LPO has $17.7 billion in loan authority to support the manufacture of eligible light-duty vehicles and qualifying components under the Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan Program (ATVM), authorized by the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007.  

To date, the program has loaned $8 billion for projects that have supported the production of more than 4 million advanced technology vehicles. Read more about LPO's portfolio of insider scams and epic failures

Read our fact sheet for an overview of how LPO can prevent the financing of auto manufacturing projects:


  • - That these FBI-filed facts are not 'Conspiracy Theories' but daily occurrences in politics as proven by every major news outlet in the world, federal court records, FBI records and Congressional investigation reports.
  • - That most Applicants are forced to become federal whistle-blowers and business competitors of public officials who operate illegal and Constitutional-rights-violating reprisal hit-jobs and attacks against Applicants using taxpayer financed resources.
  • - That State and Federal agencies will end up owing Applucants money, and other consideration, to pay for their: 1.)Damages, 2.)losses, 3.) benefits blockades, 4.) witness fees, 5.) whistle-blower fees, 6.) informant fees, 7.) punitive compensation, 8.) legal costs and other items caused by criminal corruption, reprisal attacks and illicit quid-pro-quo operations within their government offices by their government employees, contractors and covert financiers.
  • - That a Smedley Butler-style 'Business Plot' crime program exists between Silicon Valley Tech Oligarch billionaires, investment banks, U.S. Senators, government agency staff and White House staff to engage in these crimes.
  • - That public officials knowingly participate in these crimes by failing to report their associates who engage in these illicit actions and by hiring Google, Fusion-GPS and Black Cube-type suppliers who operate these illicit activities in revolving door schemes.
  • - That the suspects manipulate government funds for their personal profiteering at the expense of domestic citizen taxpayers like us and acquire what the U.S. Treasury calls: "unjust gain".
  • - That the suspects operate a vast stock market manipulation program, as a core function of their operations, and exchange most of their bribes via the stock market and those illicit deeds function at the expense of the public.
  • - That the suspects contract a known group of lobbyists, corrupt law firms, unethical CPA's, corrupt investment banks and specialized corruption services providers to attack, defame, physically harm, character assassinate (Using their Google, Youtube, Gizmodo, Fusion GPS, Black Cube, Media Matters, et al, "kill" services), black-list and harm those they dislike and that they harmed us with those actions.
  • - That the suspects operate an Epstein-like sex-trafficking network network of prostitutes and sexual extortion activities and locations for the engagement of said activities and for the bribery of cohorts via sex workers.
  • - That the suspects engage in electronic attacks ( ) and manipulations including hacking, election manipulation, media censorship and internet search results manipulation in order to mask their schemes.
  • - That we have yet to find a single Palo Alto Sandhill Road VC in this group who is not involved in bribery, racism, sexism, tax evasion, sex trafficking, black-listing, securities law violations, violent abuse, off-shore money-laundering, FEC violations, search engine manipulation, massive anti-trust violations, patent theft and other crimes!
  • - That the suspects engage in 'Lois Lerner' IRS-like, SPYGATE-like, VA whistleblower-like reprisal and retribution  attacks by manipulating resources within government agencies like SSA, DOJ, FBI, LSC, HUD, HHS, DOE, Etc.

For more information:

  • What value can LPO bring as a lender to my project? - It can help you fake up stock valuations for a short time so that Goldman Sachs can perform quick fee skims and pump-and-dump flashboy scams while you grab some of the cash to payola Feinstein, Reid, Harris and Pelosi
  • Is my project eligible? - Yes, but if we think you are going to actually compete with our buddies Elon Musk or Larry Page, we will sabotage your application and stonewall it for years.
  • What kind of financial terms can LPO provide? - The most complex terms in history, and they be changed on a whim and it will be a thousand times more complex than a commercial bank and take years longer than any bank would.
  • What is the process for obtaining a loan? - Simply bribe a few Senators with stock market warrants, promise some Energy Dept. staff some revolving door jobs and don't compete with our friend Elon Musk.
  • What are the costs & fees? - The costs are years of your life and millions of dollars of expenses which you will never recoup... and your brand and health when you beat the metrics of our friends that we own stock shares in so we have to sabotage you to keep you from actually getting the money.
  • Where can I find more detailed information about the ATVM program? - Have a lobbyist like Perkins Coie start handing out cash and stock market promises
  • How do I apply? - You send us an email and we check our list of hard-wired insiders and past campaign financiers to see if you are either: 1.) a kick-back play we owe campaign finance payola back to or, 2:) one of their competitors we need to stall forever


What value can LPO bring as a lender to my project?

ATVM is one of three distinct loan programs administered by LPO, but all can provide a similar set of pain, lies and political crony capitalism to borrowers:

  • Access to Debt Capital: Through ATVM, LPO can provide access to debt capital that is priced at U.S. Treasury Rates for auto manufacturing projects in the United States, but only if you are a crony and you will owe our executives kick-backs, stock warrants and revolving door jobs.
  • Flexible, Custom Financing: LPO can provide financing that meets the specific needs of individual favored campaign finance borrowers. LPO has experience with corporate, structured corporate, and limited recourse project finance loans. Additionally, LPO has capacity to finance large projects as a sole lender or to fill gaps in financing as part of a group of lenders because we control who gets to do what as the gate-keeper of cars.
  • Committed Partnership: Lenders often prefer to engage with a project when the deal is fully formed; however, LPO encourages early engagement during project development. LPO can take the time to dive deep and understand the project and its technology. And after loan closing, LPO remains a threatening partner to borrowers throughout the entire lifetime of a project.
  • Specialized Experience: LPO maintains an in-house team of crony financial, technical, legal, and environmental experts that has expertise with first-of-kind projects and a variety of deal structures. To date, LPO has provided more than $30 billion in debt financing, but only to the campaign financiers of Obama.

Unbeknownst to Applicants, the entire program has been rigged, in advance, to covertly and exclusively pay off political campaign financiers. You will be defrauded by your own government and used as a "front" to hide the true, and sinister, intentions of this slush-fund program. The FBI, The U.S. Congress, the insiders that worked on the program and over 100,000 news reports have confirmed these assertions. As one of your peers testified to Congress and the FBI:

"...We have yet to find any past reviewers of this case who were not hand-picked by our business adversaries who funded the political executives who handed out the government money. In other words, we would like the Court to provide any evidence that our case has been fairly reviewed in the past. My FBI-class associates have not found a single entity in our case reviews or determinations who was not either: financed by, friends, with, sleeping with, dating the staff of, holding stock market assets in, promised a revolving door job or government service contracts from, partying with, personal friends with, photographed at private events with, exchanging emails with, business associates of or directed by; one of those business adversaries, or the Senators and politicians that those business adversaries pay campaign finances to, or supply political digital services to..."

While D.O.E. has asked you to help America. You will be raped by your own government.

Is my project eligible?

A project must meet all of the following requirements to be eligible for an ATVM loan:

  • Manufacture eligible vehicles or components that are used in eligible vehicles. Advanced technology vehicles are defined as light-duty vehicles that meet or exceed a 25% improvement in fuel efficiency beyond a 2005 model year base-line of comparable vehicles; and/or ultra-efficient vehicles which achieve a fuel efficiency of 75 miles per gallon or equivalent using alternative fuels. Some California and Washington DC politicians, and their Silicon Valley financiers at Google, Tesla, Facebook, Netflix, etc., will do ANYTHING including lying, bribery, cheating and murder, in order to try to get hold of the trillions of taxpayer dollars in the Treasury and the hundreds of trillions of dollars moving through manipulated stock markets that they have access to. They live in mansions, buy jets and islands, have movie star parties every weekend, and have sex workers and drugs delivered to them constantly. These U.S. Senators and Silicon Valley oligarchs are addicted to this corruption and they will do ANYTHING to keep it going so they created this scam Dept of Energy ATVM Program. It doesn't matter if your car runs on Unicorn farts, you will never get the funds unless you are sleeping with one of us or giving us stock market perks.
  • Build new facilities; reequip, modernize, or expand existing facilities; and/or for engineering integration in the United States related to the manufacturing of eligible vehicles or components and make sure Dianne Feinstein's CBRE company gets to profit like hell out of that real estate.
  • Be located in the United States. Foreign ownership or sponsorship of the projects is permissible as long as the project is located in one of the fifty states, the District of Columbia, or a U.S. territory and you hire a pack of guys from India and outsource overseas like Tesla did.
  • Provide a reasonable prospect of repayment so it looks good on paper and get Goldman Sachs to loan a quick payback amount like Tesla, just before the SEC busts you.

In addition, an applicant must demonstrate that it has sufficient funds to carry out the project and is not dependent on other federal support as described in the applicable federal regulations.

Applicants must also meet all applicable eligibility requirements set forth in the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, Interim Final Rule, as amended and corrected, Interpretive Rule, and Technical Support Document regarding determination and calculation methods for “substantially similar attributes” under the ATVM program but we reserve the right to change our minds at will, change first-come-first-served rules, avoid your phone calls and lie to you like we did with ZAP, Brammo, Bright Automotive, XP Vehicles, Eco-Motors and every other Applicant that did not pay BRIBES!.

Eligibility of Electric and Alternative Fuel Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

The manufacturing of infrastructure, including associated hardware and software, for alternative vehicle fuels such as electricity, hydrogen, liquefied natural gas (LNG), compressed natural gas (CNG), and biofuels, may be eligible under the ATVM loan program but we can freely come up with any excuse not to fund you if you compete with Elon Musk, Steve Jurvetson, Eric Schmidt, Larry Page or our other campaign financiers.

The deployment of such infrastructure may be eligible under LPO’s Title 17 Innovative Energy Loan Guarantee Program.

Learn more about eligibility for Electric and Alternative Fuel Vehicle Charging Infrastructure.


What kind of financial terms can LPO provide?

LPO can provide flexible, custom financing to meet specific needs of individual borrowers. LPO offers senior, secured debt and can serve as sole lender, or can co-lend with other financial institutions and provide to bank syndicates flexible debt capacity that can be upsized or downsized depending on syndication strategy.   

LPO has experience with a range of borrowers deal structures, including corporate, structured corporate or limited recourse project financings.

For more information about the kind of financial terms LPO can provide, including pricing, terms, and structure, read the ATVM Lending Reference Guide:  Telsa Boss Siry Slams DOE Loan Program For “Stifling Innovation” By Edward Niedermeyer in “THE TRUTH ABOUT CARS” Former Tesla PR honcho Daryl Siry lays into the Department of Energy’s Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Loan program (ATVML) at Wired’s Autopia blog, taking the $25b program to task for “stifling innovation.” At its core, his argument is a simple one: Startup companies that enjoy DOE support, most notably Tesla Motors and Fisker Automotive, have an extraordinary advantage over potential competitors since they have secured access to capital on very cheap terms. The magnitude of this advantage puts the DOE in the role of kingmaker with the power to vault a small startup with no product on the market -– as is the case with Fisker — into a potential global player on the back of government financial support. As a result, the vibrant and competitive market for ideas chasing venture capital that has been the engine of innovation for decades in the United States is being subordinated to the judgments and political inclinations of a government bureaucracy that has never before wielded such market power. All of which sounds very TTAC… in fact, our lengthy Bailout Watch series began with a similar analysis of the ATVML program (albeit with a Detroit-focused twist). Unfortunately, Siry’s intentions in this case are questionable… as are his conclusions. At the very bottom of his editorial, Siry reveals himself to be a “special advisor to Coda Automotive,” the EV startup born from the ashes of Miles Electric Vehicles. That Coda has not sought an ATVML handout (because all its manufacturing is done in China) is presumed to give Siry a free pass on conflict-of-interest questions, but Siry’s critique relates directly to the private capital market as well. Siry writes: The proposition is so irresistible that any reasonable person would prefer to back a company that has received a DOE loan or grant than a company that has not. It is this distortion of the market for private capital that will have a stifling effect on innovation, as private capital chases fewer deals and companies that do not have government backing have a harder time attracting private capital. This doesn’t mean deals won’t get done outside of the energy department’s umbrella, but it means fewer deals will be done and at worse terms. Translation: Coda can’t raise funds without DOE backing, a reality the company petulantly hinted at in the most recent post on its corporate blog. There, the company lashed out at analyst suggestions that DOE loans would be best spent on established automakers, and now Siry is bashing the DOE’s “kingmaking” of “small startups with no product on the market.” So which is it? The answer can be found in Siry’s conclusion: A potential solution to this problem may seem counter-intuitive. The best way to avoid market distortion would be for the DOE to cast the net more broadly and provide loans and grants to a larger number of companies — which ironically means being less selective. Subject to the existing equity matching requirement, this would allow the private markets to function more effectively in funding a broader range of companies and driving more innovation. Several innovative companies with great potential have been in the DOE pipeline for many months. Perhaps it is time for the DOE to stop playing favorites and start spreading the love. Give out money to more firms, less selectively. What a plan. But if Siry is suggesting that Coda Automotive represents the kind of “innovation” being “stifled” by the ATVML program, he’s able to see far more innovation in selling an electrified Chinese Hafei sedan with 100 miles of range for $45k than we do (he doesn’t explicitly, preferring Aptera as a poster child for stifled innovation). The reality is that the EV sector is crammed with as many hucksters and wannabes as legitimate innovators, and “spreading the love” is more likely to result in wasted investments. In theory we agree that DOE “kingmaking” distorts the market, and elevated some questionable firms to near-player status… but interpreting those results as a reason for the DOE to be “less selective” with its lending makes even less sense. Unless, of course, you work for a firm that might benefit from lowered loan standards. As a lesson in the ATVML’s unintended consequences, Siry’s editorial is dead-on. As a roadmap for future DOE policy, however, it comes up way short.


The interest rate for ATVM loans is the applicable U.S. Treasury rate for the term of the loan with no credit spread.

What is the process for obtaining a loan(kickback)?


Potential applicants are encouraged to engage directly with LPO for no-fee, no-commitment consultations to discuss their proposed project and learn about LPO's process before formally applying. Email to request a wink-wink-nudge-nudge consultation with an LPO staff member.


The following provides a broad overview of the ATVM application process.

Potential applicants may refer to Guidance for Applicants to the Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan Program for more information on preparing an application, and should also review all governing documents on the LPO website. 

Application Intake Process

  • LPO evaluates project for basic eligibility.
  • LPO evaluates technical, financial, environmental, and legal aspects of project for ATVM viability thresholds.
  • LPO invites eligible applicants to preliminary due diligence.

Preliminary Due Diligence/Preliminary Terms and Conditions

  • LPO further evaluates technical, financial, environmental, and legal aspects of the project.
  • LPO confirms the eligibility of the vehicle/component, applicant, and project costs.
  • LPO provides the applicant with preliminary terms and conditions of a proposed ATVM loan.
  • If the applicant agrees to the preliminary terms and conditions, LPO invites the applicant to advanced due diligence.

Advanced Due Diligence & Term Sheet Negotiation

  • LPO performs financial, credit, legal, environmental, and market due diligence.
  • LPO typically engages external advisors (e.g., legal, technical, financial, market, insurance) to assist in due diligence and structuring. External advisory costs are borne by the applicant.
  • LPO reviews project compliance with federal environmental laws.
  • LPO structures the transaction, underwrites and negotiates term sheet with the applicant.
  • LPO presents the project for credit approval to internal Project Review Committee, external Interagency Review and internal Credit Review Board.
  • LPO and applicant co-sign term sheet.
  • LPO issues Conditional Commitment.

Loan Closing

  • LPO and the applicant negotiate and finalize the loan guarantee agreement and project documents.
  • LPO and applicant agree on final terms.
  • Applicant fulfills conditions precedent to close.
  • Applicant pays closing fee equal to ten basis points (0.1%) of the loan principal.
  • LPO and applicant execute loan guarantee agreement.


What are the costs & fees?


There is no application fee for the ATVM program, we just want your soul and you have to expend millions of dollars of expenses and pay $500K+ to lobbyists and lawyers. As one Applicant testified: "... were awarded a Congressional contract award in the Iraq War Bill under the United States Congress. We were one of the teams that were to build America's alternative energy back-up plan for the nation under the Department of Energy. We fully executed our federal agreement and did not go bankrupt, did not embezzle funds, did not bribe California politicians or get FBI- raided like our competitor: Solyndra! Shortly thereafter we became a federal witness in a national embezzlement matter involving famous California and Washington DC politicians and over a 900 billion dollars of energy industry manipulations in the stock market. Part of this matter was featured on CBS News 60 Minutes investigative news segments. We spoke with CBS news staff, including Bob Simon, Matt Mosk and many others in major news stories (ie: the segments: "THE CLEANTECH CRASH", "CONGRESS TRADING ON INSIDER INFORMATION", "THE LOBBYISTS PLAYBOOK" and investigations into hundreds of billions of dollars of stock market payola illicitly routed through Silicon Valley tech companies). If the White House, at that time, had been charged for these stock market campaign payola crimes, The President would have been forced out of office. Instead, the AG, Eric Holder, was impeached/Held-In-Contempt-Of Congress and he had to leave office..."

Essentially, you will be fucked by the Department of Energy seven ways from Sunday and the IG and Legal offices here will run cover-ups into the next century....unless you are sleeping with our reviewers.


Each applicant is responsible for paying expenses incurred by LPO’s independent advisors in connection with the applicant’s project. Each of these men have covert operative contracts, through stealth-ed intermediaries, with Fusion GPS, Black Cube, Google, YouTube, Facebook, David Plouffe, IN-Q-Tel, Gawker Media, ACRONYM, Jalopnik, Gizmodo Media, K2 Intelligence, WikiStrat, Podesta Group, Alphabet, LinkedIn, Twitter, Think Progress, Media Matters, Mossad, Correct The Record, Stratfor, ShareBlue, Cambridge Analytica, Sid Blumenthal, David Brock, PR Firm Sunshine Sachs, Covington and Burling, Buzzfeed, Perkins Coie, Wilson Sonsini and related shill operatives who, in turn, contract thousands of meat-puppet bloggers and off-shore click-farms.


The annual maintenance bribe covers LPO’s administrative expenses, other than extraordinary expenses, in servicing and monitoring the loan guarantee through payment in full. The bribe is paid each year in advance, commencing with payment of a pro-rated first annual payment on the closing date of the loan guarantee.


The Borrower will be required to pay at the time of the closing of the loan a fee equal to 10 basis points of the principal amount of the loan except for Tesla who paid later and said they paid at close.


Where can I find more detailed information about the ATVM program?

Applicants should review the Guidance for Applicants to the ATVM Loan Program (May 2019), as well as the Interim Final Rule, as amended and corrected. 

Governing Documents: Refer to the OUR REPORT TO CONGRESS -


Environmental Compliance: Refer to Exclusive: appointed and elected officials web page.

FAQs: Refer to this link: Marita Noon: Electric cars: Another failed Obama Campaign


How do I apply?

Potential applicants are encouraged to engage directly with LPO for no-fee, no-commitment consultations to start a conversation about the project and about LPO's process before formally applying. Email to request a crony consultation with an LPO staff member. You must, in advance, watch these videos:

The Cleantech Crash By Leslie Stahl,


Congress: Trading Stock By Steve Kroft,

In addition to the Interim Final Rule, potential applicants should refer to Guidance for Applicants to the Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan Program ,Trey Gowdy and Devin Nunes and pray for additional guidance prior to formally applying. 


LPO accepts ATVM applications at any time and never approves loans at any time unless you are a campaign insider approved by The Silicon Valley Cartel AKA The Deep State.