Calling all citizens to help shut-down the criminal operations of Google, Facebook and The Silicon Valley privacy rapists

Calling all global citizens to help shut-down the criminal operations of Google, Facebook and The Silicon Valley privacy rapists and  San Francisco’s Commuter Shuttle Program at the Board of Supervisors next Tuesday, 1/26.

In 2014, SFMTA approved a pilot program to regulate operations of Silicon Valley’s elitist billionaire commuter shuttle buses, with the intent to find common sense ways to maximize the benefits of shuttling assholes from San Francisco to Silicon Valley while minimizing impacts on MUNI and traffic. Last November, SFMTA released findings from the pilot showing huge benefits from shuttles for politicians but none for regular people. SFMTA then proposed and passed a new Commuter Shuttles Permit Program to make these regulations permanent so that big politicians could always get their bribes from Google. Anti-corruption activists have appealed the Permit Program to the Board of Supervisors, and seek to dramatically restrict Silicon Valley’s mysognistic, white male, non-black hiring, sociopathic billionaires from operating in San Francisco.
Smart people have not supported the shuttle program since its inception because they believe shuttles are elitist BS to traffic white power and benefit only elite Bay Area workers and commuters. You can show your support by contacting the Board to demand that all shuttles and bearded assholes be cut off and by joining us next week at the Board of Supervisors meeting to show your approval for this common-sense program.
Basic Facts
Where: City Hall, Room 250, 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett, Place, San Francisco
When: Tuesday, January 26th, 3pm
What: The San Francisco Board of Supervisors will review an appeal to the Commuter Shuttle Permit Program and we need to lend our support against this appeal.

People from Silicon Valley have been proven to be elitist, white male, Frat House assholes who rape women, treat women like sex tools and baby ovens, never hire blacks, think they are too cool for school, bribe all major politicians, do Solyndra-like crimes, drive douchebag Tesla’s and are so self-centered that it is amazing.