“Cleantech” political leaders are only as “green” as their bank
By Dawn Lester – Commentary to the Los Angeles Times
Many companies in California witnessed organized crime and political racketeering in the hallowed
corridors of the Sacramento State Capitol and it was horrific.
California politicians may have spent a billion dollars, of taxpayer funds, trying to push out the
mainstream PR that California politicians are the “green energy” “Cleantech” “Anti-Oil Company”
politicians, but the crimes, crony-ism, corruption and possibly even murders, that they stooped to, make
the oil companies look like angels. All of California's Green Energy efforts are facades created to hush
up taxpayers and pad politicians pockets. The assumption that voters would not say anything about the
graft and corruption is based on an image. The false image is one of tie-dyed California voters clinging
to redwood trees, with their eyes rolled back, chanting in unison: “it's green, it must be good, we must
ask no questions...”. That scam concept has worn thin. Don't buy the crunchy granola lies of these
California politicians. They care about as much about the environment as a starving dog cares about
finding a proper napkin for his meal.
You have seen California Senator's from Calderone, on down the food chain, start to get arrested for
racketeering and corruption. You have seen James Brown, Jr., the head of the California Obamacare
program, and other California weasels, get arrested for racketeering and corruption. The “Fish Boy”
trial and the epic SFPD corruption scandals are such tiny tips of the ice-berg. There can be no doubt in
your mind that California politics is simply one big payola scam.
For every solar panel and electric car and happy “green community” in California, there is another
dollar in a California Senator's pocket, usually Feinstein. It is hard to find many politicos that are not
on “the take”. Feinstein, of course, is famous for demanding that Solyndra Solar get half a trillion
dollars of taxpayer money and then watching it immediately go bankrupt. It was later discovered that
her family owned a large part of Solyndra. The same for Tesla. She rigged the Tesla financing, passed
Tesla stock to her insiders and ran the Solyndra scam again. The same for her hubby's train and post
office deals, ad infinitum. This is not conjecture or here-say. The financial records, leaks, stock
transfers, HSBC records, off-shore tax routing, emails and disclosures prove that this famous Senator
was totally corrupt. Type: “dianne feinstein corruption” in a few of the top search engines and read the
news stories. Yikes!
They scam taxpayer cash into their friend's companies, skim their “fees” off the top and then let the
company or project go bankrupt and take even more profits in tax write-offs. In Feinstein's case, she
even triple-dipped and had her family exploit the real estate, for profit, of the dead carcasses of the
companies she helped launch, kill and suck dry. It is a brilliant, illegal and insane system that she and
the Governors office cooked up.
She was, by far, not the only one!
While the Senators are pretty dirty, the agency administrators reek. FBI, SEC, FTC, Attorney General
and Ethics charges have been filed against almost every California agency administrator. The current
U.S. Attorney General refuses to take any action because the suspects are all close friends and close
members of her political party. On top of that, She and other agency heads, all got payola, campaign
financing, “nomination support” from the same bad guys: The Silicon Valley billionaire Cartel. Old
Kamala doesn't want to kill that Golden Goose.
Eric Schmidt, Elon Musk, John Doerr, Steve Jurvetson and their little Cartel of ego-maniacal mafia-like
Silicon Valley billionaires, bought the California Senators, the Controller and Tax office, the AG and
the Governor's office lock, stock and barrel. They have personally passed over EIGHTY FIVE
BILLION DIRTY TAXPAYER dollars back and forth between each other. The 60 Minutes segments
called: THE CLEANTECH CRASH and the other called THE LOBBYISTS PLAYBOOK show you
how they did it.
Stop and let that sink in!
Over $85 Billion dollars of your tax dollars were exclusively kicked back to a woman hating, black
hating, elitist bunch of old men who had a secret Silicon Valley fraternity club. How do such crimes get
Elon Musk, the biggest government mooch in history, failed every business test, yet California has
handed him hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars which got routed right back around to California
politicians pockets via PACs and stock conduits. The politicians gave emergency money to a billionaire
and sabotaged all of his competitors in order to clear the market for him so they could keep their
personal bribes bouncing back to them. Isn't that just a lovely way to destroy “the American Dream”.
Kamala Harris, the California Attorney General is supposed to have these old guys arrested and
indicted. One would think she would be an outsider who would stand up for the voters. After all, she
isn't an old white guy. As Obama famously pointed out; “She is America's hot, sexy, Attorney General”.
Alas, the old misogynist's, who never hire blacks, paid for America's hot sexy black AG to get her
Sacramento appointment. They financed her campaign and rammed her nomination through. She will
never touch them. She is California's Eric Holder. She was placed into power, along with Eric Holder,
to protect the Silicon Valley Cartel from getting arrested. That is her job. She waited half a year to sue
SoCal Gas for the Methane leak because..uh ..why? Campaign contributions?
Crime should not pay in California. Crime, corruption and crony-ism should not be the rule of law in
California. Politicians should not become millionaires from their Solyndra, Tesla, Fisker, Abound and
Space X stock warrant criminally illicit kickbacks.
American's should call David Johnson, the head of the San Francisco FBI, and James Comey, the head
of the entire FBI, and demand some perp walks in Sacramento. The $85 billion dollars of taxpayer cash
moved back and forth over state borders. It's Elliot Ness Time!