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NETFLIX has come out as Propaganda outlet

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Are they calling illegal immigrants “dreamers” now? Fucking Newspeak has hit a new low.

[–] anonnynonny [S] 8 points (+8|-0) 12 hours ago  (edited 51 minutes ago)

The DREAM Act (passed by George W Bush in 2001, one month before 9/11) would have given special status and defers deportation for minors who are going to school or are serving in the military.

Newspeak indeed… But signed into law by a republican president, and introduced to congress by 1 R & 1 D.

The only reason I mention that is to illustrate that both sides are deplorable pieces of shit.

Edit: I was corrected by @gonewildisfullofslut… The DREAM act was never passed. DACA was pushed through by Obama in response to its failure. Yet people are still claiming “dreamers” are a thing.

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Neocons like Bush are not Republicans or conservative.

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I am against the DREAM act, but it never managed to pass. Anthony Weiner was whoring for it right before he got caught doing his shit. DREAM was certainly never signed in by Bush, and instead, Obama ordered DACA to yet again circumvent our political process. The only place DREAM exists as DREAM is California. Even the source you linked doesn’t claim what you are saying.

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serving in the military.

That one I’m ok with. I’ve said for a while that if one wants to join our military, it should be open to be a path to citizenship.

College on the other hand? Go the fuck back home.

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Heh. Glad I never had this Netflix bullshit. I pirate every damned thing. Glad I haven’t given a single cent to this A-hole.

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Shut the fuck up and work on getting better content. We don’t pay you to listen to you speak.

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This is kinda how I felt when Mark Cuban would comment publicly on Trump. Dude needs to spend more time unfucking the free agent hole he dug for the Mavs and less time worrying about politics.

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God damn it why do all these corporate motherfuckers feel the need to express their political beliefs openly. Dont they realize that half the country that doesnt agree with them is going to hear this bullshit? I really didnt mind paying 10 per month for netflix but now I am going to reconsider.

[–] anonnynonny [S] 2 points (+2|-0) 12 hours ago  (edited 12 hours ago)

movies… yify [dot] ws

tv… onwatchseries [dot] to

Or better yet, stop watching it entirely, take up a hobby like programming, gardening, or firearms.

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add kissanime if you’re a weeb. Hint: get reek’s anti-adblock killer.

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Or 123movies [dot] to. That’s probably my favorite. Has everything right away and the interface is the best I’ve ever come across.

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Dont worry I am well aware. Check out putlocker. Netflix is for the other people in the house.

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That’s why they’re ethnically cleansing their workforce. They believe immigrants are more compliant.

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Dump TV and go to netflix and the sickness follows. The global elite pockets are very deep they will own and control everything they need to.

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Another company/product I cannot boycot because I do not use it. Oh well.

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#BoycottNetflix is getting a lot of action on twitter because of his statement.

Goddamnit. I have to cancel now.

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If you are going to make every purchase decision based on political ideology you now have a new full-time job. I love my “Nazi go cart” regardless of Germany’s blighted past.

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I was ruminating on this earlier and was wondering how far I could go.. if all my supermarket CEOs all of a sudden said the same thing would I have to grow my own food in this small apartment? Heh. Canceling Netflix isn’t that much of a sacrifice really so I’m OK with speaking with my money here. Your Nazi go cart sounds cool by the way. Maybe one day you’ll make a post of it?

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thats a stupid defeatist attitude.

Voting with your dollars is totally legitimate, ESPECIALLY when a company which should not be involved in politics decides to be overtly political.

If this douche wanted to make a personal statement it would be different, but he tied it directly to Netflix, and will now suffer the consequences.

Which is crazy when you think about it. Netflix constantly promotes SJW bullshit media, and presumably wants conservative leaning people to get their video indoctrination. This dog turd has just guaranteed that hundreds of thousands of hours of brainwashing will no longer occur. His funders are probably a little pissed right now.

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Worse, these actions will make America less safe (through hatred and loss of allies)

If only we’d done what the Muslim terrorists wanted then they would have left us alone! /s

Or, we could say “Fuck that!” and do what the American people voted for!

What a piece of shit Reed Hastings is.

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Their original programming started going way south. Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and tons and tons of other shit.

[–] Crensch 2 points (+2|-0) 7 hours ago

Oh man, fucking Jessica Jones was nothing but a kike brainwashing of that coalburning bitch fucking the nigger.

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Says the faggot retard posting a facebook link.

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Quit Netflix a long time ago.

KODI will solve all your problems, and as an added bonus, it’s free, so you’re assfucking all those celebrities that keep telling us how to think and vote.

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Just cancelled after messaging them that Reed Hastings should concentrate on Netflix and shut up about politics.

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I never had them in the first place – DRM and lack of content.

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Fuck you for facebook link. I clicked that shit without looking, so my bad. Still, fuck you!

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I just cancelled.

Vote with your money people. It’s the only thing these people understand.

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Godfuckingdammit. Try to pay for the content you consume and get fucked. Stopped buying CDs because of malware, stopped buying DVDs because of copyprotection, no fucking way am I keeping my netflix with this cuck being in charge. Cannot support it.

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Netflix has turned into a piece of shit SJW bullshit coddling niggers.

Half the fucking shows are now British or Netflix originals. The library is terrible so thanks for making my decision you faggot CEO. Canceled.

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Barring people with valid visas and green cards was hella wrong though. One of the Iraqi guys detained was a translator for the military for 8 years or something? ROFLMAO!

I agree with a lot of Trump’s platform, but going after people with green cards and visas is downright dumb. Not losing sleep over shifty refugees, but if you were cleared to get in, you should be let back in without question.

[–] Crensch 1 points (+1|-0) 7 hours ago

No, fuck that. Sandnigger can just stay where he came from in the first place. We don’t need an Iraqi translator if we don’t give a fuck what they’re saying in the first place.

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I take it you feel your job is safe.