Overview For The FBI 302 Reports:

The documents in these files were provided by the witnesses, investigators and crowd-sourced peer-to-peer public law enforcement investigators who uncovered materials that were relevant.

This case documents and reveals the evidence that a Cartel comprised of public officials, many of them elected and located at the highest levels of government, and their Silicon Valley financiers, engaged in crimes against the public (essentially creating a coup against the U.S. Government) in order to steal taxpayer money and resources.

In a key part of the crime, the Obama Administration used the U.S. Department of Energy, under Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, who was protected by USAG Eric Holder, to payoff campaign financiers via crony kickbacks and stock market “pumps”. The same agency staff sabotaged those campaign financier’s competitors by defrauding them of tens of millions of dollars by telling them to invest their funds in order to get loans and grants that DOE executives never intended to issue. Government staff also engaged in stone-walling, character assassination and other “dirty tricks” schemes against applicants and competitors. This portion of the corruption crime was implemented and planned from 2007 through 2016. This was a felony abuse of taxpayer monies. Russian billionaires, Goldman Sachs, and other investment banks, and U.S. Senators illicitly profited off of this scheme.

Law enforcement and Congressional evidence now prove the fact that only those who payed campaign finance bribes received the funding from State and Federal agencies and they received it in amounts equal to the size of the bribes they paid. Every single other applicant (hundreds of them) who did not pay campaign bribes, and who did not give stock market warrants to Senators, was stone-walled, de-funded, sabotaged and lost tens of millions of dollars by being defrauded by Energy Department officials who covertly knew that the funding had been hard-wired for their friends, in advance.

The criminal participants sought to manipulate elections and public opinion in order to place their insiders in government offices. They did this in order to steer government treasury cash, contracts, intelligence resources, government benefits and stock market advantages to their private profiteering accounts, at the expense of the public. Historical records and evidence has proven that they, indeed, did engage in these criminal activities.

They abused the operation of the DOJ, FBI, DOE, CIA, SEC, FCC, FTC, DOT and other agencies, in order to operate their scheme.

Via their leaked communications, non-compromised officials, news coverage and public testimony, their crimes and illicit actions are hereby exposed in order to curtail their corruptions.

These Senators, lobbyists, Silicon Valley billionaire oligarchs and investment-bankers used “party ideology” to seek to whip up a zealot-like frenzy to try to get voters to overlook their sins. In the end, the public has finally begun to realize that the issue is not about party politics. It is simply about organized crime and the abuse of public office for out-right theft and stock market fraud by these politicians.

150 criminally corrupt politicians and their Silicon Valley financiers abused hundreds of millions of American voters and the public policy system in order to line their private bank accounts and fulfill their personal needs for power. They operated Congress like an organized crime syndicate. They did this in violation of the law and in violation of public ethics.

These assertions are proven, via hard facts and evidence, in the files contained in this repository. Additional confirming evidence from law enforcement, Congressional and insider sources is also available upon request.

Why does any of this matter?

Because many of us were lied to by our elected officials who then took our life savings and decades of work and put our money in their own pockets. Because many of us were in the offices of Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman and Dianne Feinstein and personally saw them engage in crimes to pad their own bank accounts at the expense of their co-workers and the public. Because many of us knew Seth Rich, Gary D. Conley, Rajeev Motwani and the 45+ other people who had intimate knowledge of these crimes and then suddenly and mysteriously turned up dead. Because many of us saw these crimes committed, first-hand, and know these assertions to be fact. Because the rest of us are American voters and citizens who will never tolerate this kind of corruption and will never allow it to disappear from public memory or the history books! Because the arms of the law and public justice are ever lengthening and will eventually bring every criminal involved to justice!

Context Menu Detailing The Relevance Of The Folders In This Set Of Files

Update 2.2

AAA - FORWARD - PREAMBLE - READ FIRST = The top level summation.

AAA - THE SILICON VALLEY FELONY RICO CRIMES = The secondary level overview documents.

FOLDER - ATTACKED BY OBAMA AND HIS DNC MOBSTERS = Evidence relative to attacks and “hit jobs” on the public, reporters, whistle-blowers and competitors ordered and/or operated by the Clinton and Obama administrations as retribution, vendetta, revenge tactics.

FOLDER - CRIMINAL POLITICAL SLUSH FUNDS AT DEPT OF ENERGY AND CALIF AGENCIES = Evidence detailing the core crime effort wherein public officials, and their Silicon Valley political financiers, ran crony payola scams to acquire unjust gain at the expense of the public.

FOLDER - FAKE NEWS PROPAGANDA SITES, MEDIA ASSASSINS AND ELECTION RIGGING = Evidence detailing the manipulation of public news, social media public information and election results wherein the suspects sought to control political budgets, government expenditures and ideologies to the benefit of their personal profits and power-hungry narcissisms.

FOLDER - GAWKER AND GIZMODO MEDIA WORK AS HIRED ASSASSINS FOR THE DNC AND OBAMA = Evidence relative to attacks on the public, reporters, whistle-blowers and competitors ordered and/or operated by the Clinton and Obama administrations as retribution, vendetta, revenge tactics as deployed in a very specific set of example instances via the Gawker/Denton/Omidyar Cartel.

FOLDER - HOW YOU CAN FIGHT CORRUPTION = List and examples of proven counter-measures, in use by public-interest groups, to fight this kind of corruption.

FOLDER - INSTRUCTIONS FOR USERS = Instructions for public and agency members contributing to these evidence sets.

FOLDER - LIST OF OFFICIAL BIASES OF MEDIA ENTITIES = Evidence showing which reporters or media outlets will bias or hide this evidence in order to protect their corrupt owners and investors who may have had a hand in benefiting from this corruption. This will indicate who you can trust to help you and who will try to blockade, stone-wall or “media hit job” you.

FOLDER - NEWS VIDEOS PROVING THE CHARGES AND FACTS = News video evidence confirming the charges.

FOLDER - NEW TOPICS = What are the results of the exposure, interdictions and awareness of this corruption? What new technologies, concepts, methods, social trends and efforts have been caused as secondary effects of this case?

FOLDER - POLITICAL HONEY-TRAPS AND FAKE DATES = Evidence showing the abuse of human interaction services to exploit political agendas. No human can resist the need for a date, flirting or sexual potential and political operatives used this fact for spying, database culling of voters and other mass digital public exploitation via “dating services”. How political operatives take advantage of basic human needs and exploit them for election rigging.

FOLDER - SILICON VALLEY CORRUPTION AND ABUSE OF THE PUBLIC = The financiers, technical operators and beneficiaries of these crimes were Silicon Valley oligarchs. What kind of people are they? Why do they all have a similar sociological, fraternity house, sociopath-like profile? What is the social echo-chamber that clones them into these kinds of people? Why are almost every one of them eventually caught in an abuse scandal?

FOLDER - THE ELON MUSK TESLA CORRUPTION CASES = Elon Musk was one of the largest financier, crony corruption beneficiaries of these crimes? Why did he spend hundreds of millions of dollars on self-promotion seeking to make himself an “icon”? How do only a handful of web “trolls” use “bots” and mass social media to hype his image? Which media cover-up his crimes? What are the specific illicit deeds he is charged with in this case?

FOLDER - THE GOOGLE INVESTIGATION = The evidence proving that Google engaged in a digital and White House staff coup in order to control public laws, policy, contracts, state and federal budgets and ideology. The abuse of CIA resources by Google, In-Q-Tel, Crowd Strike, New America Foundation and other rogue spy operations has led to the largest mass public abuse in history. These reports prove those assertions.

FOLDER - THE NEW INTERNET = Because it was Silicon Valley Oligarchs that manifested these crimes, the world has sought to work-around and/or identify their illicit abuses of the individual. These are the latest results of that blow-back.

FOLDER - THE SILICON SEX CULT = Silicon Valley oligarchs and certain major politicians have a “Harvey Weinstein/Anthony Weiner”-like affliction that causes them to have an uncontrollable devotion to deviant sex and the use of sex as a self-affirming abuse tool. They have been caught up in under-age sex scandals and clubs, or networks, devoted to sexual conquest, in a massively escalating series of horrific sex abuses. What is it about their social group that causes the interaction of Hollywood and Silicon Valley “elites” to adopt moral degradations and support politicians who are also drawn to such deviancies?

Join A Public Forensics Group and Help With The Peer-to-Peer Law Enforcement and Crowd-Sourced Sleuthing To Fight These Crimes. Please visit our peers at:

or many more. To find a group to join use these keywords in Armchair detective, citizen sleuths, P2P law, crowd sourced investigation, amateur detective, how to be a detective, investigative research, forensic text books, criminal investigation, forensic tips, peer to peer investigation or similar terms.

Demands for indictment, arrest and prosecution of the suspects have been sent to:






The U.S. Auditor General

The U.S. Inspector General

The California Attorney General
The New York Attorney General

The San Francisco Police Department
The New York Police Department

The Palo Alto Police Department

The U.S. Treasury Department Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN)
The U.S. Senate Ethics Committee

The U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee

The U.S. Senate Judiciary subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism

The Office of the Special Council
The National Archives

This crime has been widely covered in the main stream news, in major TV documentaries (ie: 60 Minutes: THE CLEANTECH CRASH) and hundreds of books, so it is not possible for any law enforcement entity to state that they do now know about it. Each entity has been informed that each other entity has been notified since 2007. These notices have been copied to the press and P2P groups in order to reduce cover-ups and denials and provide historical transparency.

Update 9.2

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