Why Silicon Valley Tech Oligarchs Are The Most Horrible People On Earth

By Keru Lee

Google, Facebook and Twitter have fired up tens of millions of dollars of lawyers and PR firms, using their two hundred million dollar a day payrolls, to try to deny and smoke-screen all of the above.

In the post-election voting map for the 2016 elections, it is 100% clear that only the regions where the public were addicted to Facebook were the same regions where Clinton won. The rest of the country, who did not read the pre-digested, controlled, Silicon Valley subliminal messaging, were horrified by Silicon Valley's overt corruption and Washington DC take-overs. Essentially, Silicon Valley created Trump's victory by being so completely shrouded in their own echo-chamber that they dissociated from reality. The historically large numbers of videos and photos of crying millennials is a testament to the utter lack of real-world awareness the victims of Silicon Valley's bubble chamber have.

Don't let Silicon Valley get away with it. Write every regulatory and law enforcement agency and demand an end to THE SILICON VALLEY COVER-UPS AND PROTECTION RACKET!