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The absurdity of the “documentary” produced by Showtime defies belief for anyone not acquainted with my relationship to its executive producer – Jeff Wise. I will explain this relationship in detail later; it involves a woman named Allison Adonizio, who, in 2010, was unceremoniously fired by myself from managing a lab we had jointly started in Carmelita village in Belize and who is featured in Jeff’s movie. For now let’s just say that hatred is an insufficient word for what Jeff has felt for me over the past six years. Hatred drives people to extremes, and Jeff’s extremes were Olympian in scope. He has written article after article demonizing me in any and every outlet willing to publish him.

In a Psychology Today article, for example, he diagnosed me as having a “psychotic personality”. No one bothered to ask whether Jeff was a psychiatrist or a psychologist or whether he had any training whatsoever in any mental health field or even any field of counseling. Of course, he has none whatsoever. Why did Psychology Today publish it? Because it made a good read.

In an effort to make the best of a bad situation and to provide some amusement, I countered each of Jeff’s articles with a satirical piece of my own. Here is my response to the Psychology Today article. These satirical pieces in no way improved our relationship.

Perhaps the most troubling of the creations of Jeff’s hatred, until now, was his totally fabricated headline, published by Gizmodo, reading “John McAfee Wanted For Murder”.  The article was instantly picked up by hundreds of publications and before anyone bothered to check facts with the Belizean Police it became true by default.

The truth of the matter was consistently reported by Belizean Police and Belizean newspapers and finally summarized by Raphael Martinez, official press officer for the National Police who, When asked whether Belize was considering extradition, stated:

“He is only wanted for questioning. He is not a criminal, so extradition is totally out of the equation,”

To put the matter to rest, the Supreme Court Of Belize, which unlike the U.S. Supreme Court, is the repository of all criminal charges, subpoenas, injunctions etc. Filed anywhere within the country, offered this letter:

But a captivating headline, if sufficiently reproduced, will frequently bury the truth and I have lived with this label ever since.

As an aside, Jeff is fond of taunting me before or after each of his new labels that he creates for me. Three days before the premiere of this film, for example, he tweeted:

I am surprised he did not add “And Rapist” to the tweet, considering Allison’s claim in the movie. Leaving Allison for now, how, you might ask, does Jeff source these stories? Very creatively. In the“John McAfee Wanted For Murder label, he referenced Marco Vidal, head of Belize’s feared Gang Suppression Unit. Mr. Vidal was in no way related to any official police or investigative body, in Belize or elsewhere.

In fact Mr. Vidal was the man responsible for the April 2012 raid on my property in Orange Walk, during which my dog was shot, $500,000 of my Property destroyed and I was subjected to indignities. A very telling video of the type of paramilitary force Mr. Vidal had organized can be seen in this video of the GSU firing on unarmed Belizean citizens.

The raid was instigated by an anonymous report claiming that I was running a meth lab on the property. Ironically, this lab was the same lab started by Allison and myself to research natural antibiotics in jungle plants. Obviously, nothing was found and no charges were filed, other than a charge for an unlicensed firearm. The license had mysteriously disappeared from my belongings during the raid but a copy was found in another location a few hours later by my property manager, and that charge was dropped. But Marco Vidal and I, from that point on, had a less than friendly relationship, and there was much verbal sparring between us.

There is no information about the source of the anonymous tip, but the fact the Mr. Vidal is the only source Jeff referenced six months later in his “Wanted For Murder” headline might cause someone to wonder.

Allison’s enthusiasm for harassing me waxed and waned through the years. In an interview shortly after I left Belize she was almost conciliatory in saying she doubted that I could have been manufacturing meth on the site without her knowing it. At no time, to the best of my knowledge, up until the filming of this movie, did she ever make allegations of rape. Jeff’s enthusiasm, on the other hand, has been unwavering.

You might at this point ask why I ran instead of submitting myself to questioning by the Belizean Police. The answer is fully explained in this article in Business Insider.

To understand the extent to which Jeff was willing to fabricate anything and everything in order to finally impact my life in some meaningful way we need only look at how Jeff actually created this documentary.

When Jeff and his team first arrived in Belize I began getting calls from friends all saying pretty much the same thing: “I was contacted by Jeff Wise who said that he knew that John McAfee had committed multiple crimes in Belize and that he would pay handsomely If I would go on camera and verify what he already knew”. It was a creative approach. I countered by having friends reach out to the people that Jeff interviewed to ask them if they would agree to discuss, on camera, how their interview with Jeff’s team came about and why they said whatever they said.

Segments of an even dozen of these video reports can be seen here. Additionally, nine people who were contacted by Jeff have filed sworn statements to the effect that, for the money offered, they told Jeff’s team whatever they wanted to hear. You can see those sworn statements here.

As word of Jeff’s technique began to spread throughout Belize, even Government officials who bear no love for me began speaking out. We have a letter from the mayor of the second largest city in Belize that condemns these actions against me. An even stronger worded and more heartfelt letter from the past Chairman of Carmelita, where most of the people interviewed by Jeff’s team lived, is very telling:

And also, from the current chairman of Carmelita:

Belize is a poor country and many people are desperate. For a brief interview with Jeff’s team that paid, in terms of the Belizean economy, an equivalence of a year’s salary, I cannot blame anyone for taking up the offer. It is terrible to think of people that I care about being forced to make a choice between starvation and protecting a friend they’ve not seen in years.

As to Allison Adonizio’s allegations of rape, nothing more absurd has ever been said about me. Allison’s unstable personality and erratic behavior caused me to fire her a few weeks after her romantic relationship with Jeff Wise began. She immediately locked herself in the lab and destroyed every lab culture that had been carefully prepared over the better part of a year. She then took all of the documented research results and left. No one at any time interfered with her. This was the last time I saw her. There were numerous witnesses to this event and to her increasingly erratic behavior and her open, congenial public attitude toward me from the time she first moved into the lab up to the very moment that I fired her. These witness reports will be produced as soon as I receive them.

Jeff’s documentary premiered yesterday. Given the number and gravity of the allegations within it, a full response at this point is impossible. The media, however, is asking for my comments and this brief response will have to do for now. I am diligently documenting the full story and will provide it shortly.

Part One of my response to Showtime’s “Gringo”, merely set the stage. It was meant to prove nothing. It was intended solely to give some insight into the character of my opponent. Hopefully it is clear by now that Jeff Wise has twisted facts, inverted truth, fabricated events and in general has had little regard for reality in his quest to destroy me. However, until his recent use of the film media as a tool in this quest, he has harmed few, and merely annoyed me. With Gringo, however, he crossed some inner line and, at least in my opinion, moved very close to the very being he has always attempted to portray me as. It would be ironic if it were not for the fact that this transformation has wreaked havoc in the lives of many innocent people.

Part Two of my response will now begin to address specific allegations that required Jeff, and to a lesser extent, Allison Adonizio, to manipulate people and facts to support them.

One of the worst examples of this manipulation is a man that I truly love and worked with named Cassius.

I met Cassius during my last year in Belize. He was, as most of my employees were when I first met them, down and out and he desperately needed a job. He had been addicted to drugs but had stopped and he wanted to turn his life around. He was intelligent, well spoken and he could read fluently, a rare talent in Belize, and he took advantage of this talent by reading books.

One of the oddities of the Gringo documentary is that no one involved with the production seemed to grasp how rare someone with Cassius’ talents really is. As an example, the film chides me for giving guns to the police instead of doing something like building a library. How did they miss the fact that few local police in most districts had any guns at all and when they did they had to buy them themselves? Yet these police were expected to control gangs armed with fully automatic weapons. And Showtime believes a library would have been preferable to public safety? Did anyone bother to check the literacy rate in Belize? I chose instead to implement a school lunch program so that the children could at least eat once a day.

But back to Cassius.

Cassius proved to be one of the most honest and reliable employees that I had during my five years in Belize, and I sincerely grew to love him. I believe he had similar feelings towards me. When I discovered that Jeff and his team had offered him money to support Jeff’s claims I was heartbroken. Not in any way for my sake but because I knew the horrible position they had placed him in. I sent many messages through mutual friends to urge him to accept the money and tell Showtime whatever they wanted. Cassius, I hoped, knew me well enough to know that fighting these allegations would be nothing more than a nuisance and a waste of time for me. Anyone who knows me well would never doubt this. Jeff, it seems, knows me not at all.

In any case, Cassius took the money, told Showtime what they wanted and today filed this sworn statement in the Belizean courts:



He is fully willing to testify against Showtime and is filing a restraining order against Jeff Wise, Allison Adonizio and every other hostile member of Jeff’s crew. He fears retaliation from these people and I do not blame him.

As to Allison Adonizio:

While we are waiting on sworn statements from more than a dozen witnesses that counter every claim Allison has made, I would like to set the stage for what is to come. In November of 2012, while I was on the run, Allison did an expose of me in which she alleges all of my crimes against her. Oddly there was no mention of turning off the lights, threatening her with a gun, drugging or raping her. It would seem to have been the perfect time to mention them. Fortunately for Allison, the piece has long since been deleted. Unfortunately for Allison, my people found it on the Wayback Machine. God Bless caching:

It would be good for the reader to mull on this while we’re waiting for sworn statements.

You met Cassius in my first response piece. He was one of the 12 people in the brief video who all said Showtime had paid them to lie. In upcoming segments you will meet many of the rest of them, plus new players, in far more detail, just as you have seen Cassius in far more detail. You will also hear about the criminal activities of Tom Mangar and full documentation of why he is out to “get me”. And, of course, the revelations of Allison Adonizio.

Stay tuned.

P.S. for those of you who doubt sworn statements, a video is coming soon that is one of the most moving, heart rending pieces you are likely to witness. It is Cassius opening his heart to the world. You will not want to miss it.

For those of you who have been paying attention, you will have noticed that this is, I believe, the world’s first meta-documentary – a documentary about a documentary. It has opened my eyes about the truth of our media that I could never have seen in any way other than following Showtime’s documentary, step by step.

I want to summarize the facts so far:

I have so far produced letters from two chairmen of Carmelita village stating that Nanette paid people to lie. One letter from the mayor of Orange Walk stating the same. 12 videos of people stating the same, 8 sworn statements of people stating the same plus Cassius’ moving sworn testimony stating the same. Cassius also chastised Showtime for paying people to lie instead of paying for the truth which makes a far more interesting story. That totals nine sworn statements, letters from three government officials and 12 people on video.

In addition, it is clear that Jeff was has created entirely fictitious headlines about me and has twisted reality in an odd way to attempt to demonize me.
Surely, by now, the fact that Showtime might possibly have behaved in an unethical manner must be under serious consideration.


But …… “film directors and producers would not stoop to such behavior”, you might say.


Well, I think It’s time that we looked at Nanette’s history:


In 2008 Nanette directed a documentary call “American Teens”. It was widely regarded as fraudulent and garnered much unwanted attention, as these headlines showed:


And the Wikipedia page for the movie had this to say:

After Nanette was called out on her fraudulent documentary, she was fond of claiming that she really didn’t intend for it to be construed as a documentary and pointed to marketing materials that removed the word “documentary” from its description. But promotional materials for documentaries seldom include the word “documentary” because it restricts the potential audience. In fact, even today, the movie is still listed as a documentary, as this IMdB link clearly shows:

Given Nanette’s history of trying to make a documentary and yet use a false reality as the basis for the documentary, you might be inclined to believe me when I tell you that four of the people interviewed by Nanette for her “Gringo” documentary are suing her and Jeff Wise. Here is the letter their lawyers have sent to Showtime:

You now have a reasonably comprehensive background for what I am going to release 48 hours before Showtime Gringo airs. It includes over an hour of video Interviews with people Nanette had interviewed or had attempted to interview. It also includes 45 minutes of video testimony from witnesses to Allison Adonizio’s behavior, plus dozens of sworn statements implicating Allison, Jeff and Nanette in a joint effort to assassinate my character.

An Introduction to Allison Adonizio, the woman has claimed in the Showtime documentary about myself, that I raped her.

I first met Allison, in late 2009, on an Island off the coast of Belize that I was considering buying. She told me about the new Science of bacterial Quorum Sensing and said that she wanted to do research on jungle plants that might have anti-quorum sensing properties that could be used to create a new paradigm in the field of antibiotics. I was excited by the prospects and agreed to build a lab for her on my property on the New River – in the heart of the Belizean Jungle. I found Allison to be a plain, marginally unattractive woman who was very intelligent. I judged that she would be hard working and productive.

When she moved to Belize and began working in the lab, however, I discovered that my judgement was way off base.

Allison turned out to be far more interested in partying than in doing actual work. She would not show up at the lab for days at a time. When she did show up she was hungover and generally useless. After many months of this, I finally fired her, upon which she went berserk, locked herself in the lab, destroyed what limited research we had created, and left. This was in 2010. I never saw her again.

My purpose in this post is to merely lay the groundwork for what is to come by now documenting, in a limited fashion, the fact that Allison was a serious party person.

The first sworn statement I am presenting is from a young man who was 17 at the time Allison had sex with him. She introduced him to threesomes, which he seemed, in his statement, to be thrilled about. The irony here is that Allison has many times, in the press, attacked me for having sex with teenage girls. I will be presenting, this week, videos of women that Allison had sex with that were as young as fifteen:

The following two statements are from my housekeeper in Belize and her son, who was my caretaker at the River property:

It’s not overwhelming evidence at this point, but it should at least raise some eyebrows about the possibility that Allison was more interested in partying than in working.

Overwhelming evidence that Allison concocted her rape story is coming, in the form of numerous videos of people who knew Allison intimately – including all those whose sworn statements I just presented, and uncountable new sworn statements.

Keep on mind, I have already produced a lengthy interview with Allison, in 2012 – which she thought had been long deleted and which we recovered in an Internet Cache, in which she says nothing whatsoever about me pointing a gun at her and never intimates that I drugged her or raped her. I will in fact show that the additional stories were concocted jointly with Jeff Wise and Nanette Burstein.

Speaking of Nanette, I’d like to give a brief taste of what is to come this week in interviews and sworn statements from people she interviewed. Tyrone Morales states that Nanette used the same procedures in acquiring interviews as Allison did when seducing underage boys and girls — get them drunk first:

Tyrone, by the way, is one of the people suing Nanette and Showtime (see Part 3 in this series)  We will release full documentation on the entire Showtime fraud 48 hours before it airs.

I ask the reader to consider this: Allison, at best, was marginally unattractive. It has been widely reported in the press that I had a harem of young, beautiful women, which I have never denied and fully own up to. If I were ever inclined to rape a woman, which I never have even remotely considered doing, it would certainly not be Allison for whom I would risk my freedom.

Here is one beautiful member of my widely publicized harem, alongside a photo of Allison taken at the time. Would anyone rape the woman on the right, when the woman on the left would willingly do the deed?  Would any sane person risk pissing off the woman on the left to do so (Keep in mind that the woman in question had already tried to kill me twice over jealousy, as she freely stated on Dateline)? You be the judge.