-  Bad Bollywood Hack Jobs, Boring Spanish Drama's And SJW D-Grade Fare Make Netflix Content Choices Suck

Netflix has hired every SJW and angry homosexual that they can find and their content reflects that. Most of Netflix programmers are East Indian imports and their content reflects that too. Netflix has dropped behind VUDU, Hulu, Amazon, Tubi, Crackle and many other providers in terms of public opinion.

Why is so much Netflix content bad? | Idaho Statesman

The company said it will spend up to $8 billion on content this year. Many commentators have asked whether this is too much for financial stability. We may need to ask whether this is simply too much, period.

Why is Netflix UK so bad? : netflix - reddit

Why is Netflix UK so bad? ... Netflix has a lot of good hidden content. That content is even much difficult to find now, thanks to the new "rating system".

What Is Wrong With Netflix? - Forbes

What Is Wrong With Netflix? ... from Breaking Bad to Arrested Development ... I do think Netflix'sability to invest in original content makes it stand ...

Why Netflix's goal of 50% original content may be bad news ...

Binge-watching your favorite show might become a bit more difficult in the coming years, as Netflix Inc. moves toward its goal of creating half of the content the streaming service offers.

Is Netflix starting to suck? |

Is Netflix starting to suck? - Seems like I haven't seen any decent new movies come out on Netflix in months. I will give them credit for a few of the original ser

59 Reasons Netflix Streaming Is Extremely Disappointing

TVAndMovies 59 Reasons Netflix Streaming Is Extremely Disappointing This post is dedicated to everyone who has ever spent a full hour trying to find something to watch before giving up completely.