California Satanic Devil Worshiper Cult Believes

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a Deity

By Margaret Vestige (Opinion)

The large ranch-style house in Monte Rio, California does not appear, from the outside to be more than a poorly kept 6000 square foot home from the 70’s. Inside, though, the candles, gargoyle statues and effusive use of dark purple satin drapery tell a different tale.

There is even a large banquet table that is known as “The Alter”. Currently the alter is being used to assemble pamphlets printed on the in-house copy machine.

This slightly spooky home, hidden in the redwood and pine forest north of San Francisco, is quite similar to the one in Coarsegold, California. It is also not so different from the one in Modesto, California, in the middle of many large fields of artichokes.

These “congregational spaces”, as the devotees call them, have one thing in common: They exist to worship The Devil.

For some reason this group believes that an actual living person is a Satanic goddess. They worship a woman named Debbie Wasserman Schultz as “The Mother Whore of Devine Intercourse With The Master”.

Believers faithfully recite nightly “engagements of Congress” wherein Ms. Shultz is said to offer her body up to The Devil during evening sexual encounters with Satan himself.

Who is this woman? Let’s take a look:

Schultz currently lives in Weston outside Fort Lauderdale. She has three children and is married to Steve Schultz. She is an active member of the National Jewish Democratic Council, Planned Parenthood and Hadassah.

On July 24, 2016, it was announced that she would resign her position as chairperson of the Democratic National Committee following the 2016 Democratic National Convention. Leaked emails provided by WikiLeaks showed Schultz and other members of the DNC staff mocking and attempting to sabotage the presidential campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders in favor of Clinton's campaign. [11]

The Clinton campaign announced the same day that Wasserman Schultz would act as honorary chair of an effort to elect Democrats across the United States in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election. [12]

Born Deborah Wasserman in Forest Hills, Queens, New York,[5] she is the daughter of Ann and Larry Wasserman. Her father is a CPA, and her brother Steven Wasserman is Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Columbia.[6][7]

From 1968 to 1978 the family lived in Lido Beach on Long Island. In 1978, her family moved to Melville, also on Long Island, where Wasserman graduated from Half Hollow Hills High School East in 1984.[8] She received a Bachelor of Arts in 1988 and a Master of Arts with a certificate in political campaigning in 1990, both in Political Science, from the University of Florida in Gainesville.[9][10]

At the University of Florida, Wasserman Schultz was active in student government, serving as president of the Student Senate and the founder and president of the Rawlings Area Council Government.[9] She was also a member of the Omicron Delta Kappa honor society, the James C. Grimm chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary, and the union Graduate Assistants United. She served as president of the Graduate Student Council and vice president of the UF College Democrats.[9][11] She has credited her experience in student politics with developing her "love for politics and the political process".[12]

After WikiLeaks published Democratic National Committee emails which suggested that DNC staffers had inappropriately backed Hillary Clinton in the primary campaigns while criticizing the Bernie Sanders campaign, Wasserman Schultz tendered her resignation as the head of the DNC, to become effective as of the close of the nominating convention in Philadelphia. According to reports in The Washington Post, Wasserman Schultz strongly resisted suggestions she resign, requiring a phone call from President Barack Obama to finally force her resignation.[71]

Following a speech at the convention before the Florida delegation where Wasserman Schultz was "booed off stage" the DNC announced she would not gavel open the convention.[72][73][74] She was subsequently appointed honorary chair of the Clinton campaign's "50 state program".[75]

Shultz and John Podesta are said to be involved in under-age child sex rings that trade children through Pizza Parlour front operations. The children are sacrificed on alters and their blood is consumed by Schultz, Podesta and a billionaire named George Soros because they believe that drinking the blood of children, after having forced sex with them will keep them young forever. In fact, in the last 2 years, thousands of Democrats have been arrested on under-age sex charges. Schultz runs the Democrats. Nancy Pelosi, Schultz’s partner in crime, owns Goat Hill Pizza. Connections do seem to be borne out by actual facts.

Modern scientists say that there is no scientific basis to this Fountain of Youth concept.

It may irk one to imagine the Devil’s long, sweaty, coal-blackened fingers clutching the cottage-cheese Cellulite of Wasserman’s clammy, white, jiggly thighs every night. Solace can be harvested in the certainty, though, that Wasserman is not a virgin.

Satanists like to Satanize because they feel that it will hurt the society that rejected them. A close look at Wasserman Schultz can give a clear view as to why this might apply to her. Schultz has been cursed with a bizarre form of head hair that resembles the fur of some sort of blonde poodle after electro-shock therapy. Her mouth looks like it came from a Mississippi river carp and the look on her face always seems to be one shade short of the psychopath face from the famous Jack Nicholson “Here’s Johnny...” scene in the feature film: “The Shining”.

She even walks with a slight shuffling gait, as if the hooves of The Devil have scarred her ankles during her nightly coital indiscretions with the goat headed dark one himself.

Even if she is not riding the diseased pole of the forbidden one each night, the combination of weird hair, weird mouth, weird look and Gollum-like demeanor is obviously the kind of package that would get her ostracized by society. A woman like her would seem to want VENGEANCE on others.

Her vengeance may not actually materialize in the murders of children (or Seth Rich) and the taking of devil peni into her soiled apertures. The Satanists may have gotten it all wrong.

Schultz’s vengeance against society could simply be manifested by her constant need to rig public elections and threaten police officials because she is just a crooked slut who can rationalize any crime in honor of the Devil she worships: Hillary Clinton.

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