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California Declares Civil War On Feds

California Declares Civil War On Feds As DNC Caught Promising Mexicans and Syrians They Can Immigrate If They Vote Democrat!

California and New York Politicians get to put hundreds of millions in taxpayer funded profits in their personal bank accounts if they can get enough control of the DNC political machine. Their plan to control government budgets relies on shipping in third-world, poorly educated, people who they can easily manipulate.

Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Brown, Ken Alex, Kamala Harris, Dianne Feinstein and the rest of the lying pigs (that pretend to be representing the public) are putting up a pretentious facade of feigned public interest.

They are only interested in their sex clubs and their private jets.

The violent anti-Trump civil war created by California and New York politicians is really a violent DON'T-CUT-OFF-MY-GRAFT war created by Nancy Pelosi.

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