the public eye. There are some things that are never openly admitted or speculated about Tesla vehicles, yet we harshly criticize run-of-the-mill autos with ease. Out of fairness—and for potential buyers, necessity—we should take a look at a few of the complaints that current owners have raised about these beloved EVs. ---- AWFUL BUILD QUALITY: If you have ever experienced difficulties with a Tesla, firsthand, then you probably know better than anyone how pricey repairs can become if they’re not covered by a warranty or insurance. This explains why insurance premiums are so high for these vehicles. However, the truth of the matter is that even if you’re not paying to replace those parts, they are much poorer quality than we’re all led to believe. If Tesla’s parts were, in fact, of great quality, then we wouldn’t have freak issues such as bolts rusting off after a mere few years of ownership, or falcon doors constantly misaligning themselves. Not everything on a Tesla is inherently low-quality, but Tesla is certainly cutting corners. The durability shows in the longevity of the parts and by how early rattling, squeaking, and other common problems seem to surface. ---- HORRIBLE SPEEDOMETER PLACEMENT: The golden rule we’re all taught in driving school is to keep your eyes on the road. This is, obviously, why police have been cracking down on drivers who use handheld electronic devices while driving. You would expect that a carmaker would probably build a car with safety in mind and take things like this into consideration during the design process. But technology comes first for Tesla. Their (controversial) touchscreen is also the home for the speedometer, which on the edge of the driver’s peripheral vision, which means that they have to look away from the road in order to see what speed they’re going. It’s not necessarily the biggest problem, at least in hindsight, but it can become a dangerous feature for the unsuspecting. Still, the feature is shared with the Mini Cooper, including the electric Mini Cooper SE. ---- INSANELY EXPENSIVE TO REPAIR: Part of the appeal of buying something expensive is the expectation that it will save you money in the future. But Tesla has earned a spot in the hall of fame for overpriced vehicles, and that doesn’t just apply to the sticker price but also takes into account all the maintenance costs that plague owners. Even though the Tesla’s don’t need oil changes, spark plug replacements, or oil filters, Tesla recommends drivers invest in their maintenance plans that include a thorough inspection of the vehicle every 12,000 miles. The prices vary based on the year and model of the car, as well as which specific plan the driver chooses, but standalone inspections range anywhere from $475 to $750 per visit (not including repairs). A four-year maintenance plan is around $2,500. Needless to say, you’ll need to have a good chunk of change set aside for these evaluations. Issues extend to tires and poor suspension, and yes, we will certainly mention the battery. ---- EXTENSIVE STEERING FAILURES: It’s true that Teslas tend to carry a bit of technological baggage with their state-of-the-art devices. Most of it is just annoying more than it is dangerous, but rest assured, Tesla has also managed to squeeze in a few mechanical problems as well. They’ve been much less common than the cosmetic flaws but can have life-threatening outcomes. A few new Tesla owners have experienced problems with the steering wheel locking up while turning. Not only will you see your life flash before your eyes, but you may be dismayed to find out that several weeks of repairs are typically involved since it’s not an issue that Tesla has completely resolved. This is before we even bring to light the new "yolk" steering wheel in the Model S Plaid. ---- YOU CAN NEVER GET YOUR CAR BACK FROM THE SERVICE CENTERS: Speaking of car troubles, Tesla dealerships are so sparse that many owners are forced to plan out their trip to the service center much more thoroughly than the average driver would. Unfortunately, the plight with their new Tesla’s can sometimes be uncharted territory for mechanics—this is a relatively new technology, after all—so it may take several days, and sometimes even weeks, before owners get to see their cars again. What’s worse is that many of these technical difficulties aren’t fully resolved during the first visit. Like we’ve said before, there isn’t much knowledge on electric vehicles and technicians may not be as familiar with the problems that plague these vehicles, primarily because a Tesla operates more like a computer than it does an old gas guzzler. ---- TESLA CARS SPY ON YOU: Teslas are incredibly connected... to the point that they're able to (potentially) predict when you plan to drive them and what routes. Elon hasn't been known for respecting privacy and his first company, PayPal, has even been in lawsuits for it. All respect to his technological advancement, but consider what a man creating a chip for your brain is trying to do with your car! Face recognition, video sharing with or without consent, and Tesla monitoring your driving history and patterns are all open for discussion and unless you dig really deep or have a law degree, you might not be safe. If you're a criminal or just worry about being watched, this is one of the last bit of tech pieces you would want. Some have even raised red flags over issues of hacking Teslas for a new world of issues. ---- THE EMERGENCY RELEASE WILL SCREW YOU: It may seem like a nitpick (and it is) but the terrible placement of the emergency handle is also a potential threat to the car and therefore, it’s a necessary point to bring up. Since Tesla’s vehicles don’t have your average door handle and everything in the car is electric, the manufacturer was witty enough to install an emergency handle on the interior to prevent passengers from getting trapped inside. There’s just one little flaw with this idea: the placement. Since new passengers aren’t used to the high-tech vehicle, they tend to go for the emergency handle instead of using the standard electric button that opens the door. This is an honest mistake since the emergency handle is near where a door handle normally would be, but if it’s pulled too often it can and will crack the window. And that’s the last thing any Tesla owner wants to deal with. ---- DEADLY BLIND SPOTS: Another feature that is seen in many modern-day vehicles (electric or not) is blind-spot detection. This is a nice touch to have and is practically expected on a high-end vehicle these days. The only thing that separates Tesla from other manufacturers that are employing blind-spot detection is the placement of the detector. Similar to the difficulty that people have seeing the speedometer, the blind-spot detection doesn’t alert drivers of a threat on the side-view mirrors like most vehicles do. Instead, a notice pops up on the touchscreen. A lot of people have something against the touchscreen and, while we don’t find it to be all bad, there are instances such as this one when it’s understandable why it can become a nuisance. If every feature is integrated into the touchscreen, it seems like the entire car revolves around a mounted iPad. ---- BAD COSMETIC DETAILS: Have you ever bought something nice only to have it experience defects shortly after? If you’ve put a good amount of cash into it, it’s not only inconvenient but also extremely frustrating. Proud Tesla owners have been extremely let down to find that their overpriced electric vehicle has scratches all over their car and bulges in the windshield. These unfortunate Teslas were born with cosmetic defects from the factory. Clearly, the newbie manufacturer hasn’t been able to get the assembly process down yet. Waiting out the initial wave of manufacturer defects would be wiser than jumping on a waiting list for the latest and greatest model. ---- ZERO FUTURE PROTECTION: Except Tesla and Rivian, there have been no major car manufacturers to emerge in almost 100 years. Naturally, this doesn't include off-shoot luxury brands or foreign brands that were bought out. Tesla respectably came from the ground-up in the 21st century on its own. That being said, it doesn't have a long carefully-recorded history of reliability, work ethic, or quality control, and it shows hard. Besides body gaps that range from dog doors to atomic fusion, the real longevity of a Telsa is almost entirely unknown. The used market for a Tesla is not great to begin with, but with the emergence of high battery replacement costs, how the old Teslas hold up is a big fat question mark. New rules and restrictions like to speed or features can be turned off without your consent remotely at the whim of a the bureaucrats. ---- VERY UNSAFE WHEEL DESIGN: There are some things that you never know about a car until you personally own it. And, to be fair, owners tend to critique their own cars harshly. A common nitpick with the Tesla Model 3 is the obnoxious fact that it comes with all-terrain (otherwise known as, ‘all season’) tires. Many Model 3 owners dislike this because they want more performance-oriented tires. Not to say that it’s not a smooth ride—it has received incredible reception for that alone—but if it was included with performance tires, the experience could be enhanced tremendously. The shared belief among many owners (specifically, those who don’t need winter tires) is that all-terrain tires should be something that a buyer can purchase on their own if they happen to need them. ---- BATTERY REPLACEMENT IS A NIGHTMARE: Along with the sketchy aspect of having an electric vehicle, there’s also a major setback on the cost to repair it as well. While a charge may not be so pricey, the cost to replace any of the parts on a Tesla can really become a burden. For instance, if you had to buy a new battery for a Model 3, the base would cost around $9,500 (on the low end) and the extended-range battery would come close to $16k. Sadly, that’s as much as a used car (maybe even a few). There’s a domino effect with these overpriced repairs as well, as the price to insure a Tesla tends to be more than the average vehicle. The high rate of accidents in Teslas is partly to blame, but their expensive repairs are no help. ---- THERE ARE NO DEALERSHIPS AROUND TO HELP YOU: Tesla has just recently begun opening service centers in areas with a large amount of foot traffic, but the idea of dealerships is a concept of the past for Tesla. Following a completely different business model from the traditional car manufacturers, Tesla sells its cars directly to its customers through their own small, intimate stores. This allows Tesla to educate the customers on what exactly they're getting into with an electric vehicle and to choose precisely how they’d like their car to look. Of course, it takes months for customers’ vehicles to be delivered, but this still allows them to get exactly what they want. It also means that Tesla makes money off of their cars, while traditional dealerships make money from their service departments. The drawback for a Tesla owner is that these are located, largely, in metropolitan areas and so are the service centers. Unlike traditional dealerships that are in every town, Tesla selects store and service center locations based on foot traffic. ---- TESLA STILL COSTS MORE THAN A GAS CAR AND IS WORSE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: Even though Tesla has managed to bring down the customer’s cost of a vehicle by cutting out dealerships altogether, they’re still pretty pricey. Many of Tesla’s major competitors have a bit of an edge by offering vehicles that aren’t 100% electric, which is an appealing point for many buyers, but they’re also less expensive. The base Chevy Volt, for instance, is cheaper than Tesla’s base Model 3. Less people are as willing to go for the Model S purely because they have no desire to have an electric vehicle that revolves around performance. For many, the price just isn’t worth it, not when the battery will need to be replaced in a matter of a few years (depending on use). This goes hand-in-hand with the cost of Tesla’s parts because consumers don’t want to spend a lot of money on a car that will also be pricey to fix down the road. ---- TESLA'S AUTOPILOT CAN KILL YOU: Tesla's autopilot has been known to get people in trouble, napping, reading, and working on the freeway. The fact is, there's still no legal protection for someone to sit down and be driven away. Thought Tesla gets close with tools like "tow mode," allowing for an empty car to follow another Tesla with some limitations. Legally you still need to keep your hands on the wheels and be alert, despite the statistically safer autopilot driving and advancements in technology. While a truly autonomous car would open up a new world; safe transport for the elderly, fewer fatalities, easier commutes, and the like, we may be a few major traffic law changes away from that world, and Tesla can't change that yet. ---- COLD WEATHER KILLS YOUR TESLA: There are so many common glitches that go on with a Tesla that drivers have become paranoid of serious troubles, especially anything involving that precious battery. If you haven’t tested one out in cold weather, don’t be alarmed at that slow acceleration, it’s normal. Yep. If you buy a $35,000 (and up!) vehicle, you can expect that the cold air will affect the battery just like it would any other vehicle. But cold prevents the battery from regenerating as quickly as it typically would, which limits the driver’s ability to move faster. It sounds simple in retrospect, but it can be a frightening few minutes for a Tesla owner to discover their car is having trouble moving quickly. ---- ACCELERATION SURGE DEFECTS WILL KILL YOU: Contrary to what Elon Musk has claimed on social media, Tesla has been accused of having a fatality rate that’s more than triple what you see in luxury vehicles. Musk claims that Tesla’s are the safest vehicles on the road, which is either an ill-researched claim or a blatant lie on his part. Since his stats are based on vehicle miles (rather than vehicle years) it leads you to an inaccurate conclusion, and we don’t actually know how many miles these vehicles have traveled, and this also leaves out passengers. After thorough research, many of the Tesla accidents weren’t even properly coded, meaning that Musk’s claim leaves out several accidents within the US and other countries (such as China) that have higher accident rates. Really, this could all be because of accident-prone drunk Tesla owners who are, mostly, drunk douche bags. ---- CONSTANT RATTLING NOISES: The little things in life shouldn’t bother you, but when it’s an incessant rattling noise in your brand-new luxury car, those little things can be difficult to ignore. There’s a common problem with Teslas experiencing rattling in several areas of the cars. Owners have taken their cars to service centers numerous times for this issue but a very rare few have seen the annoyance resolved. In fact, a few have even documented their experience online, while some have even received their car from the service center only to discover that the rattle has not gone away plus there is a new one! It shouldn’t be blown out of proportion, but the fact of the matter is that consumers have put a lot of their money into these cars and they expect a decent level of quality so if problems occur then some resolutions would be nice. ---- TESLA SOLAR STUFF IS NEVER IN STOCK: Lesser known than Tesla’s famed electric vehicles is the Solar Roof and Powerwall. As the names imply, these are solar panels that store energy that is even cleaner for the car to run off of. Just two years into this accessory, though, sales have dropped over 70% from their peak. The Powerwall 2 is said to lose 70% of its efficiency after 10 years and solar tiles are close to $42 per square foot, which is part of why most consumers steer clear. Investors aren’t extremely pleased with the outcome of SolarCity’s products (which Musk has endorsed with open arms), but the signs were written on the walls, as it were. If solar panels were cheap enough for everyone to afford, wouldn’t we all have them on our houses? Since they don’t even have a guaranteed longevity, consumers generally feel that the Powerwall and Solar Roof are simply not worth it. In the home solar markets, even if consumers beg for the still "available" Powerall or new shingle-replacing solar roof, it's almost guaranteed they won't be able to find or get any of them anywhere! ---- TESLA CUSTOMER SUPPORT JUST SUCKS: The underworld of the customer service department is dreaded by customers of just about any major corporation. No customer wants to call in and get passed around from rep to rep and robot to robot. You’d think that Tesla would have come up with a more efficient way to handle their ‘valued’ customers' problems and have a decent customer service team. That’s wishful thinking, though. If you need any help, particularly with SolarCity’s products, then you can forget ever getting through to anyone the first time. Attempting to get ahold of the ‘right’ representative is a game of cat-and-mouse, and you’ll have a pretty challenging time catching them in a spare moment (when they can actually speak, at all). ---- TESLA IS ALWAYS ON THE VERGE OF BANKRUPTCY: While it’s no secret that Tesla has struggled with sales, it raises a few questions about what that means for the future of the corporation. We don’t really know how close Tesla truly came to going under, seeing as how Elon Musk has repeatedly glossed over Tesla’s issues instead of being frank about things (e.g., the SolarCity investments, accident rates, etc). So, Musk’s exasperated croaks of how Tesla nearly went bankrupt almost sound like the boy who cried wolf, at least from an outside perspective. If Musk is being honest about the company’s financial struggles, then the future looks bleak. Scraping by when the economy is relatively stable is not a good sign for a new car company, and what happens when those battery costs skyrocket? No one is going to be willing to pay more than $40k for a base Model 3. ---- TESLA CARS HAVE AWFUL BODY PANEL GAPS: You don’t have to give a Tesla, specifically the Model 3, a thorough inspection to notice that there’s an insane amount of space between the body in some parts and less in others. It’s not an overly invasive issue, but when you’re paying around $35,000 for a car, there are a few minimum expectations that should be met. One of those is definitely a clean look. Each of the Tesla models has perfectly executed an aerodynamic style, with concealed handles and sleek lines, which makes the gap that much more noticeable to anyone who happens to glance in the direction of a Model 3. Since Tesla factory workers have been killing each other in Tesla's parking lot in Fremont, you can't expect too much from them. ---- DEADLY TESLA DOOR HANDLES: One of the most notable characteristics of every Tesla is their futuristic door handles that pop out with ease. The higher-end models have nice, metal handles with chrome finishes. However, if you happen to compare, say, a Model S to a Model 3, you’ll immediately notice the lack of strength behind the latter's handles. Not only are the door handles on the Model 3 thinner, but they seem to be made with inferior materials to the higher-tier models. There have even been a few people who have had the door handles freeze to the car, leaving them unable to get inside. We have to note that there hasn’t been a plague of door handle issues, so this isn’t an official defect, but it’s more of a cosmetic problem that could become a mechanical one in the future. ---- TESLA CARS ADD AWFUL INCONVENIENCE TO YOUR LIFE: The naïve car buyer is often led to believe that electric cars are all ponies and rainbows. However, many manufacturers acknowledge that we have yet to get everything down to a science. Plus, there’s a learning curve for those new to EVs, which is why most semi-electric cars are still able to be powered with gasoline. The serious drawback with a Tesla is the lack of a safety net should the battery run dead. Jumper cables are entirely out of the question, which is why owners of EV’s get anxiety on road trips and long-distance commutes. The remaining range can be inaccurate, potentially leaving a driver stranded if they don’t judge their car’s abilities correctly. ---- TESLA'S ALL LOOK ALIKE AND ARE NOW RUN-OF-THE-MILL: Although this isn’t much of a shock at all, little fail to recognize the total lack of variety that’s offered in the Tesla fleet. Of course, the higher-end models have prettier finishes and tend to look nice no matter what, but each and every Tesla is almost identical. This is obviously the case with everyday run-of-the-mill vehicles as well, but that’s sort of the point, isn’t it? If you’re spending a good chunk of change to claim that over-hyped Tesla as your own, wouldn’t it be nice if you at least had a decent amount of options to truly make it feel like your own? For what you’re paying, it seems like there should already be a plethora of options. ---- ABOVE ALL ELSE: Tesla's battery system is the worst designed, most deadly, awful power system in history! IT WILL KILL YOU AND BURN YOUR FAMILY ALIVE, LIKE IT HAS DONE TO MANY TESLA VICTIMS ---Also see the additional Tesla issues, above, involving 'rare earth mines', 'lithium battery dangers', 'Elon Musk's constant use of "hit-men" and character assassins' to destroy competitors and reporters, the vast racism and women abuse and the dead workers poisoned in his battery factories around the globe. *** CLICK THROUGH THE IMAGES, VIDEOS and DOCUMENTS, BY CLICKING ON THE TITLE IN BLUE ***


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