You May Think Facebook, Google And Netflix Are 'Helping You' But The Fact Is They Are Infecting You

"Here is some free stuff" the social media giants say, and they place the box of goodies on the ground before you. "Great" you say. When you bend over to pick it up, you never notice that you have spread your cheeks as wide as possible and allowed Google's and Facebook's covert investors, and owners, as deep into you as one can get.

Why should you care?

When you wake up the next morning with a bleeding orifice and find that you have been date-raped ( or "data-raped") by Mark Zuckerberg, you WILL care!

You LOVE free and cheap stuff. Most stupid people love free and cheap stuff, too.

When you had sex with the most popular person in your school and find out the next day that they took pictures of it on their phone and passed those pictures around the whole school, how do you feel?

That is the SAME way you should feel every time you use a company owned by Google or Facebook creeps.

You may think that cats on the internet and Instagram girls on beaches are fun but every second you are looking at them, the psychological analysis software at Google is looking at you and deciding you are a sucker.

A psychological study of you is kept by the social media companies. They know your politics, your pregnancy status, your medical issues, what you are addicted to and how to make you vote this way or that way.

How many microns you moved your mouse this way, or that way is recorded. All the hundreds of identification signatures inside your computer and phone are recorded. Did you pause here or scroll past there. It is recorded and analyzed.

People in Congress are too stupid, too technically illiterate and have zero training in semiology, psychology, subliminal messaging or any of the other tricks that Google and Facebook use. Google can bluff them into the next century and Congress will, STILL, never have a clue how insidious Google is.

YOU have to protect you. JUST DON'T USE ANY Silicon Valley corporate social media and don't let your friends use it!

Don't drink the Silicon Valley Kool Aid. Don't be a sucker. Nothing is "cute" on social media, it is a trap. If you can't delete your social media account you are addicted exactly the same way a heroin addict is addicted. Social media creates a fake sense of a digitally synthetic group that does not actually exist. Nobody on social media cares about YOU, they are care about clicks!

The owners of the social media companies are using you like cattle on a data ranch. The more you use it, the closer you are getting to the digital slaughter house of privacy.