Guy Reveals Netflix Reached Out To Him When They Became Concerned About His Mental Health


Netflix have taken a little bit of heat this week, after some considered their “year in review” campaign to be a little invasive. 

After revealing some general 2017 statistics (Netflix users watched over a billion hours of content per week, for example) the streaming service dropped a few anecdotes about individual users. They called out a Canadian user who found the time to watch Lord of the Rings: Return of the King no less than 361 times, before pointing out that 53 people have watched their original movie A Christmas Prince 18 days straight.

This pissed some people off:

While we kind of took it to be harmless fun (it’s not like they’re actually naming and shaming people), one guy rushed to Netflix’s defence to point out that them monitoring viewers’ habits can be beneficial.

Writing on Reddit, he explained that during an episode of depression he found himself unable to do much more than sit in front of Netflix. After he had spent a week watching pretty much 24/7, he received an email from a Netflix customer support worker. They had noticed that his viewing activity had significantly changed, and wanted to check that he was okay.


As he explained, it meant a lot to him that they reached out, and that “ someone, even a stranger working at a customer support agency, cared about my mental health.” 

You can read the full story here:

“One summer I was going through an episode of depression and I wasn’t working as I was on break from college and waiting until I moved back to my college town to start again. I ended up doing nothing but watching Netflix, and after I finished The Office in something like 5 – 10 days, I don’t quite remember, I received an email from Netflix asking if I was okay.

They had noticed that I had my account running non-stop for over a week and they wanted to check on me and make sure I was doing well since my viewing activities became so much more frequent than they used to be. Honestly made me feel better just knowing that someone, even a stranger working at a customer support agency, cared about my mental health.”

It’s an incredible story.