- Every member of the public should join in these citizen sleuth and crowd-sourced anti-corruption actions.

This is what they did to us simply because we reported a crime to federal law we watched, we learned, we waited and now we have struck back! If it was legal for them to try to execute us, our lives and our brands this way, then it must be legal for us to do it right back to every single one of them for the rest of their lives. There is now nothing they can do to stop what is coming. Even if we are dead, a billion others have already taken our place!

These are the 100% legal steps, tactics, methodologies and procedures being used to end political corruption in America. Every citizen, in every nation, is encouraged to engage in these efforts:

- Draft versions of FBI "302 Reports", on each and every suspect in the associated list of targets, (in these related documents) are being authored and submitted to the FBI. We will teach you how to write and submit them too!

- These sites, and the associated evidence repositories, have been electronically made available to every FBI agent, Interpol Agent and law enforcement agency in the world.

- Criminal complaints and investigation demands are being authored and submitted to the DOJ, FTC, FEC, SEC, SSA, OSC, CIA, GAO, Congress and each Inspector General.

- We have forced over 100 agency heads to resign simply by providing them with copies of the Draft versions of FBI "302 Reports" on them that we intend to submit.

- We have produced an analysis chart template, with the help of Wikileaks, ICIJ, Sunshine Groups, Follow-the-Money and other database efforts. This chart depicts a graphic analysis of each suspects collusion's, bribes and compromised assets.

- We are teaching and providing forensics and criminal investigation training to the public so that the public is as resourced as any special agent. A vast number of "how to be a private investigator" books have been published on Amazon, E-Book sites and shared online.

- Confirming copies of all submitted reports are digitally carbon-copied to the press, the public and global "dead-man switch" torrent archives.

- We created a new series of public lawsuits, anti-trust lawsuits, RICO lawsuits and class-action lawsuits by the public and against the targets. These lawsuits have now placed permanent public transparency on record and changed the law to help the public and stop the crooks.

- We have exposed their Silicon Valley Bay Area, New York And Florida executive sex trafficking rings.

- Billions of members of the public are monitoring the suspects via public database information and public shared observation of their activities, locations, owner-ships and transactions via each member of the public's personal computers.

- We identified and listed every person, organization and company involved in the attacks and RICO law violations and provided that list to The U.S. Congress and every agency.

- We opened our own private investigator and crowd-sourced investigations into the following:

..... and hundreds of thousands of other information points about them that prove that they benefit from crimes that they engage in for others who engage in crimes using the America public policy system.

It all goes into shared 100% legal public collaborative databases that work like XKEYSCORE, or MS Access, or Oracle Databases.

The proof of collusion, organized criminal actions and raw covert corruption is indisputable. The actors are all the same people. The beneficiaries are all the same people. The communications between the parties all coordinate the same actions.

The suspects will never get away with these crimes and these actions and investigations will be conducted on a permanent basis and passed from person-to-person and generation-to-generation.

Every new candidate for office suspected of similar bribes and collusion's will undergo the same circumspection.

We are not a club or membership group. You are us. If you are reading this, just start doing the things listed here and do them as professionally as you can.

We are freely providing the tools, technologies and mass publishing systems, to the billions of members of the public who would like to be involved in anti-corruption actions. All of the technology is open-source.