Killing Mike Chieky: Silicon Valley Vc’s want total control of “Green Energy”, but only their version!

Killing Mike Chieky: Silicon Valley Vc’s want total control of “Green Energy”, but only their version, so they “kill” off the outsiders!

The Verge published an article, today, by a writer who, his targets say, is “a hired character killer”. The article covers a prolific inventor who is painted as a “criminal” because he has invented “too many things”. The writer clearly set out to do a malicious hatchet job on the guy, including fake post-story blog comments by the same attackers. Let’s look at both sides of the case.

The price of being a creator is high, but the price of conflicting with the Silicon Valley VC’s is PR death.. or, in the case of Gary Connely, Real death (SEE THIS LINK)! (An investigation charges Silicon Valley VC’s with causing, or ordering, his death. The story is almost the same as Chieky except Connely ended up with a bullet in his head)

Chieky built and sold a number of things for a few decades; like Edison, Tesla, Marconi, and tens of thousands of other inventors. As with all people gifted with the use of more brain than the rest of us, he was abrupt and had poor social skills, like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, featured in films as a hopeless socio-pariah. The writer had no ability to comprehend the way that Chieky communicates and paints him from an acrimonious perspective without giving Chieky any response outlet or counter-point within the story. The writer clearly didn’t want to hear feedback from Chieky, or his partners, he wanted to “kill”.

Giving the writer the benefit of the doubt: So what if Chieky was a dick in his personality style. Steve Jobs is famous for being a dick. Half of the Google execs are screwing their staff and cheating on their wives in glorious ValleyWag technicolor dick-ness. Larry Ellison is glorified for Dick-hood. Being A DICK IN SILICON VALLEY seems to be the main ingredient to success. So why destroy Chieky for using short sentences and speaking efficiently without platitude embellishment, as autistics do? There are a vast number of pictures of Steve Jobs with an equally bad haircut and eye-glass selection as Chieky. Did Jobs deserve to die for that? Does Chieky?

Chieky is autistic, according to his ex employees. Should Ben Popper be destroying the lives of war veterans that have no legs? Should Ben Popper be destroying the life of Mark Zuckerberg because he has Aspergers Syndrome? Do only those in the Frat boy club get a pass on not treating their disability as a sin? What publisher let’s his staff write and deliver stories that tell disabled American’s that they will never be looked at as actually enabled in special ways?

Chieky spent his life creating and building things to improve the lives of American’s, and people around the world, and this is how we pay him back? All of his inventions are for the greater good. One article like this ruins one’s life forever. Did Chieky actually deserve it? Where is the counterpoint. If Chieky actually is “evil” as the article says, then let’s string him up. But if the author is evil, then re-size the noose. Where is the counterpoint from Chieky and his representatives to the charges in the article?

Chieky seems to have made the mistake of crossing the path of these “GREEN ENERGY VC guys (SEE THIS LINK)! and accidentally competing with these particular VC’s grand schemes for controlling “clean energy resources”. Do Draper, Khosla, Perkins, Doerr and the rest, get to destroy those that are not in “the frat boy club” with impunity?

Chieky is terrifying to the Silicon Valley VC’s because he has 1.) a proven history of inventing things that obsolete their older investments, 2.) a proven history of getting funded and 3.) a proven history of launching products. The three skills that no Stanford frat boy VC can stand… because they can’t do it. The VC’s are little money automatons and not “creators”. The VC’s can only grub up cash from pension funds and banking groups as they follow each other like sheep.

So the article uses these classic takedown “hit” techniques (HERE)

Alas, The Verge published the article in all countries and thus gives Chieky the right to file defamation lawsuits overseas, where there are no SLAPP laws protecting tabloids. Cyber bully laws can now be enforced in a large number of states and countries. Writer Popper may have also violated ADA laws. Let’s see how the story evolves…

Chieky is either a crook or a targeted victim but let’s have a trial, with ALL of the evidence, before we lynch him.



The BLM invasion of the Bundy Ranch was halted an hour after it was revealed that it was tied to a big GREEN ENERGY Solar Power plant deal that Harry Reid had with China. Now these Silicon Valley VC’s are under a big investigation for having the same kind of offshore deals with Russian’s. These Silicon Valley VC’s are totally out-of-control and nobody is willing to regulate them.