Tom Steyer Says He Will Do Anything You Can Imagine To Stop The Trump Administration

"Is there a partisan split on support for clean energy in the U.S." we asked Tom?

"It's funny — the other person at our firm involved in the campaign is my friend Margaret Sullivan who used to work in the Clinton administration. So we're at an event at a solar energy installation place, and it included a lot of organized environmentally conscious people of color, mostly between the ages of 23 and 35.

The co-chair of our campaign was George Shultz who was a former Secretary of State under Ronald Reagan. So obviously not what you'd think of as a left-wing environmentalist kook. He was literally at Ronald Reagan night at the Bohemian Club. And I thought, that's the campaign we need to run. That's the breadth of the coalition that we need." Said Tom.

Hillary Clinton was asked to comment on her relationship with Tom Steyer and Margaret Sullivan. She refused to respond.

We wanted to know if all of the battles were really about 'Clean Energy' or actually about stock market profits. We wanted to know if Steyer, and all of the Silicon Valley Oligarchs, had invested in "Clean Energy' because Obama had promised them a monopoly, by his Administration, on it?