Silicon Valley asshole millionaires are racing to launch thousands of companies, that nobody has asked for, selling, LITERALLY, SPACE, ie: Nothing!

Each company is seeking hundreds of millions of dollars each to shoot something into space and not a single one of them knows how to shoot something into space.

Every one one of these frat house tech brats wants to do a space thing in order to impress, or 'weenie wag' other men in the tech cult. 99% are men who are simply excited because rockets are penis-shaped and they can do one-up-man games with them with the other tech bros.

They all plan to sub-contract NASA, Ex-NASA staff, Boeing, SpaceX or the usual suspects.

They have been told that it costs "tens of millions of dollars" to shoot something into space.

It doesn't.

You buy a metal or plastic tube. You put rockets at one end and some stuff on the top with a pointy cap over it. You light the rocket engines. It blows up.

Do it again.

The first attempt will cost you $120,000.00 if you know how much things ACTUALLY cost and don't buy into Boeing's 10,000% Pentagon mark-up.

Many of these Silicon Valley 'Space Pioneers' are like the common idiots who pay $160.00 per month to COMCAST Cable when they can get the same exact content for $12.00 per month with just a couple more mouse clicks.

These guys should go out in the desert, or the ocean, and they should shoot up a bunch of cheap rockets until one works. You aim a bunch of cheap rockets at the Moon or Mars and at least one of them will get there.

95% of these Silicon Valley "Space Company's" are planning to spend 1000 times too much money to fail.

They should each plan to fail, do it cheaper, and get their faster!