[–] kommisar6 6 points (+6|-0)  ago 

Yikes. It is stuff like this that gives credibility to all those conspiracy people.

[–] eronburr 3 points (+3|-0)  ago 

I thought we agreed WL was seized and not taken down to pied-piper new contributors? Didn't we see WL tweets calling qanon a pied-piper?
It likely was, reddit could have shut GA down immediately but it let people join to know which to shadowban in other subreddits.

[–] goship 3 points (+3|-0)  ago 

the moment he ssh'd into a server, the NSA would steal his RSA key

what?! it doesn't work like that

[–] varialus 5 points (+6|-1)  ago 

Well, it's not supposed to work like that, but if you're a high level target, who the fuck knows how anything actually works? For all we we know they've backdoored the compilers all the way down. Who the fuck is going to write their own C compiler? Some HolyC compiler you might call it. Nobody but a prophet, blessings be upon him, to whom, blessings be upon him, were given the two edged spiritual gift of spiritual sight would be crazy enough to go to that kind of an extreme. May God damn the glowing CIA niggers.

[–] FuckredditKenobi 1 points (+1|-0)  ago 

Is there a way to "reset" the Internet?

Would that not fix this issue?