Facebook Gave Microsoft, Amazon, Netflix Unrestricted Access To User Data (news)

by shadow332

Netflix, Spotify and a bank was allowed to read and delete users’ private messages

Facebook gave unrestricted access to users’ personal data to more than 150 companies including big names like Microsoft, Netflix, Amazon, Spotify, and Yahoo, according to a New York Times report. The publication obtained over 270 pages of Facebook’s internal documents from 2017. It revealed how the social media giant considered these companies business partners and exempted them from its privacy rules.

The Times interviewed over 60 people, including “former employees of Facebook and its partners, former government officials and privacy advocates” to gather the information. The detailed report explains how Facebook gave Netflix and Spotify the ability to read users’ private messages and let Amazon access usernames as well as contact information through friends.

In their defense, Netflix and Spotify have claimed that they were unaware of the special access. On the other hand, Facebook allowed Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, to collect the names of “virtually all Facebook users’ friends” without their consent. It also allowed Yahoo to access “streams of friends’ posts as recently as this summer.” The investigation found that Facebook made deals with over 150 companies include online retailers, media organizations, automakers, and entertainment sites. While Facebook has denied sharing data anymore, NYT found that some of these deals were still active.

In nutshell, Facebook gave a free pass to tech giants to dive in the massive data pool for profits. And this is just another episode of “Facebook and privacy scandals.” Even though Mark Zuckerberg promises that Facebook is trying to better safeguard users’ data and privacy, all of it has proven to be empty gestures.

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Facebook has been asking banks in the United States for their customers’ financial data, including account balances and transactions, according to a report.

Can you get anymore AIDS infected than this? "Oh, you re-posted Pewdipie on your facebook page. We told the banks you're a Nazi, we'll pull all your records so any organizations you talk to will also know you're a Nazi."

Everyone has known this foreverJPG and still they just get away with it and nothing ever happens

This is only the beginningJPG by the way. Wait until you learn about the deal they pulled with cell phone carriers.

Here's the rundown: The permissions on your phone are fake. Any app that is pre-installed on a cell gets full access to everything.

Apps which are on the whitelist (they pay for this) also get full access. When you are setting permissions for mic/gps/camera/etc the only impact it has for this class of app is on the UI, in reality, it already has permission. Many free apps have a piggy-backed code blob that was monetized by MetrixLab/Macromill/Dentsu which records literally everything, originally for capturing ad data.

When this happened, they tried to pitch it to Google, Google ended up just stealing it, Facebook paid with a data sharing agreement. This is why you see ads for shit you just talk about.

Anyways, permissions are fake and gay, smash your phone and never buy another one. If you have a TV purchased anytime in the last 5 years, it also has several mics built in which are recording everything. Phone companies obviously would not appreciate the data streams from this, but it's tied into the technology from the Amazon WhisperNet method. This data is not counted and paid for by Facebook/Google/Dentsu/etc.

Also most fags probably aren't even running a javascript blocker with a blacklist, so kikebook uses the single pixel tracking on a shit ton of sites.

It's obviously become rather expensive, but they just sell it. Google and Facebook have agreements based on access and data sharing with the cell phone providers.

Don't forget about all of the idiots who voluntarily gave their DNA to orgs like 23andMe, setting themselves up to be harvested like livestock. Fucken negroids. You think that's too fat fetched? Foreign governments… remember how they secretly were trying to get patient data from hospitals? Why would they do such a thing? I have a feeling that they had a plan to use AI to try and match data with users, then if (((they))) ever needed organs they would have a database of matches.

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