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The Racist, Rapist, Partially Gay, Sociopaths Of The Bay Area Venture Capital Industry The Racist, Rapist, Partially Gay, Sociopaths Of The Bay Area Venture Capital Industry

By Alton S.

Their twisted parents came from generations of a closed-loop echo chamber of feigned superiority.

They were sent to Yale, Harvard and Stanford and steered into sick fraternity houses that encouraged 'bromance', blind devotion to cult-like behavior, date rape and Omerta codes of silence.

These sad pathetic men have had to build a glass bubble around Silicon Valley in order to exist in their delusions of grandeur and messianic narcissism. Their TED conferences, Y-Combinator, Burning Man events, tech 'salons', and sex cult events are simply facades designed to keep their fantasy view of their private perverted world intact. Only the douchebag-types are invited to these events in order to keep the Frat Boy blood-lines pure.

They practice mutually conspired market collusion, intern sex-tortion, prostitution, technology and patent theft, black-listing, rape, trophy and beard wife exchanges, money laundering, tax evasion, political bribery, search engine bias rigging, social exclusion, and worse.

The worst-of-the-worst of these scum comprise the staff of Greylock Capital Management; Battery Ventures; Draper, Fisher, Jurvetson; Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers, Andreessen Horowitz; New Enterprise Associates; Redpoint Ventures; GV - Google Ventures; Founders Circle; True Ventures; Norwest Venture Partners; Shasta Ventures; Index Ventures; Harrison Metal; Accel Partners; Sequoia Capital; SoftTech VC; Omidyar Partners and that crowd.

They all work together to push Nancy Pelosi and DNC agenda's in exchange for government kick-backs and revolving door deals. They all rig their search engines and media platforms with the exact same bias and exclusionary talking points. They all are operated by sick bastards who love the anus, the dollar and power.

The most corrupt and perverted members of this club include Joe Lonsdale (charged rapist); John Doerr (charged with political bribery and sued for sexual abuse); Ray Lane (charged with epic tax evasion); Tom Perkins (charged with sex extortion); Gary Kremen (notorious SEX promoter); Vinod Khosla (charged with tax evasion, green scams and public beach corruption); Steve Westly (charged with operating the Cleantech crash corruption); Steve Spinner (creator of the Solyndra bribes); Dave McClure (charged with sex abuse); Steve Jurvetson (Charged with sex abuse and bribery); Ravi Kumar (Tesla Investments head murdered by his hookers); Rajeev Motwani (Google creator found dead in is Silicon Valley swimming pool); Forrest Hayes (Google executive murder by his hooker on his sex yacht); Eric Schmidt (Google boss sex addict); Dave Goldberg (Cheryl Sandberg Facebook husband killed 'by treadmill'); Mike Goguen (sued for anal sex slavery); Micheal Moritz (noted anti-woman press comments)... in fact there are hundreds of names that can be listed here. Each of them a facially symmetrical, male, frat house sicko.

When you read the details of the "AngelGate VC Collusion Scandal", you discover how these douche-bag Tesla-worshiping pricks sit around in secret meetings and collude to destroy ideas, founders, technologies and valuations for their own khaki pants wearing little conspiracies.

When you read the details of the "Silicon Valley High Tech No Poaching Class Action Lawsuit"; which these frat boy lizards lost, you see how they, led by Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt, got together, covertly, to rape 80,000 workers careers.

These are not isolated incidents. They rape, sextort, collude, coordinate media bias and censorship every day. They believe they are untouchable because they have hundreds of billions of dollars of pension fund cash at their disposal.

The only way to stop them is to bankrupt them with intent. All of the stock value of their portfolios must be crashed. All of their sex schemes must be exposed. Every pension fund must boycott them. Every law enforcement agency must be ordered to indict them. Every individual voter must research and expose each one of them. They are a cancer on our culture.

The VC boys’ club

In an interview last year with Bloomberg, for instance, Sequoia Capital Chairman Michael Moritz was
quoted saying the firm would consider hiring women — so long as doing so didn’t require it to “lower
our standards.”

The year before that, VC firm CMEA Capital spent an undisclosed amount of money to settle a sexual
and racial harassment lawsuit with three female former employees that accused a former partner of
commenting lewdly about his co-workers’ bodies, watching pornography in the office and making
unwanted sexual advances.

In a Stanford University-backed survey of women with at least 10 years of experience in Silicon Valley,
90 percent said they have seen sexist behavior at company off-site events or industry conferences. The
Elephant in the Valley project included responses from 200 women, about a quarter of whom were C-
level executives and 11 percent of whom worked in venture capital.

Nearly two-thirds of those polled said they had been sexually harassed. And three-quarters said they
had been asked about their family life, marital status and children during professional interviews.
“Seeing women be hard-driving and get treated like your equal is a major and significant experience for
a man,” said labor economist and Stanford Professor Myra Strober. “Men who see women’s only role
as a one thing — being at home, being a wife or a mother — treat women who they work with

Attorney Eisenberg held top legal positions at PayPal, Pure Digital Technologies and Trulia — all three
funded by Sequoia. She helped take PayPal public in 2002, then negotiated the $590 million sale of
Pure Digital, the maker of Flip handheld video cameras, to Cisco in 2009.

After the Pure Digital sale, Eisenberg said, Moritz invited her to a meeting to discuss her career. She
told him she wanted a job — at Sequoia.

“He looked at me and said, ‘I just don’t know what I would do with someone like you here,’” she said.

Christina Noren, an entrepreneur who’s been the CEO and founder of multiple venture-backed startups,
said she’s seen women passed over for jobs because of their gender since the start of her career. She
said the attitude in venture capital has gotten worse over time.

“It’s gone from dismissive to downright nasty,” she said, citing an interaction several years ago with
partners at a Silicon Valley VC firm. “I was told point-blank that I need to be more sensitive to male
egos and how they feel when they’re corrected by a woman.”

Another female chief executive, who asked not to be identified for fear of repercussions for her
venture-backed company and employees, said when she made partner at a San Francisco venture-
capital firm, her male colleagues chided her for attending partner dinners.

“They’d be like, ‘You should really be home with your kids. Are you sure it’s a good idea for you to be
working? Because your kids need you at home,’” she said.

“There is a latent unconscious bias in an industry like venture capital such that if you ask most people
do they feel they’re racist, do they feel they’re sexist? They will answer that they don’t,” Strober said.
The high-profile gender-discrimination case brought against VC firm Kleiner Perkins by then-partner
Ellen Pao in 2012 sparked a nationwide conversation about what happens in tech when diversity is
ignored. Under pressure from news outlets and employees, Google, Facebook and Pinterest started
releasing their workforce demographics and making plans to improve representation of women and

Few of the venture-capital firms that have backed these companies have followed their lead.“No one has held them accountable,” Wolaner said. “Until they start losing out on investment deals or
getting pressure to diversify from investors, it’s not going to change.”

Strober, who has worked with companies on diversity issues, said making diversity a priority means
giving people an incentive to diversify.

“The person in charge has to be 100 percent behind this,” the professor said. “So, if the CEO says, ‘I
want you to hire more women and I want you to spend time finding qualified women, and I’m going to
make your bonus depend in part on how well you succeed in this,’ guess what? Everybody will fall in

After prevailing in the Pao case, which aired the firm’s dirty laundry, including an incident where one
male partner showed up at a colleague’s hotel room in a bathrobe, Kleiner Perkins began publishing its
own diversity data.

In an onstage interview with Fortune writer Dan Primack in July, Kleiner partner John Doerr, who
testified in the Pao case, characterized the victory as a Pyrrhic one and bashed his own industry for its
record of excluding women.

“I believe this is an overdue conversation,” Doerr told Primack. “We collectively are pathetic on the
issue. Six percent of the venture capitalists are female. You know as a matter of social justice, because
it’s better for business, because it’s our values, that’s just dumb.”

The reality is that these men are a sick scourge on society that must be eliminated like a cancer on our economy. Every single one of them must be investigated, doxed and exposed to the world for the filthy little mobsters and perverts that they are.

These men are criminals with secret Cayman Island and Swiss money laundering accounts. They pay stock market bribes to Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Harry Reid and other Senators. They manipulate the news media so that the public never gets to see anything but their own version of self glorification news. They simply: SUCK!

No entrepreneur should expect anything but sexual rape, value rape and intellectual property rape from these men and their companies. Sue them into oblivion when you can. Write reports about them to the FBI, FEC, SEC and the news media when you can. Most of all: Never believe their BS!

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