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How To KILL THEM ALL Without Breaking A Single Law

How To KILL THEM ALL Without Breaking A Single Law

By Peter S. and Julian A.

This is not an instruction book about how to commit murders. Most policeman will actually like this book.

This is a book about creative NON-Violence.

This is an instruction book about how to destroy the most criminally corrupt politicians and dirt-bags in the world. It teaches you how to wipe out any corrupt person, campaign, company or other entity without breaking the law and to do so for very little expense and with no need for expert skills.

Any private citizen taxpayer has the right, the tools and the ability to do these things.

Why should you need to do this?


The local police, The FBI, The Courts, The SEC, The FEC, The Attorney Generals,The Mayors, The City Supervisors, Your Senators, Your Congress-People.. ALL OF THEM HAVE RECENTLY BEEN ARRESTED, INDICTED, FIRED AND/OR EXPOSED DOING CRIMES TO COVER UP THEIR FRIEND'S CRIMES!


You, the taxpayers, have nobody in the system that is on-your-side any more.

For example; The Silicon Valley Oligarchs pay-off the California Senators and they all put hundreds of millions of dollars in their private bank accounts in the Cayman Islands. They got most of that money from your paycheck and your tax payment every April.

They are not going to help you! They are going to continue to rob you while running their stock market insider trading scams at your expense.

"Officials" in California may say "oh, my, that certainly sounds like a bad should report that, immediately to your lawful representatives: Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi.."  The fact is that Feinstein and Pelosi are running some of the largest graft, payola, revolving door, nepotism and insider treading scams in the whole crime scheme. So how can anyone expect you to go into their offices with a straight face and expect them to help you?

Not only will they not help you, the second you leave their office, their staff will be on the phone to Fusion GPS, Gizmodo and Gawker Media, Black Cube and Podesta Group to order those companies to attack and destroy you. Your life will be ended.

If they get to do that to you, then you get to do it right back to them...except you are going to partner with 300 million other voting taxpayers to utterly and completely wipe these dirty scumbag politicians out forever.

You will destroy their brand, their finances, their power and their family legacy for the rest of time in every history book that will ever be! You will expose them. You will shame them. You will peel their whole filthy dynastic family empires open like a skinned possum!

CIA, FSB and STAZI psychological warfare operatives are widely documented deploying techniques that can brainwash you into killing your whole family, echo-chambering your whole factory to be either for, or against, unions, believing mass media propaganda about totally fictional issues and other subliminal mind tricks. There are tens of thousands of books and movies about how Madison Avenue ad agencies use these tactics. Modern politicians created operations like In-Q-Tel and New America Foundation to weaponize these tactics.These are the tactics that corrupt politicians and sociopath Silicon Valley social media companies are now using as political weapons against you.

They are not doing awful things like this to try to get you to believe that their political ideas are better. They are doing awful things with your government and your media in order to rig the stock market so they can buy more hookers, jet planes and mansions. You must shut them down before everything is taken away from you and you have no options left for counter-measuring their crimes.

At the point that all of the public's hope, and all of the taxpayers options, are taken away. That is the day the public starts shooting all of the politicians with actual guns.

This book was created to stop that potential violence and to give the public one last lawful and creative non-violent option.

Average consumers are now wiping out the largest corrupt companies and politicians on Earth; and you can do it too using one potent weapon: The Truth!

For the rest of time, the message must ring out loud and clear:


The Public now has access to all of the same tools that the CIA, NSA, KGB, FBI and Fusion GPS have and they have hundreds of millions more "agents" (voters) than all of those spy agencies combined.


In other books we have exposed all of the dirty tactics they use to operate their crimes. Now we are exposing all of the methods that any members of the public can use to catch them and then use mass media distribution to expose them.

The big anti-corruption check-list looks like this. As you can see, it is well on the way to being completed:

"1.) Build The Internet (Done)

2.) Put Movies And Music On The Internet To Get All Of The Base Demographics And Nose Pickers To Come To A Collaborative Global Network (Done)

3.) Give Everybody On Earth All Of The Secrets About How Abused And Manipulated They Are By A Handful of Evil Billionaires (Done)

4.) Expose The Manipulative Fraud Of Political Party Bosses (Done)

5.) Tell The Entire Planet, 1 Million People At A Time, How The Billionaires Companies Abuse Their Privacy, Minds, Human Rights and Media Impressions (Done)

6.) Crash All of the Billionaires Main Stream “Fake News” Information Outlets by Exposing Them And Giving All News Away For Free And Teaching People How To Make Free Newspapers (Done)

7.) Crash the Evil Billionaires Silicon Valley Companies, and Money, By Contacting 1 Million People at a Time to Remind Them to Boycott Silicon Valley Companies and Their Products (Done)

8.) Contact Every Advertiser of Every Silicon Valley Billionaire and Warn Them To Pull All Ad Budgets For the Companies Who Contribute to Political Campaigns (In Process)

9.) Make It So That Non-Main-Stream Candidates Can Run And Win By Exposing And Breaking Illicit Election Rigging (Done)

10.) Sit Back And Watch The Fireworks (In Process)"

That check-list is very high-level. Let's get down into the weeds and examine the details of the process.

You must become an FBI-Class, CIA-capable forensic investigator with your computer and mass social networking.

You have access to all of the same tools and intellect that every FBI and CIA agent has access to. CIA and FBI agents primarily sit at computers and track down connections. You can do that too using free public software and groups of people that also hate political corruption. It is actually quite easy.

You know when something is wrong or when something "smells fishy". Now you can turn your intuition and your public spirit into productive home-based forensic research that makes your nation great again.

You will create public case files and gather news articles and related information in order to expose each of the corrupt people that ruin this great country.

You will expose the dirty and illicit deeds of elected officials and their corrupt political financiers. All of these actions are 100% legal and will be appreciated by non-corrupt law enforcement agencies and the public:

- Expose their Hookers in widely released news and social media releases

- Expose their Rent Boys in widely released news and social media releases

- Expose all of the bad dates and sex extortion they engaged in, in widely released news and social media releases

- Expose their hidden family trust fund payola accounts, in widely released news and social media releases

- Expose their shell corporations they use to hide from the IRS

- Expose their mistresses

- Expose their addictions

- Expose their under-the-table payments

- Expose their illegal workers

- Expose their expensive cars, jewelry and homes that can't afford on a legal salary

- Expose their Cayman Island, Belize and Swiss hidden bank accounts

- Expose their personal email accounts they illegally used to hide government fraud

- Expose their illicit hidden email servers

- Expose their secret black-lists and start-up valuation rigging like in the Angel Gate Scandal

- Expose their Uber and Lyft GPS docs proving that they lied about where they went

- Expose their campaign financing records

- Expose their social media statements proving they are, or fund, ANTIFA or political disruption programs

- Expose their money laundering

- Expose their connections to Pede groups and activities

- Expose their hotel records and videos of illicit hotel meetings

- Expose their PayPal, Bitcoin and credit card payments for illicit services and products

- Distribute creative Memes exposing their crimes

- File reports with their employers disclosing their crimes and tell the media you told their employers

- File many copies of criminal reports on them with all law enforcement entities

- Expose the members of their family that hide money for them or use their names to launder money

- Photo and video document all of their meetings and actions

- Aggregate all of the video investigations about them on many different web video sites

- Write and distribute books, articles and white-papers about their crimes

- Promote new laws that makes what that criminal uses as a loop-hole, illegal

- Re-release all of the above every six months in order to keep the crimes in people's minds

- Use "The Striesand Effect" to it's maximum technical potential and research how the "Effect" works

- Grow your network of voters and taxpayers who are helping you and make your supporter network bigger every day

- Expose the manner in which Google, Facebook and Twitter fight against exposing their criminal friends

- Use Google, Facebook and Twitter's own illicit tools against them and expose them with "Hypocrisy Exposure" when they censor

- Confront them in every single public presentation they attend and expose them in public

- Create coordinated groups of volunteers to expose the troll farms and click farms of the corrupt manipulators

- Expose and publicly document all of their illicit real estate holdings, mansions and property scams

- Release of the details of their crooked secret partnership contracts

- Place a First Amendment informational exhibit outside of their offices, homes and each door they go through each day

- Write them weekly and tell them that they are exposed. Send them certified letters proving that you told them that you know

- Document and publicly expose all of their trips and expenditures

- Document the identities of the service trucks that come to their homes and offices

- Photo document all of their workers, interns and secretaries

- Contact their staff and ask them to report the illicit deeds of their employer. Provide media and police contact information.

- Help their staff and the public organize class-action abuse law suits against the perpetrators

- File RICO Racketeering lawsuits against the corrupt

- File FEC charges, ie: Google provided over $1B of search engine rigging for Obama's elections but never reported that to the FEC

- Expose their stock market manipulations and valuation rigging in Wall Street Pump-And-Dump scams

- Expose the insider trading where Senators own the stock that they just provided government perks for

- Expose politicians that make tens of millions more dollars, from mystery funds, than their salary should allow

- Use pictures of expensive toys that politicians acquired from taxpayer funds via crony payola

- When they are hacked (which you legally can't do) expose the hacked material globally as far as possible (which you legally can do)

- Read and analyze all publicly posted hacked emails and point out the crimes it exposes

- Meme any criminal remarks that the target makes

- And thousands of additional fully legal public investigation methods...

Every single crooked politician, and their corrupt billionaire financiers, have been using these tactics against the public for 20 years. Silicon Valley, David Brock's groups, John Podesta's groups, Stratfor, Black Cube, Gawker/Gizmodo and a host of illicit organizations have used all of the above tactics to attack domestic taxpaying citizens in the USA.

Now YOU get to give them a taste of their own medicine!

Pelosi, Feinstein and their financiers use Gizmodo Media, Gawker Media, Jalopnik, and Univision to run retribution vendetta hatchet job media attacks on members of the public that speak out about their crimes. In exchange here is what the public is "giving back" to Gizmodo Media, Gawker Media, Jalopnik, and Univision:

"1. Added Gizmodo, Jalopnik, Univision prostitute and rent boy uses to master Google docs files and forwarded to law enforcement...

2. Sent duplicates of reports previously provided to James Comey to Christopher Wray at the FBI and regional FBI offices...

3. Added Gizmodo, Jalopnik, Univision tax evasion records to master Google docs files and reported them to IRS, EU and InterPol...

4. Added Gizmodo, Jalopnik, Univision political party past work records to master Google docs files and copied that to adversarial political parties and reporters...

5. Updated every case file on each Gizmodo, Jalopnik, Univision past and present worker in master Google docs files and forwarded them to investigative organizations...

6. Source backers for Gizmodo lawsuits and contact every party attacked by Gizmodo Media to introduce backers, litigation firms and draft case merits to assist with their cases...

7. Launch Gizmodo expose' national news articles and distribute by hand to all related reports in AP, Reuters, Muck Rack, DNC and GOP mailing lists, with background data sets...

8. Release video of London young men who claim to have been abused by Nick Denton...

9. Release video of Manhattan young men who claim to have been abused by Nick Denton...

10. Add Gizmodo, Jalopnik, Univision political email communications with Obama White House to master Google docs files and distribute to
AP, Reuters, Muck Rack, DNC and GOP mailing lists, with background data sets...

11. Privately contact Gizmodo, Jalopnik, Univision current and ex-staff and offer cash awards for whistle-blowing...

12. Submit formal "requests for charges" with SEC, FBI, FTC, IRS, FEC, FCC, GAO, DOJ and other agencies...

13. File Grand Jury requests for hearings into tax evasion, money laundering, stock rigging, collusion, election manipulation...

14. Prepare rapid-response story points for the Gang-of-20 reporters to counter any Gawker/Gizmodo façades of First Amendment rights with proof of why Gizmodo, Jalopnik, Univision gave up their rights by engaging in crimes...

15. Destroy the investors and company trying to revive Gawker Media by exposing the dirty finances, fake ad stats, click-farms, hookers, money laundering, FEC fraud and other dirt behind them...

16. Deliver the full dossier on them to the public and the media..."

That is just a tiny example from one small campaign.

The pain must be extreme when a politician, who is hired to protect you, puts a thirty million dollar kill order on you that you could never possibly over-come. Taxpayers should not be destroyed because they "did the right thing" and reported a crime.

A business only has the right to sell a product or service. They do not have the right to manipulate politics.

A politician only has the right to serve YOU. They do not have the right to serve themselves criminal money laundering and insider trading.

If this overview seems to be the sort of thing you would like to undertake on behalf of yourself, or your country, search on torrent sites, file repositories and other web distribution for the full book set: "KILL THEM ALL: HOW TO WIPE OUT THE CORRUPT FOREVER"


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