The “Paris Climate Deal” Had Nothing To Do With The Environment and EVERYTHING to do with 

Al Gore’s Stock Market Profits

By Tom Arnold

Al Gore made his two movies in order to put insider cash in his pocket, and in the bank account of his company: Kleiner Perkins.

It was the biggest conspiracy in history.

It was conducted in broad daylight.

All of the proof of the crimes now sits on public display.

To acknowledge the crime does not make one a “Fascist”, it makes one a non-naive person!

The “Climate Change” that Obama, Clinton, Kleiner Perkins and the Silicon Valley Cartel whined about was entirely created by that handful of people.

ONLY THEY received the profits of exploiting “Climate Change”. They had monopolized and rigged profiteering scams on every possible “solution” to “The Problem”. They black-listed, sabotaged and attacked anyone who came up with a “solution” that they did not control.

Republicans and Democrats both like trees. Nobody has anything against trees.

Republicans and Democrats both like blue sky. Nobody has anything against blue sky.

Republicans and Democrats both acknowledge that the climate changes every season. Nobody does not own both a down parka and a pair of Bermuda shorts. The climate changes and no political party can dispute that.

John Doerr, Ray Lane, Al Gore, Tom Steyer, Elon Musk, Tom Perkins and Vinod Khosla; the Kleiner Perkins technology mobsters of Silicon Valley, came up with this scam to put trillions of dollars of DOE, DOT, EPA and DoD money exclusively in their own pockets based on turning wind into a virtual BOOGIE MAN!

The public needs to demand a “Special Prosecutor” that will rise up and PROSECUTE these bastards! These men lied and thieved U.S. taxpayer cash and they need to be in prison! A Special Prosecutor can easily follow-the-money.

They stole hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer cash; YOUR CASH!