How We Discovered That The U.S. Department Of Energy Was Run By A Pack Of Lying, Self-Dealing, Insider-Trading, Crony Political Mobsters

Here are the key reasons we think that The U.S. Department Of Energy ("DOE")is criminally corrupt based on our actual experience with The Department, Congressional reports and law enforcement investigations:

- DOE solicited our involvement and asked us to invest our time, money, resources, technology and years of our brand value in their project BUT DOE bosses had already covertly hard-wired, insider-rigged, and locked-off the funds and directed them to our competitors (who DOE bosses owned stock in and later got jobs from). We were defrauded by DOE and federal executives.

- DOE executives said that they did not get direct orders from the White House or private White House financiers about who to fund and who to sabotage, but that turned out to be a lie.

- Every insider that DOE funded either failed as a brand or was proven to have been involved in corruption in retrospect.

- We were the ONLY applicant that refused to pay bribes, as proven by federal reports! We were asked to participate in these illicit schemes and we refused to engage in pay-to-play. In fact, we campaigned for, and created, laws to prevent this from happening again.

- The single largest set of failures of government funded projects, IN AMERICAN HISTORY, were the insiders that we told DOE not to fund because we knew they were staged to fail in order to produce: 1.) Windfall tax write-offs, 2.) Stock market pump-and-dump valuation skims 3.) Campaign money laundering 4.) Goldman Sachs services "fee" skims, 5.) Tech building real estate scams, 6.) Insider trading by U.S. Senators and their families and other crimes. IN FACT, EVERY SINGLE one of the other companies was later found out to have profited in each of these illicit ways. History, corporate document leaks and FBI-class forensics prove this as inarguable fact!

- If none of these illicit things are crimes then we missed out on $22+ billion dollars of profits. If we had been allowed to operate our business without sabotage from DOE then we would have made, at least, $200+ million in legitimate profits. So we were defrauded out of, at least $200M and up to $22B. The numbers are proven by comps from other companies who got to sell what we made in the same time period because DOE acted as a gate-keeper and industry saboteur. Those comps will stand up in court.

- After DOE bosses realized we had our shit more together than the competitors and were first-in-line, DOE bosses illegally eliminated the "first come, first served" rule which the Section 136 rules say they can't do.

- DOE bosses demanded unfair cash payments from us, then some DOE bosses waived those fees, then other DOE bosses LIED about confirming the funds, when we got the funds from outside investors, DOE bosses refused to take the money until after the deadline had passed in a classic stonewall procedure in order to try to cut us out of the program.

- DOE stonewalled our follow-up reviews for nearly a decade in order to punish us for reporting them for crimes and for helping law enforcement investigate them.

- Every DOE official refused to EVER call our founders or engineers to ever discuss any of the submission details yet those same officials were on the phone daily with our competitors and had regular meetings with those competitors at DOE offices in order to hand-walk their friends into the set-aside cash.

- DOE executives established a covert scheme with every major institutional investor and every major member of The National Venture Capital Association in such a manner so that no American company could get funded, once they applied to DOE, without the say-so from DOE bosses.

- The FBI raided Solyndra based on some of our tips. The following investigations led right back to The White House.

- Everybody in charge of Google, Facebook, Twitter and Tesla were involved in a RICO-violating organized crime effort which did manipulate DOE taxpayer funds straight back to their own pockets. In fact, forensics has tracked the money flow to EVERY SINGLE one of them. Since Google is now 1.) more powerful than the U.S. Government, 2.) under investigation in every nation in the world, 3.) the primary provider of White House staff in 2009+, 4.) the primary beneficiary of government benefits in 2009+, 5.) the largest tax evader on Earth, 6.) the biggest user of sex trafficking services and other raises suspicions!

- There are a few hundred other hard-fact reasons we believe That The U.S. Department Of Energy Was Run By A Pack Of Lying, Self-Dealing, Insider-Trading, Crony Political Mobsters. We can go over those facts in a public Congressional hearing, Grand Jury Hearing or Civil Jury Trial at any time, but we have already seen thousands of third parties prove these facts to be true, in addition to ourselves. It is time for compensation. The proof is on the table! DOE officials are sniveling criminal scum bags!

We, and most of the independent press, have submitted all of the facts and evidence for these charges to the FBI, OSC, GAO, FTC, DOJ, FEC, SEC, Congress and any other law enforcement agency we could find. If they don't want to take any action against the bad guys because it would embarrass public figures in ways beyond even the Jeffrey Epstein class of scandals then they have made a statement by ignoring that which even the average voter can plainly see.

We won't give up until our damages are paid for!