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What this evidence proves

What this evidence proves:

- That a mobster-like cartel of men operate a racketeering operation out if Silicon Valley that manipulates elections, news and taxpayer funding policies.

- That this cartel is comprised of sick, megalomaniac, sexually addicted and abusive men who protect each other with billions of dollars of cover-ups involving the bribery of Senators with insider trading stock and covert campaign financing.

- That this cartel receives hundreds of billions of dollars of profits from their crimes and this causes them to stoop to murders, extortion, black-lists, funding blockades and other crimes, in order to gather their ill-gotten gains.

- That the investors of Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Ebay, Netflix and a related set of Silicon Valley monopolies conspire in these efforts to manipulate the stock market, lie to advertisers and bias all digital news and information, globally, to push their selfish ideologies.

- That Senators Pelosi, Feinstein, Boxer, Harris, Reid have an active criminal participation in, and benefit from, these efforts and that they, in fact, along with Steven Chu had illicit dealings with Russian and Chinese financiers and they are paid with insider trading stock, revolving door jobs, and other covert payola.

- That Google, Facebook and Twitter have rigged and manipulated U.S. elections since Barack Obama was elected.

- That the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Department of Justice were used as an illicit slush-fund by the Obama Administration to pay campaign financiers and to sabotage their competitors.

- That government officials hired and/or financed and/or directed deadly economic and character assassination hit jobs against those who reported these crimes using attack services from IN-Q-Tel, Gawker Media, Jalopnik, Gizmodo Media, K2 Intelligence, WikiStrat , Podesta Group, Fusion GPS, Google, YouTube, Alphabet, Facebook,Twitter, Think Progress , Media Matters, Black Cube, Mossad, Correct The Record, Stratfor , ShareBlue,Wikileaks, Cambridge Analytica; the owners of whom have been proven to have accepted compensation for such hatchet job services.

- The “The PayPal Mafia” is an actual Cosa Nostra like operation that exploits sex cults, prostitutes, gay rent boys and market rigging as illicitly as the old Chicago “Mob”.

- That Tesla Motors is a criminal Dark Money front that “cooks the books”, lies about safety issues and runs sabotage campaigns through Musk’s massive use of Russian bots, trolls, stock shills and his covert manipulations with Google’s Larry Page and Eric Schmidt.

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