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Why Are We Running This Investigation? Answer Number Two

Criminal senior executives at State and Federal agencies cost us our jobs, life savings and careers because they were engaged in organized crime against us and the American taxpayers.

No State or Federal agencies have reimbursed us for our damages, offset the crimes, paid us for what they owe us or made any attempt to make things right.

For nearly a decade we have told law enforcement, Congress and the news media, in writing, that certain people and organizations were “criminals” and they were breaking the law. Nearly a decade later each of them have been proven to have been criminals. Not “some of them”, not “most of them”, but 100% of them. They have been either arrested and/or or charged with: sex trafficking, rape, tax fraud, money laundering, bribery, stock market manipulation, anti-trust law violation, abuse, political bribery, collusion, RICO, fraud, extortion, election rigging and a host of other crimes.

They bribed law enforcement and Congress to “look the other way”. Millions of American voters agree that we were right and the “bad guys” were truly criminals. We will stand our evidence up in any court without a rigged system and with equal legal resources to those of the criminals any day of the week.

Because we have been blockaded from ever getting a jury trial and from ever getting justice, we are using other, fully legal yet novel, means to deliver justice.

Because of this we will hunt them down, 100% legally, for the rest of time, until our damages are offset! We will also do it because it is the right thing to do and the law enforcement entities who are supposed to do this are not doing their jobs.

From one of the Team statements:

Senate Statement:

Our companies received millions of dollars in Congressional awards during the Iraq War under a contract to build America’s “back-up plan” for what federal intelligence officials saw as the “pending collapse of Middle East oil access”. Unlike Solyndra, we fully completed our contract. State and Federal officials then solicited us, our families, our friends, our associates and our companies to spend our life savings and millions of additional dollars based on their assurances that the project was moving to the next phase.

Phase two of the project was suddenly cancelled the week that the next funding was due to us. That funding was given to our competitors, instead of us, at the last minute. The money had secretly been pre hard-wired for our competitors and the Senators they had in their pockets. Our very own elected officials owned the stock of those competitors and acquired billions of dollars in ill-gotten profits in the scheme. Law enforcement has proven that it was a purely quid-pro-quo crony kick-back scam that our competitors operated with famous elected officials.

Federal insiders in the Obama Administration then informed us, and federal investigators, that the entire Department of Energy had been compromised by a corrupt Cartel. The Uranium1 and Solyndra debacles from this corruption are now notorious in the news but there was much more that is only now coming forward in the various Paradise Papers, Swiss Leaks and Panama Papers leaks. The FBI, GAO, Congress and news media uncovered that crony payola and bribes had taken place between a number of U.S. Senators and State and Federal agency bosses and a Silicon Valley Cartel. A number of those illicit crony competing ventures were forced into bankruptcy by Congressional reviews; but not all of them have yet been interdicted.

Lawsuits, firings of government officials, news media and FBI investigations of those bribes and fall-out from that case continues to this day.

Our staff associates have been federal witnesses in this matter and have suffered retribution, vendetta, reprisal attacks including benefits stone-walling, toxic exposure, character assassinations, black-listing, death threats, database and hacking attacks and other political attack methodologies.”

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