Half Moon Bay, California Is One Of The Most Anti-Housing Cities In America

HUD needs to sue Half Moon Bay, California for horrific housing blockades it has enacted. Big tech asshole oligarchs Elon Musk, Steve Jurvetson, and Vinod Khosla live, or hang out, in Half Moon Bay and they don't want any poors or middle class people anywhere near them.

S.F. Chronicle: Half Moon Bay needs more homes for farmworkers. Experts blame an ‘anti-housing constituency’

By J.K. Dineen // “So many of the seniors are still out working in the fields,” said Tim Dunn, project manager for Mercy Housing. “What we mostly hear from residents is, ‘What is taking so long? We need the housing now.’”

S.F. Chronicle: Farm at center of Half Moon Bay shooting to build new worker housing after probes reveal squalid conditions

By Nora Mishanec // The promise to build housing comes after rebukes from Gov. Newsom and a San Mateo County health department investigation, which revealed the farm did not have permission to house