What if Elizabeth Holmes Theranos-Device Really Had Been Able To Work?

By Darcy Avner

Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos are now the most notorious names in technology. Jennifer Lawrence is making a glossy feature film about her down-fall. The SEC is filing dramatic charges against her. Silicon Valley mouth-pieces are heading for the hills...but

Let's rewind the video.

What would happen in an alternate future where her later-stage device was manufactured and available off-the-shelf at every Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid in the world. What if it only cost $27.95 and clipped to your key chain like a pocket fob?

If that had happened, everybody could have sex with anybody whenever they wanted to. You would just pull out your T-fob and blood test yourself, and your intended lover, in 5 minutes. Every possible sexual disease would be identified in either of you and you would have a go/no go decision on the spot. Over time, as millions of people found out that they were infectious, they would be forced to seek treatment and the STD dangers in America would drop by 90% in only a matter of five years or less.

If that had happened you could test yourself for toxic exposure to poisons in stores, parks, offices and gas stations and the source of those toxins could be easily mapped out using the incident locations of all of the T-fobs.

The wonders of this Jetsons-like future are endless.

So are the problems.

If everyone could have now easily have sex, The trillions of dollars of money to religious groups would be at risk. Almost every religion in the world would want it shut down.

If everyone could identify the sources of toxic poisons from industry, the tens of trillions of dollars of money to the petrochemical, plastics, Agra-chemical and battery manufacturing industries would be at risk. Every major manufacturing industry cartel in the world would want it shut down.

The cartel's that oppose change would take extreme measures to kill an idea, person or business that might bring that future to fruition.