FACEBOOK META CORRUPTION: Regarding Facebook AKA META, the issues, that the public and the news media have complained about include: producing child suicides, racism, misogyny, child mental health threats, domestic spying, data harvesting, sex trafficking, election manipulation, tax evasion, Fusion GPS/Media Matters/ Black Cube hit jobs on competitors, censorship, contrived market monopolization, intellectual property theft, political bribery and many other social crimes! ---- An unusually large number of their staff have been arrested for, or charged with, sex crimes, including under-age trafficking.---- This entity is one of the largest operators of bribes to public officials. Some of those bribes include billions of dollars of, non-FEC reported, search engine rigging for the political campaigns of the very politicians who are supposed to regulate them. ---- Facebook-Meta engaged in the bribery of public officials. ---- Facebook-Meta is a front for actions and planning in the Obama and Biden White House. ---- Facebook-Meta is part of a criminal Big Tech Cartel. ---- Facebook-Meta is an illicit monopoly that violates anti-trust laws. ---- Facebook-Meta operates a digital news and information “protection racket”. ---- Facebook-Meta attacks competitors who cannot defend themselves. ---- Facebook-Meta uses public officials to blockade competitors. ---- Facebook-Meta manipulates the stock market illegally and unethically. ---- Facebook-Meta operates like a private, unregulated, government. ---- Facebook-Meta abuses CIA, NSA and DIA resources for unjust gains. ---- Facebook-Meta uses Stazi-like mind and ideology manipulation tricks on it’s site to try to get you to agree with Mark Zuckerbergs ideologies. ---- Facebook-Meta investors and investment bankers conspire in a Mafia-like manner. ---- Facebook-Meta steals patents and technology from others and refuses to pay for it. ---- Facebook-Meta’s Sandberg pretends to be the goddess of women’s rights yet she is screwing the CEO of Activision, the biggest female sexual abusing company in America. ---- Facebook-Meta’s stock is owned by almost all of the California politicians and their families and that is why Facebook-Meta is never regulated and always protected by them for their political and profiteering manipulations. ---- Facebook-Meta is Pro Israel and anti-Arab and anti-Muslim. ----Facebook-Meta’s runs tens of millions of dollars of defamation attacks against competitors. ---- Facebook-Meta hides all media and news coverage for competitors of Larry Page and Elon Musk. ---- Facebook-Meta lies to the public about what they really do with the public’s data. ---- Facebook-Meta receives millions of dollars of payments from government spy agencies each month. ---- Facebook-Meta promotes illegal immigration in order to get cheap labor and control votes. ---- Facebook-Meta runs VC funding back-lists against start-ups that are competitive. ---- Facebook-Meta bribes thousands of politicians in order to steer policy to their advantage. ---- Facebook-Meta is a criminal RICO-violating monopoly. ---- Facebook-Meta rigs the stock market with Flash-boy, Pump/Dump and Microblast SEC violating computer tricks. ---- Facebook-Meta pays bribes to politicians in Facebook-Meta stock. ---- Facebook-Meta manipulates who gets to see what web-sites, globally, for competitor black-lists. ----Facebook-Meta has a “no poaching” Silicon Valley jobs blacklist. ---- Facebook-Meta bosses sexually abuse women and young boys. ---- Facebook-Meta bosses run sex trafficking operations in the Epstein and NXVIUM cults. ---- Facebook-Meta bosses control the NVCA financing cartel over start-ups. ---- Facebook-Meta scheme to take over the VR and AR markets is based on spying on the public with VR sensors and cameras. ---- Facebook-Meta controls national elections for anti-competitive purposes. ----Facebook-Meta’s law firms are corrupt conduits for payola and political conduit-relays. ---- David Plouffe and the Zuckerberg’s were recording in meetings planning a take-over of the United States Government. ---- Facebook-Meta bribes some politicians with revolving door jobs. ---- Facebook-Meta is primarily responsible for destroying the Bay Area Housing opportunities. ---- Facebook-Meta runs DDoS attacks on competitors by massively crawling their sites. ---- Facebook-Meta has paid covert bribes, PAC funds, real estate and search rigging payola to every California Senator. ---- Facebook-Meta has paid bribes, through its lobby fronts, to halt FBI, SEC, FEC and FTC investigations of Facebook-Meta crimes. ---- Facebook-Meta gets millions of dollars of taxpayer cash for spying on Americans inside the USA. ---- Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein have promised to “protect” Facebook-Meta because their families profit off Facebook-Meta stocks. ---- Facebook-Meta VC’s and bosses have spent $30M+ rigging the U.S. Patent Office to protect Facebook-Meta and harm Facebook-Meta competitors. ---- Facebook-Meta bribed it’s lawyer into position on the board of the U.S. Patent office in order to have him protect Facebook-Meta. ---- Facebook-Meta rarely likes, or hires, black employees per federal and news media investigations. ---- Facebook-Meta hired most of the Washington, DC K Street lobby firms and told them to “do what ever they could” to control public policy for Zuckerberg. The film: “Miss Sloane” depicts only 2% of the illicit lobbying tactics Facebook-Meta employs daily. ---- There are hundreds of millions of people in America. The same 120 of them are all involved in operating the same crimes and corruption including: the Sony Pictures corruption; the Afghanistan rare earth mine scandals operated through The Energy Department political slush fund that involves the lithium battery cover-ups (headed by Elon Musk); the Big Tech Brotopia rape, sex trafficking, bribery, exclusionism, racism and misogyny issues they were taught at Stanford University; The Facebook – Meta – Google – Alphabet – Netflix, et al, coordinated news manipulation and domestic spying that they engage in; the hiring of Fusion GPS – Black Cube – Gizmodo/Gawker assassins; the destruction of the housing market by their mass real estate manipulations; patent theft and industrial espionage; and the bribery of almost every politician all the way up to the Oval Office. ---- So, while the categories covered in this investigation may seem diverse. They are connected through an enterprise of criminality and illicit, coordinated operations. We list, by name, the 120 most complicit individuals organizing these crimes, in the evidence documents already submitted to the FBI, FINCEN, DOJ, FTC, SEC, FEC, Congress, InterPol and other authorities. Digital financial tracking of those persons and all of their family members should be assumed to have been under way for some time. Wire-taps and device taps of those persons and all of their family members should be assumed to have been under way for some time. ---- Twitter, Splunk, Google, Facebook, Netflix, YouTube and the Silicon Valley internet Cartel serve you custom manipulated content by automatically creating a covert digital dossier on you reflecting the content consumption preferences they have spied on about you. They continually evolve their dossier on you in order to steer you towards their ideology and their Democrat political party. At these companies, “data mining”, “machine learning” and “AI” means computerized propaganda processing for certain political entities. They began hiring off-shore people ( because they would work so cheap) but most of those people turned out to be Muslim. This created conflicts with the entire southern part of the United States (which is anti-Muslim) because those workers steered content to pro-Muslim positions. ---- Their spy dossier on you uses abstract content-specific features of the consumed content, such as categories, topic models, and entities, which they automatically extract using natural language processing by comparing every word you use to a giant computer library of what those words might mean about your psychology. So it’s like you are getting “mind-raped” without any penis use. Their assessment of what your words might mean is based on what rich, white male, $200K/year, DNC-promoting programmers think they might mean. Their computers scale and expand their tools with algorithmic software created by those politically and socially biased frat white boys that wrote the code. It is all biased as hell. They never hire blacks or women in system creation roles so everything these companies do only supports rich white soyboy snowflake type gamer thinking. ---- Because their Silicon Valley VC’s told them to spy on billions of people, even for these web giants, it is impractical to store the entire dynamic history of a user’s interaction features. They, thus, out of greed, use algorithms that selectively decay information in order to generalize users and populations. To them, you are just a generalized data point, like cattle on a ranch, to be harvested and fed upon by Silicon Valley. *** CLICK THROUGH THE IMAGES, VIDEOS and DOCUMENTS, BY CLICKING ON THE TITLE IN BLUE ***


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