FBI Director: We’re Investigating Antifa-Linked Individuals for Funding Terrorism. That Means George Soros is under FBI investigation.

By NTK Staff|

At a hearing on global terrorism threats, Director Christopher Wray said they are not investigating the ideology as a whole, but rather individuals for their criminal actions.

FBI Director Christopher Wray, responding to questions from Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) at a House Homeland Security hearing on global terrorism threats on Thursday, told the committee that the FBI is investigating Antifa-linked individuals for criminal activity.

Perry pointed out that Antifa factored in “inciting riots” across the country, probably referring to their violent actions during President Trump’s inauguration and on college campuses.

“We do have a very active domestic terrorism program,” Wray responded, hinting that Antifa-aligned individuals could be engaged in terrorist conduct. “[W]e’re not investigating ‘Antifa’ as ‘Antifa’ – that’s an ideology and we don’t investigate ideologies.”

“We are investigating a number of what we would call anarchist-extremist investigations,” he added, saying there are entities looking to commit violence “on kind of an Antifa ideology.”

Wray also told Perry that the FBI is investigating the funding going to Antifa groups that are pursuing violence.

In September, it surfaced that the FBI placed Antifa-linked groups on its terror watch lists, according to Politico.