THE POLITICAL CORRUPTION EVIDENCE | NETFLIX NEGLIGENCE -- (Click HERE, on this title, to open the Gallery) | Google, Facebook and Netflix Can't Hire Blacks Because

Google, Facebook and Netflix Can't Hire Blacks Because

Google, Facebook and Netflix Can't Hire Blacks Because They Say They Are 'Too Dumb'.... REALLY!!!???

Google, Facebook and Netflix executives feel that Black people: "can't code", "have no work ethics", "are lazy", "have not suffered for as many decades as Asian people so they won't work as cheap as all the Asians those companies have hired", "have no creative skills", "won't follow the political programming as well as Asians do from all of their Communist indoctrination" and they are "shifty". Google, Facebook and Netflix executives kind of feel the same way about women unless the women are hot and will sit at reception desks or work in the PR Office.

The largest concentration of Bay Area black people are right up the street in East Palo Alto. They tend to think that Google, Facebook and Netflix executives are racist elitist Stanford "pigs"!

For decades government studies have shown that Google, Facebook and Netflix hire almost no blacks unless they are they few that are placed in visible token positions. Every year the reports come out and every year the PR offices for those companies say that they agree that it is a shame and they will "do better.......". They NEVER do better. They just lie, defer, delay and obfuscate.

The few blacks that have gotten into those companies have said that their embedded cultures were "sick perverted white-scapes".

Google, Facebook and Netflix need to be nationalized and everyone in East Palo Alto needs to walk down the street and sit in their lobbies until that happens.

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