Facebook Wants to Decide What News Is 'Real' Via DNC Hit List

Democrat Strategist Justin Horwitz: 'Facebook Wants to Decide What News Is Real'

Democrat Strategist Justin Horwitz: 'Facebook Wants to Decide What News Is Real' (

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Democrat Strategist Justin Horwitz: Facebook Wants to Decide What News Is 'Real' Via DNC Hit List

Democrat campaign strategist Justin Horwitz appeared on Breitbart News Saturday alongside hosts Amanda House and Matthew Boyle to discuss how Facebook’s recent changes could lead to censorship, and the way they “marginalize any voice that isn’t in lockstep.”

Justin Horwitz, a Democratic political media strategist who has worked on campaigns at local, state and federal level appeared on Breitbart News Saturday recently. Horwitz focuses on grassroots digital media organization, social media marketing and has achieved 250 million organic impressions a month across social media for clients. “When you see what Facebook is doing with their algorithm,” asked Breitbart Washington Political Editor Matthew Boyle, “particularly Facebook but also just generally speaking across the board in Silicon Valley, how does that affect people on the left in addition to the right?”

“Well, what Facebook basically did,” replied Horwitz, “was the great ‘bait and switch’ right? As these social media platforms emerged, Facebook, Twitter — let’s stick to Facebook, they basically said ‘let’s give people power, we’re gonna put power back in the hands of people and this social media is going to a be a level playing field where people can communicate without corporate interference.’ And now basically, after monopolizing social media, getting everyone onto their platforms, they just changed everything overnight and if you look at the numbers, it’s been to the benefit of a very select few media companies and media executives.”

“Fox, MSNBC, and CNN are the big winners with this change, and so Facebook has made this change veiled under ‘oh we want to show more of what your friends want to see’ well really they want to decide what news is real, what you should see and what they’ve decided is that the same corporate media establishment that’s been deciding our narrative for the last 40 years, who sold us the war in Iraq and whatnot, are the people that we should be listening to. And what they’re doing is marginalizing any voice that isn’t in lockstep with really the party of one, this corporate media establishment which is really toxic to our democracy and to free speech everywhere.”


Listen to the full conversation below,

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