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Crooked Immigrant Murder City Mayor Dies At His Benefactor's Tax Evasion Hospital

Crooked Immigrant Murder City Mayor Dies At His Benefactor's Tax Evasion Hospital

By Barb Tien

Mark Zuckerberg wanted to hide his money from the tax people so he paid to put his name on the supposedly high-tech Zuckerberg Hospital in San Francisco and shoveled a bunch of side cash to Mayor Ed Lee.

His Zuckerberg hospital could not save Mayor Ed Lee. Lee died in Zuckerberg's Hospital. Another black eye for the hospital that has dead bodies in the stair wells.

Zuckerberg and Ed Lee are the biggest promoters, and financiers, of illegal immigration in the USA. Lee is notorious for presiding over a San Francisco that advertised for murderers and convicts to help pump the Democrats voter registration rigging numbers. One of these immigrants killed poor Kate Steinle. Many others have killed more people in San Francisco.

Ed Lee embraced Facebook economic and privacy abuse, Chinese mobsters who wanted to hide their cash in SF, Crooked real estate deals and sinking skyscrapers, billionaires and more billionaires.

Ed Lee and his cronies worshiped cash and Silicon Valley Oligarchs. His pack of ANTIFA-like politicians have turned San Francisco into a cess-pool.

The interim "Acting Mayor" is another ANTIFA-vian wannabe. The City by the Bay is swallowing itself anally, it seems.

Sudden and convenient Mayor deaths are all part and parcel of San Francisco history. The strange murder of Mayor George Moscone was impeccably timed to launch Dianne Feinstein onto her multi-decade path of corruption and crony contract rigging.

One day, a non-crooked Mayor may get ahold of San Francisco. Until then, the urine soaked, feces encrusted, streets of San Francisco will stink from City Hall to the Bus Station and back again.

Leland Yee pleads guilty in corruption case - The Mercury News

Leland Yee pleads guilty in corruption ... complicity in a public corruption and gun trafficking ... Joe Montana and San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee. ...

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