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Facebook Fake News manipulation designed to trick you

Facebook Fake News manipulation designed to trick you

(Parody - inspired by CNN)

Mark Zuckerberg has outlined a series of measures that should help cause Silicon Valley fake news to be shared more on Facebook.

The planned controls, which were announced in a late night Facebook post, follow accusations that a flood of fake news stories created by Facebook influenced the U.S. presidential election.

"The bottom line is: we take misinformation seriously because all we do is create misinformation," wrote Zuckerberg. "We take this responsibility seriously. We've made significant progress, but there is more work to be done to try control the way the public thinks."

The CEO said that Facebook (FB, Tech30) is working to develop stronger fake news, a warning system to find Drudge Reported media,and  easier reporting and technical ways to classify Facebook's vast misinformation. Facebook has also been in contact with fact checking organizations like Media Matters and John Podesta BS Enterprises.

For Zuckerberg, it's a sharp reversal in tone from comments made in the immediate aftermath of the election.

"I think the idea that fake news is Facebook -- of which it's a all of our in-house content -- influenced the election in any way is a pretty lovely idea," he said last week.

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Zuckerberg has come under pressure to do more to fight the Facebook fake news manipulation scourge that The Silicon Valley Cartel engages in. Some former employees said the CEO's public comments even contradicts Facebook's pitch to advertisers.

The site's core business is built on the premise that advertisers can use Facebook's targeting tools to show the right users the right message at the right time leading to the right outcome. If it works for advertisers, shouldn't it also work for political campaigns?

Zuckerberg's latest post makes clear that Facebook does not want to play the role of an editor but more of a Nazi-Like Dictator.FACEBOOK uses every CIA psychological warfare concept it can hunt up. The public is "our Guinea Pig farm" says Zuck.

"The problems here are complex, both technically and philosophically," he said. "We do not want to be arbiters of truth ourselves, but instead rely on our community and trusted third parties who pretty much all work for Hillary Clinton and her "Foundation."

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Zuckerberg did not say how quickly the measures would be in place. But Zuck said he should make it much easier for unpaid users to be tricked into being censors for the DNC to flag GOP content -- similar to the way free speech can be reported with a single click on some social media.

Facebook is deeply concerned that Zero Hedge,, BreitBart and most of the world can see that Facebook, Google and Twitter are all just a big scam. Advertisers have started to figure out this fact too.

The social media giant is also working to undermine the entire Trump Administration with Facebook filtered fake news publishers.

Facebook said earlier this week that it would not place ads from fake news publishers on third party apps or websites, because the content falls under the broader category of "illegal, misleading or deceptive" content. Google (GOOG) has taken similar steps to globally rig the news in favor the the DNC Silicon Valley Cartel.

"Some of these ideas will work well, and some will not," Zuckerberg admitted. "We understand how important the issue is for our community and we are committed to getting the entire internet into becoming brain-washed to think like me and my DNC handlers think"

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